The Relaxed Refinement of a Shawl

by on Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I’m sitting here wearing my Grandmother’s shawl. I’m sure you’re gearing up for some weepy story – I don’t have one. But you at least expect me to tell you the many tales of some ancient shawl and what it means to me. And I don’t have anything like that to share. Not really. See, this particular shawl is still new-ish. It’s light blue, and the quality isn’t amazing – I’m sure it was around $30.00. So it’s not a sentimental item. But the idea of the shawl is what appeals to me. I love that my Grandmother probably bought this as her version of a snuggie, shortly before she passed away in October 09.

I love that I always wanted to grow up to be a girl that could wear a shawl. ( I guess in my mind I sort of wanted to be a gypsy, actually – but I digress!) And wearing it reminds me of one of my favorite places (a place I used as ‘my favorite plate’ for my 4th grade book writing project) – my Grandparent’s house in Illinois. It was like some magical cottage. There was this garden – and a grandfather clock, and ornate mirrors hung over marbled floors. And the kitchen had baskets hung from the ceiling. It was the most satisfying place to visit, and also remember. So I wear this shawl, and I remember. And the more I think about shawls in general, the more I think that everyone should invest in one. They’re the perfect thing to wear, they make you feel happy and comforted – like a hug. And really, who doesn’t love a good hug?

While searching for shawsl I came across a couple items that weren’t actually shawls but deserve a mention anyway. And I also came across some more traditional batwing or butterfly shawls. So take a look:


Liz Claiborne Shawl, Crochet Floral Reg. $28.00 Was $18.99 ON SALE $12.99

reversible shawl

70″ x 28″ Reversible Contrasting Color Butterflies Jacquard Pashmina Shawl / Wrap / Stole Price: $79.99 ON SALE : $25.00

roxy hoodie

Roxy Varsity Hoodie Jacket ON SALE $47.60

roxy sweaters

Roxy Novel Idea Sweater ON SALE $45.98

shawl sweater

Splendid Very Light Jersey Cardigan $69.00

hooded scarf

Kinies Scarf on Etsy in DARK ANTIQUE GOLD with Removable HOOD $20.00

kimono shawl

apt. 9® Shawl-Collar Cardigan original $50.00 now ON SALE $20.00

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