The Perfect Pierrot Dress (For Haute Couture OR Halloween)

by on Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Pierrot may seem like a name you don’t know, but he’s the clown character you’re familiar with when you see a clown wearing black and white. You can visit the Pierrot Wiki page for more detailed info.

pierrot dress

Pierre is a sad clown. (His rival is Harlequin, who steals his love Columbina.) If you want to dress like Pierre use a whitened face (or, for a more fashionable halloween costume just use very very white face powder instead of full on white paint). He wears a loose blouse and pants – both white, with large white buttons. Often there’s a frilled collar or a hat.

pierrot dresses

VIVETTA AUGUSTO Knitted Pierrot dress: Shop

pierrot costume

Katie Holmes even wore a Pierrot dress for an InStyle photo shoot.

Although Pierrot isn’t technically a fairy tale character, I think this is the right category for this post! (This would make for a stylish halloween costume.)

See more: How to Dress Like a Fairy Tale Character

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