Making Maternity Clothes with Print Work for YOU!

by on Monday, December 14th, 2009

Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has a new line called Fierce Mamas – which is, you guessed it – is a Maternity Collection. Price Point: $50.00-$200.00. Holy yipes! The line is available from the company Moody Mama. Seeing all of this got me thinking about maternity dresses, and how most maternity clothing stays away from prints. But I’m here to help you recognize when a print will work for you (whether you’re preggers or not)!

Pattern Tip #1: Variety & Vertical lines: This dress is the Stunning Charmeuse Dress/ Brushstroke Print and it retails for a whopping $165.00. Whether or not you go out to buy this dress (I wouldn’t, unless I was very well-off) I think it’s a nice shopping tip for Mommy’s to know that often, maternity wear doesn’t do pattern very well – avoid it. However, sometimes a piece has pattern that works. It’s just a matter of finding what does work. The pattern here is subtle enough, has variety and the brushstrokes are vertical in a slimming way (not that you need to look super slim when you’re preggo!).

fierce mama

Pattern Tip #2: Keep it Loose: This Liz Lange for Target Red/Seed Scoop Sweater – XXL from Target is only $19.99, but let’s observe it for a second. It’s made of cotton, instead of jersey. While it gives you a scoop neck, this entire top looks like it stretches weird. And because there’s a pattern on it that’s uniform in design (the same thing over and over) that makes the pattern stretch out in certain places. For this, it’s a matter of trying it on and seeing what you think. I’d recommending finding a top with more drapping, and/or more variety in the pattern. When a pattern stretches, people KNOW it isn’t fitting you right.

maternity tops

Pattern Tip #3: Use Color to Draw the Eye: The Liz Lange® Boho Print Dress – Black from Target is great and $29.99. The pattern changes itself up, and that works well. By using the most vibrant colors at the edges/hems it does let you look slimmer everywhere else because the eye doesn’t go there first. Luckily this print is also available in a top. If I was pregnant I’d wear tops much more than dresses.

boho maternity dressPattern Tip #5: Nothing That Overwhelms: Conversely, this very similar dress (which seems slightly different but has the same name/price Liz Lange® Boho Print Dress – Brown) is horrible! I’m sorry, did you give someone permission to dress you like a Thanksgiving center piece? WHAT? I don’t even know…this entire pattern does nothing good for any figure. The pattern  is too overwhelming and creates a muddy effect.

maternity dresses

Pattern Tip #6: Focus Patterns on Your Favorite Body Parts: A simple, elegant printed area in a section away from what you want people to notice first always works. If you put a big bulls-eye on your tummy, it’d really POP out weirdly. The eye is drawn upwards with this top Motherhood Maternity: Long Sleeve V-neck Screen Print Maternity Shirt for $19.99.

maternity clothing cheap

Pattern Tip #7: Strong & Vertical Works Great: Is it a surprise that one strong vertical pattern is slimming and attractive? A Pea in the Pod: Language Elbow Sleeve Scoop Neck Screen Print Maternity Tunic – $48.99.

great maternity shirt

She shops smart – she’s you!


Jessica Rae

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