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In 1864, Katherine Pierce was a Southern Belle.With her costumes, you can see she is wearing crinoline’s. A crinoline is also called a hoop skirt – I betcha know what those are! They were very popular in the 1800’s. They were like cages…and they would sway. It was all about having full skirts. Extra flounces (ruffles!) on skirts were added to make them appear even fuller. The idea was to have your skirt look like a doom or a teapot. Waists were very tiny and defined.

Hair in the 1860’s included lots of curled ringlets. Hats were smaller now, as women carried parasol’s. But they still wore decorative hats with flowers, feathers and ribbons – worn at the crown of the head. As you see, Katherine wore a small hat perched near the front of her face, over what was an expansive hairstyle – as was the trend of this era.

If you’re looking to dress like Katherine Pierce for Halloween, I suggest not buying one of the Southern Belle costumes that are around. There seem to be about only 7 standard dresses on every costume site. They’re all (with the exception of one, which I linked below) kind of gaudy with bright colors. They seem…cheesy, you know? And Katherine was elegant. And so are you, dammit! So, my suggestion is to hit up a rental place (again, linked below) for actually really pretty dresses, or go to eBay route of people selling their costumes and dresses. I think the rental idea is by far the best, it’s affordable for a one-time big night. I’ll show some historically accurate options first, and then move on to the affordable options (all labeled as “affordable.”)

Katherine’s necklace is made of Lapis Lazuli. It is baby blue in color with a cameo and pearls. Any blue cameo necklace will do, of course! You don’t need to be protected with a spell the way Katherine did, right?

The Vampire Diaries Katherine’s necklace: Here.

Antique Late 1800s CRINOLINE Undergarment: Here.

Civil War Cotton Day Dress: Here

Yellow Southern Belle Dress: Here

Affordable Southern Belle Wig Attachment: Here

Southern Belle Mike Benet Vintage Ball Gown Prom Dress: Here

Affordable Hoop Skirt Supplement: Here

Affordable Southern Belle Wig: Here

Affordable SOUTHERN BELLE burgundy dress Victorian COSTUME womens 0/2 XS vintage: Here

Affordable Southern Belle Costume: Here (If you are willing to experiment with dye’s, I’d take this $50 dress and dye it a light green. Make sure to dye just a test patch from the inside first.)

Affordable for rent: Costume rental includes: Ivory lace tiered gown, hoop petticoat, sash, hat, shawl, gloves, necklace, earrings, shoes Small – 24″ waist $75: Here – Also for rent from there is:

Also check ebay for used Southern Belle Costumes. I found this pretty blue dress for a Buy it Now price of $80. Which is nice, compared to most Southern Belle Costumes online seem to be upwards of $120!

Now, here’s your inspiration, Katherine Pierce! She wears long, dangly earrings, lots of curls, and neutral makeup. Katherine Pierce’s makeup (for the show) includes some simple black eyeliner, soft foundation with a little blush, and some neutral eyeshadow. I think they also put some soft pink matte lip color on Nina Dobrev. Her nails are manicured without polish, and rounded/short. Notice that her hand gestures in the general public are reserved, she usually has her hands clasped together like a lady. If you want to impersonate Katherine, imagine putting the Mona Lisa smile on your face. It’s mysterious, and doesn’t tell other people a lot. Nina also tilts her head a lot with great purpose as Katherine. Give long looks, and if you get annoyed – give a slow blink. Hehe.

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