How to Dress Like Quinn from Glee in ‘Sectionals’

by on Thursday, August 19th, 2010

You guys asked for it, so we have Quinn Fabray up on our styling block! Ready to copy one of this Glee-gal’s looks?

For our first “How to dress like Quinn Fabray” post, I picked an outfit Quinn wore in the mid-season finale of Glee – “Sectionals.” As time goes on, she’s less in her cheerleading outfit (having been kicked out!) but her maternity clothing is usually very simple. This is an outfit that seems very simple, but actually has different elements to it that you might be drawn to.

I know Quinn looks glum in this picture, but it was the only one that really showed the outfit. And you'd be sad too, if you were her in this moment!

First off, the color palette is very innocent and simple (S-I-M-P-L-E.) She wears a white sundress with a yellow cardigan, and a yellow hair clip. Because of the yellow (which is a soft, pale – almost pastel color) opt for gold accessories rather than silver – such as with her gold cross necklace. She has soft pink lipbalm on, and her eyes have brown eyeshadow in the crease. (Brown and yellow look great together.)

The white sundress looks like it is pleated, with thick halter straps, and a wide belt around the front. Eyelet cut-outs are also cute on this sort of dress.

For the cardigan, it can be any shade of yellow you want – even sheer. Keep it 3/4 length so you can wear it for a bit of warmth, but not be overpowered by the fabric.

While we can’t see her shoes, Quinn is almost always in ballet flats. (If you want to dress like Quinn from Glee – you gotta invest in a couple different pairs!) So I picked a simple pair by Michael Kors with a rounded toe in a matte gold.

I picked a Vera Bradley bag for her because the brand is sporty and useful while being girly.

The hair clip was tough to pick out. The one she’s wearing is a plastic one that’s easy to find. But what else could you wear? Other yellow bows looked pathetically infantile, and most yellow flower clips were super large (like four inches!) But then I found these metal flower clips, and I knew I’d struck proverbial gold. They’re much more grown-up, while retaining the look I wanted to provide you guys with!

This is a spring or early summer look. If you want to do something like this for Fall, I’d implore you to choose a different color for the sundress. Try a patterned sundress with a solid-colored cardigan, and keep the colors warmer (rich reds, dark browns) for a more appropriate Autumn look. (You might even want to steal this look from Hanna Marin of Pretty Little Liars.)

Dress like Quinn from Glee!

Dress like Quinn Fabray with these elements:

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Some are looking for Quinn Fabrey instead of Fabray, so I’m adding that phrase in here so it’s searchable!

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