Dress like Jem in a Modern Way (Truly Outrageous?!)

by on Saturday, February 20th, 2010

dress like jem

If you’re a child of the 80’s, then you MUST know who Jem is! (Basically the Hannah Montana of her time, only in cartoon form.) I had a Jem doll and that doll was amazing – especially since her earrings LIT UP. I remember being really excited about that, mock not! Anyway. In a continuation of a them of using cartoons as fashion inspiration, I thought of Jem. While she actually wore a LOT of different outfits on the show (there is an entire website dedicated to the cartoon wardrobe for Jem) her iconic outfit was the pink dress, fringed belt and  pink shoe ensemble. Purple eyeshadow and star-shaped earrings helped make it extra fabulous. So, how do we take Jem, a childhood idol, and put it into a modern interpretation for today? Because, I’m sure you could find exact replicas of her outfit somewhere for Halloween, but this isn’t about Halloween costumes. This is about clothing that represents Jem. Which mean it’s gotta be about fun. The most kick ass fun stuff EVAR.

Jem’s Fashion Do’s:

Never shy away from polka-dots. They aren’t scary.
Purples, pinks and aqua blues are your go-to colors.
Colored belts of every kind.
Trenchcoats & berets make you seem somber.
Boots are made for dancing.
Show off your legs in mini-skirts or tight leggings.
Always pose like you’re getting your picture taken.
Emphasize your waist with those belts. Stay loyal to your iconic jewelry (see: Star Earrings)
Feathers are fabulous.
Coordinate your accessories mono-chromatically.
Fringe was invented to be worn often.
Every occasion merits a fabulous outfit.

jem cartoon

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Painted Heart T
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Love Knot Sandal


Studded Bootie
Jem – The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons
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