GLEE Fashion: Mercedes

by on Saturday, March 12th, 2011

So, you wanna dress like Mercedes from Glee? Hello, it’s Rachel, everyone. This is a plus sized post about Glee fashion. Specifically it will cover Mercedes fashion look. You may want to dress like Rachel Berry (or Quinn Fabray), and are plus size, so I’ll think about doing a post like that in the future. (Please leave a comment to let me know if that’s of interest.)

Mercedes is girly, powerful, talent and also insecure sometimes. She dresses in bright colors, and the pieces are sporty with a feminine, fun sense about them. Least that is how I see it.

  1. Alight Mocha Hooded Open Cardigan by One Step Up Plus $32.00: Here
  2. Alight Pink Studded Neck Top by One Step Up Plus sale: $16.99: Here
  3. SWAK Cropped Leggings $17: Here
  4. Monif C Samanta Shoes Viv Pump – Black, Sale $148.75 : Here
  5. Lane Bryant Plus Size Silver Ring: Here

What would Mercedes wear? / What would Mercedes Jones wear?

Being honest, I always forget her last name. What about you? Anyway, comment please!

Find more at Dress Like a TV Character

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