Funny Work Shirts …Because You Need to Laugh Before You Seriously Explode

by on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010


No matter your profession (hell, even if you’re a call girl) I bet there’s a funny t-shirt out there for you that corresponds with your vocation. And WHY do you need a funny t-shirt, you ask? Because work can make you grind your teeth even if you love your job. And if you don’t manage to induce a bit of levity and laughter into the equation then I’m sorry to say but you’re seriously going to go BLAMMO. It’s time to remember to relaaaaaax. I’ve posted some pictures here of funny nurses shirts, funny writer shirts, and funny lawyer shirts.

pretty workspaces

I’m not a nurse or a lawyer, but yea – I agree with the writer shirts. I have literally had family members stop and say “wait, she’s a writer – be careful what you say around her”. (It doesn’t matter what you say, what you DO is far more interesting!) But it’s okay, although I make it a point to never write too much about anyone in particular – and never anything too juicy unless it’s incredibly vague and veiled. I feel like I observe life, but I don’t exploit the lives around me. And I’ve always been an observer, so it’s natural for me. It’s true, I was the silent gal in the back of a classroom, doodling in my notebook  and watching other people instead of learning that silly math stuff.

desk photo

One of the hardest things about being a freelance writer is that people just as easily assume that you don’t have a job. If you work from home, even in a home office – they don’t care. They think you’re just playing on your computer. They see no reason why you can’t do this, or that. But it’s like, HELLO, working here. Unannounced visitors can be pesky. Deadlines must be met! I’m a stickler for those. Which means I have good work ethic, and friends who think the workday should end for everyone at 5 pm. But that’s not the case for me, not at all. Anyway, there’s some insight into my work frustrations!

P.S. While I’m not a lawyer, I still want that “I have lawyering skills” T-shirt. 😀

funny nurse shirts

Funny Nurse Shirt : Super nurse Colorful Women’s Dark T-Shirt $24

funny nurse shirt

I’m in Nursing School, this is as dressed up as I get Women’s Pink T-Shirt $22 Metallic Wildwood Shoes sound funny but look comfortable. Who names this stuff?

author shirts

I’m Plotting Against You, I’m a writer it’s what I do : Women’s V-Neck Dark T-Shirt $24 Wear it with these cute white vegan shoes with something called negative heel technology. (…I just think the shoes are cute and look comfy.)

blogger shirts

Women’s Pink Tee Blogger Shirt: Go away. I have a deadline $22 When you walk to get a bagel, wear these comfortable sandals with fancy biofoam cushioning.

funny lawyer shirts

Funny Lawyer Shirts : Lawyers Are Cool Women’s Light T-Shirt $22
Pair with cool Keen sandals.

lawyer tshirts

“I Got Lawyering Skills” Dark T-Shirt $24 Lawyers can afford these totally cute pink and brown urban safari sneakers.

Shoe of the day from our sister site Zumfoot Luna Shoes MaryJane

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