Dress Like Princess Tiana for Under $100

by on Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

princess dresses

Tomorrow we’re hosting a giveaway for The Princess and the Frog on DVD, so in honor of that, here’s a post of blue dresses (and accessories)  like the princess in the movie! As always, everything is under $100. These are all casual, summer dresses. Even princesses need to enjoy the summer in a cute sun dress now and again. Given the season, it seems more appropriate to use summer dresses rather than ball gowns.

Matix Clothing Company Brynn Dress ON SALE $32
Hurley Griffith YC Maxi Dress $54
Hurley Griffith YC Strappy Dress $44
Volcom Dot Your I’s Dress ON SALE $40
Gabriella Rocha Carben $69
Annie Tucson Sandals $35
Matisse Wicker Sandals ON SALE $80
Disney Couture The Princess & The Frog Lotus Flower Ring $73.00

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