Do you Prewash New Clothing? Pros/Cons

by on Saturday, December 26th, 2009
We'd never pre-wash cats! Photo by oskay on Flickr.

We'd never pre-wash cats! Shopcat would never stand for that. She doesn't even stand for people to look at her funny... (Note: no, Shopcat doesn't grace us in this photo.) Photo by oskay on Flickr.

It’s the day after Christmas and you have all of this new clothing – most of which you’re planning on keeping! Yay. It’s great. Your friends and family know you so well, and they bought stuff you actually like. That’s the biggest battle. But there’s a smaller, mostly unseen battle after that. Prewashing new clothing. Are you pro, or con? We’ll discuss.


PRO prewashing new clothing: I’m a fan of prewashing new clothing.Washing it gets out the fresh dye that might otherwise stain other clothing. It gets off the weird smell from the store and distributing plants that held your clothing before getting to the posh (and not so posh) stores. And it rids you of any germs from other people who may have tried the clothing on. I’m not saying I’m a germaphobe (I am, I’m just not saying it) but this is a smart choice.  Also, sometimes a nice washing helps an item of clothing fall on your body better – looking less stiff.

Photo by ishane on Flickr.

Photo by ishane on Flickr.

CON prewashing new clothing: If you’re lazy, you don’t want to prewash things, and there’s nothing wrong with being lazy sometimes. Some might argue that every wash starts to fade clothing, so why give it a wash before you’ve even got it dirty? And sometimes an item of clothing looks best before it ever hits the washer and dryer. (Mostly I’d have to say these are weak arguments, though!)

Laundry, Herbs & Holly-hocks by Meanest_Indian on Flickr.

Laundry, Herbs & Holly-hocks by Meanest_Indian on Flickr.

The bottom line: You rinse fruit of possible chemicals and dirty hands before you eat it, why don’t bother at least rinsing your new clothing – especially intimate apparel – before wearing it against your skin? The only problem is that to keep colors from bleeding you use cold water, but to kill germs you should use warm… Augh! So maybe you need two prewashes? ;p I’ll leave that up to you.

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