Covert Affairs Clothes and Shoes: Annie Walker’s Dress

by on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

So, about a million people have e-mailed us asking about a particular blue and white bandanna dress (i.e. covert affairs blue/white shirtdress or covert affairs black/white print dress) that Piper Perabo wears as Annie Walker on Covert Affairs. As stated on our style request form (and what is apparent if you read us!) we don’t look up and find exact designer matches. The episode that you just saw of Covert Affairs was probably shot at least four months ago – meaning the same designs are not often in stores anymore. And that isn’t even taking into account the fact that the items on TV shows are always much more expensive than what your average gal can spend. (Not always. But very often.)

Covert Affairs Clothes

Because there were so many requests, I decided I had to do SOMETHING, and found some similar dresses.I hope you appreciate my hard work! I have really sore thumbs because I did the unthinkable tonight and made mussels – meaning I had to de-beard the mussels. (And that hurts your thumbs. Or it hurt mine, at least.) Anyway, typing hurts right now!

Today was fun though, because I tweeted a link to our Covert Affairs fashion posts to Chris Gorham who plays Auggie Anderson on the show – and he tweeted back that I should have done one of these posts about Auggie already. Cute, huh?

Covert Affairs Clothes: Inspiration! (And what post is complete without some Covert Affairs Shoes?)

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