Reinspired! Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings for Halloween

by on Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

When Romeo + Juliet came out in theaters I was obsessed with it. Since the internet was SO SLOW back then, and printers sucked, I was cutting out pictures from magazines and newspapers the old-fashioned way. Did I try to copy Claire Danes hair from the dance scene? Hell yes I did. I even distinctly remember a Romeo + Juliet giveaway in Seventeen Magazine where you had to mail in a postcard saying who designed the Juliet angel dress. (But, again we didn’t really have a quick Internet to help us!)

Every time I think of the Romeo + Juliet costumes I feel excited all over again. As I recently had a chance to review the newly released Romeo + Juliet on Blu Ray, I felt that excitement all over again. I have half a mind to dress up using inspiration from Claire Danes’ Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings. I even found examples of how I’d put it together. Because don’t forget, the costume Juliet has is of an angel. Which is doable. What you want is to copy the elegance of Juliet’s costume, and make note of items like the hairstyle, simple cross pendant, and the way the angel wings go upwards instead of down.

The makeup is easy to copy! I’d use a mineral foundation to give perfect coverage, then dab just a tiny bit of a peachy/pink blush, neutral eye shadow, mascara on the top lashes, and a dab of sheer, sheer, sheer lipstick. Also, make sure your brows are recently groomed so the entire effect is youthful, but polished. Kind of effortlessly graceful. This is a romantic costume, Juliet wasn’t trying to be (or allowed to be) all sexy and hoochie mama. Don’t try to copy this look using smokey eyeshadow a la Kim Kardashian.

I have a chance for you to win Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge on Blu-ray!

We’ve been talking about and what if instead of being a couple with a guy/gal, you and a bunch of friends all dressed with the common theme being Baz Luhrmann movies? You could have friends who are both dressed as Juliet and Satine, but in different outfits of theirs!

Romeo + Juliet on Blu-ray is very much worth purchasing because the audio sounds and picture are both vastly improved to give you a richer sound and more detailed, crisp picture.

William Shakespeare’s Romeo+Juliet Blu-ray Disc Special Features

New High Definition Transfer supervised by Director Baz Luhrmann

Shaking Up Shakespeare Picture-in-Picture Mode with Audio Commentary by Baz Luhrmann, Catherine Martin, Donald M. McAlpine and Craig Pearce and featuring Behind-the-ScenesFootage and Stills

Uncut Footage from the Bazmark Vault

Romeo + Juliet: The Music Documentary

Filmmaker and Interview Galleries

BD-LIVE**: Live Lookup™ powered by IMDb®

Click to enlarge!

  • White Angel Wings Here (These were a pair that go upwards, unlike most cheap ones that just hang down, bleh. If you ask me, this particular style of wings are one of the defining elements of this outfit.)
  • Romeo + Juliet White Dress Here (It’s not an exact match, but if you’re willing to pay more you could find more of a replica. However, why pay more?)
  • Romeo + Juliet Cross Necklace Here (You can also go for a much simpler cross.)
  • Satin Bag Here (Look for crisp, clean lines.)
  • White Shoes Here (Strappy heels seem the best option if you’re not going for white flats.)

Romeo + Juliet Dress Inspirational Images:

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was given, I received just a copy to review.

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