Best 2012 Wedding Dresses

by on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

If you’ve wandered into this post (take a seat, have some chocolate mint tea!) then you’re interested in the best wedding dresses of 2012. And even if a wedding isn’t on your horizon, looking at pretty wedding dresses is a lovely way to appreciate the art of fashion. 😉

Allure Bridals 2012 Spring Bridal Collection
Refined and Sophisticated, this particular Bridal Dress keeps a bit of that full skirted flounce that I think so many brides do love. (Not all, I know not all.) It’s the perfect marriage (excuse the pun) of modern and romantic.

best wedding dresses of 2012

Victorio and Lucchino 2012 Bridal Collection
They’re based in Seville Spain, so note the Spanish influences. I love this dress because it’s got a fairytale feeling to it, but for the likeable heroine not the prissy one.

Carolina Herrera 2012 Fall Bridal Collection
Herrera always does swanky, elegant designs.
I like the understated elegance in this particular dress, which has a princess look to it with a bit of a twist in that blush coloring. I imagine it will float around you so lovely!

Sarah Houston 2012 Spring Bridal Collection
I see this as a perfect romantic dress for a bride who is maybe older, or who doesn’t want a full gown. It’s not so fussy but it’s still elegant.

Anna Schimmel Spring/Summer 2012 Dresses
It’s flying, it’s floating! It’s gorgeous. I really love Anna Schimmel wedding dresses. She has a great eye.

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