Amy Adams Inspires Us: Black Lace Dresses

by on Saturday, January 16th, 2010

black lace dresses on sale

We know that a LBD (little black dress) is a great staple for your closet. A variation on that is the little black lace dress. It’s a small variation, but it has a major effect in transforming a dress to be much more elegant and romantic.I was inspired to write about this when I watched an old Amy Adams movie that was only recently released. It’s called Moonlight Serenade. Now, I think you should save yourself the time of watching the movie because even a charmer like Amy Adams didn’t make it very enjoyable to watch.

But there was one scene where she wore a black lace dress and I got to thinking what a great item that is. I have no idea how the movie ends (except predictably ) since I didn’t even bother to watch it all the way through. I know, for shame! But it really wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t lie to you. I’d rather watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day for 40 days, than have to watch Moonlight Serenade again. Augh. (Smart Tip: Just because you love someone in a movie doesn’t mean you have to love the movie, or even watch it.)

You may not be planning to sing in a smokey lounge, but trust me – a black lace dress is a wise purchase. It’s timeless,  instantly dresses you up, and it doesn’t require many accessories. Go on and steal Amy Adam’s style, she won’t mind.

amy adams

Newport News Sleeveless lace sheath dress @ Amazon ON SALE: $49.00 You Save: $15.00 (23%)
Alfani Dress, Lace Three Quarter Sleeve @ Macys ON SALE: $84.99
Lace Tunic Dress @ Alloy $42.90
alvin Klein Lace Sheath Dress @ Zappos ON SALE $94.00

An alternative to dresses, and just as elegant.

An alternative to dresses, and just as elegant.

Ashley Lace Top @ Alloy $24.90
Free People 3/4 Sleeve Lace Rib Top @ Zappos $48.00

She shops smart – she’s you! Smart shopping is always stylish.

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