Where’s Your Happy Place? Here’s One of Mine that Works

by on Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I will admit this…begrudgingly… I’m a Type A, perfectionist who has a world of trouble trying to relax. It just seems impossible. I’m very high strung, and it makes me pretty unpleasant unless I actively try to combat my anxious feelings about everything in life. So, when it comes to CALMING DOWN, I look to my role model – the fictional character of Ferris Bueller. He knew how to live life. It’s pretty impossible to pick a favorite scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but I’ve always loved how shamelessly Ferris faked sick, then sat outside in the sun with a tropical drink and his phone.

When I faked sick in high school I’d play the part even if no one was home, just in case I got caught not looking miserable. But do you know what good worries do? Nothing. I mean, they keep you vigilant and if life were like The Walking Dead, I’s probably want to stay pretty “on guard” like this. But as life its, without the zombie apocalypse, it’s really time for me to relax. As the movie says, “Leisure Rules.” So be a Ferris. My happy place is visualizing myself in Ferris’ backyard, with his attitude on life. Everything will be okay!

What’s your happy place?

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