Valentine’s Day Movies 2011: The Best Pair Poll

by on Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

In an effort to help you decide which of the Valentine’s day movies (2011) you might want to watch, we at have created a poll for you guys to vote on which movie has the best on-screen couple. This is a romantic movies poll for anyone, so vote away!

This will help you decide what you want to watch on Valentine’s day, hopefully.

As for the Valentine’s Day movies mentioned:

  1. No Strings Attached is in theaters now. Portman gets a yay, but Kutcher gets a meh.
  2. Blue Valentine is in theaters now. I want to see this, although I know it’s more of a serious/twisted love story.
  3. Never Let Me Go is out on DVD and Blu-ray. It was not given enough promotion, but don’t let this British movie gem escape your watchful eyes! We even have a giveaway for it coming up!
  4. Love and Other Drugs is still in some theaters and is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on March 1 2011. Anne Hathaway is AMAZING and Jake Gyllenhaal? Double Yum. We’ll have a giveaway for this coming soon, with three winners!

I plan to see these all, but have yet to see any of them! Oops! They’re all on my Netflix que though. So your voting will help me decide which you guys think is the best movie to watch asap! Take your duties seriously! And then buy some Redi Whip, because that stuff is always good. Mmm. Just a lil V-day advice from me to you!

vintage valentine's day card

Valentine’s Day Movies 2011:

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