Things that make ME feel Confident

by on Friday, December 11th, 2009
Reese Witherspoon says "YEAAAAH!"

Reese Witherspoon says "YEAAAAH!"

The above picture of Reese Witherspoon really conveys a sense of confidence, and who among us doesn’t need more of that? I know that I do. Like, heaps of it. Heaps upon heaps! But we all have things that make us feel more confident. I’m going to share with you things that make me feel a little bit more strong.

1. One Angry Dwarf and Five Solemn Faces

The Ben Folds Five song One Angry Dwarf and Five Solemn Faces from the Whatever and Ever Amen CD. The lyrics are empowering when you sing them loudly in the shower. Just sayin’. Singing in general makes me feel more empowered.

2. Straws

There’s just something about a straw that makes me feel both flirty and confident all at once. You can hold it as you sip, you can fiddle with it when you’re just sitting. It’s a powerful tool! I don’t think you should buy plastic straws for your house since that’s sort of wasteful, but there actually ARE glass straws. And I think that’s pretty nifty.

glass straws

3. Dark nail polish

Dark nail polish on short nails makes me feel professional and polished. OPI is a brand I like and they do have a new OPI Holiday Wishes 2009 Mini Nail Polish Gift Set with four different dark polishes in the red/berry family.

opi red polish4. Perfume

Perfume always works for me because it’s just…I don’t even know. But smelling good makes me feel good. One of my favorite perfumes for the winter months is Burberry Brit.

burberry brit

5. Legally Blonde: The Musical

I mentioned I like to sing (in private), right? Well, the Legally Blonde musical is great to sing along to, and feel all in-charge of your life…  even if you are hopelessly unsure of everything. Which I totally am, btw.

legally blonde musical

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