The Worst Chick Flicks We’re Expected to Like

by on Friday, January 15th, 2010
Even they were bored by their own movie!

Even they were bored by their own movie!

Recently we put together a post of our top chick flicks that we find worth watching and even re-watching. But we’re not SO easily pleased – we don’t love every movie that is put out for us to gobble up. People who make movies have to promote them – even if they hate what they did. So it’s very easily to be misled into thinking a movie will be great. But do they really want you to see the movie to enjoy yourself, or to help make money for the movie? Just sayin’…

And you know, sometimes we hate a movie that just about everyone else loves. Which is fine. No pressure required. Like what you like. But if you want advice, we have a list of movies that are marketed as chick flicks to be loved that we absolutely didn’t.

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on movies that suck. Give yourself permission to stop watching a movie halfway through if you’re not enjoying it. It’s really the smart thing to do.

The Worst Chick Flicks:
…you can watch them, but we won’t make that mistake twice…

He’s Just Not that Into You: It’s a cliche to say we’re just not that into the movie, but it was terribly slow-paced. It’s a very talky movie that leaves us feeling insulted for being so stupid. (We suggest: That Thing You Do)

The Proposal: Our love for Sandra Bullock cannot compete with this formulaic movie that is as predictable as watching Titantic. Also, we hear that Ryan Reynolds is a huge jerk. (We suggest: You’ve Got Mail)

27 Dresses: We have nothing against Katherine Heigl, but everything against this snooze-fest of a movie. It felt bland, almost as bland as the hair color Heigl had in this movie. People assume women are hard-wired to love everything associated with weddings. But it’s just not true. You can love weddings and hate this movie. (We suggest: Father of the Bride)

Sex and the City – the movie: So depressingly unrecognizable from the HBO TV series we loved! If the show said that women in their 30’s and 40’s were empowered and strong, the movie seemed say that women in their 50’s can’t function happily without a man. (We suggest: The Devil Wears Prada)

The Break-Up: So much less than what we expected by the marketing. Not funny – just a painful movie you’d be wise to pass on watching. We’d rather read a self-help book than watch this. (We suggest: Raising Helen)

Notting Hill: Even with a cast of funny British folk and Julia Roberts, this movie always felt a little stale and uncomfortable. (We suggest: The Wedding Date)

Other chick flicks we don’t suggest:

Bride Wars, Love Actually, The Bachelor, He’s Just Not that Into You, The Holiday, Music & Lyrics,  Just Like Heaven, Made of Honor, Two Weeks Notice, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Lake House, In Her Shoes, Monster in Law, What Happens in Vegas, Rumor Has It, 50 First Dates, John Tucker Must Die, Failure to Launch, Fools Gold, You Me and Dupree, Moonlight Serenade

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