The Official Best of Fest ‘Chick Flicks’ Review & Giveaway

by on Saturday, December 5th, 2009

The snazzy Official Best of Fest gift sets aim to show you the best films you’ve never seen, or even heard about. I received a copy of the Chick Flicks gift set to review, but I’ve naturally had to take a couple days to watch enough of it to talk about.

These are substantial films that really make you feel.

chick flicks

Two disc’s are included. The first one has short films, and the second disc has two feature films. I was surprised by the short films, because while I thought they might all be feel-good, happy, mushy things – they were actually mostly dramas that kind of…well, there was a need for Kleenex! They’re ‘Chick Flicks’ in the sense that I can’t think of many guys who would appreciate watching these the way a woman could, but there’s nothing slap-happy involved here. These are substantial films that really make you feel.

I especially enjoyed the films The Republic of Love, Gafa, Charlotte’s Red and Danya. You can read the full list & synopses of the films included in the set.

A mother and daughter. Picture by mikebaird on Flickr.

A mother and daughter. Picture by mikebaird on Flickr.

The She’s Smart Appeal:  We’re totally into having awesome, rare film suggestions for our friends. The fact that the Official Best of Fest collections come in gift sets make them for a really unique gift to give people. And we’re chicks who like flicks!

Drawing by fishgirlart on Flickr.

Drawing by fishgirlart on Flickr.

The She’s Smart Pro’s: I really like how there is a disc full of short films that you can watch one after another -boom, boom, boom. And I’m glad that some of the films that made me really tear up were short, because I couldn’t handle much more. The films give you just enough to let you think about something new, or see things with a different perspective.

What’s more, these are films I’d never see anywhere else – and it’s sad that great films don’t get more exposure. I am so tired of dumb movies not only being made, but being promoted like crazy. Sorry Travolta, but I am NOT seeing Old Dogs.

Photo by lanuiop on Flickr.

Photo by lanuiop on Flickr.

The She’s Smart Con’s: Like I said, these movies make you FEEL. So if you are against having emotions (and sure, it can be uncomfortable when a film brings them out of you) you might find these a little much to devour watching with someone else.

The She’s Smart Bottom Line: I have previously been able to review the Official Best of Fest Sampler set (let me know if you’d rather win that), and found it to be just as wonderful. The films in the Chick Flicks collection are sentimental, greatly reflective in nature, and draw on the relationships between sisters, father’s and daughters, and even imaginary friends.

Shop the site: Official Best of Fest

The full list of Best of Fest Gift Collections and Personal Packs available:

*Award-winning films that INSPIRE
*Award-winning films to make you LAUGH
*Award-winning films about REAL PEOPLE
*Award-winning films for FAMILY
*Award-winning CHICK FLICKS
*Award-winning films for KIDS
*Award-winning films for DOG LOVERS
*Award-winning films for a GIRLS NIGHT IN
*Award-winning films for FATHERS, SONS and BROTHERS
*Award-winning films about ROMANCE
*Official Best of Fest SAMPLER

best of fest

Giveaway:  TWO WINNERS (2) will receive an Official Best of Fest collection, which retails for $44.95. This contest is sponsored by Official Best of Fest.


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Good luck to all of you smart ladies, and have a sparkling day of genuine smiles. You KNOW that you deserve it. XO – Jessica Rae

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