Shakira will be Furious with Demi Moore

by on Saturday, November 21st, 2009
Got hips? Demi don't!

Got hips? Demi don't!

We know that magazines photoshop. And now that they know that we know – they’re taking greater liberties. Such is the case with the December W cover with Demi Moore. Fellow bloggers are calling it the worst photoshopped cover ever. The quest for perfection led someone to overlook the fact that they COMPLETLEY REMOVED HER LEFT HIPBONE in the process of making her appeal to us all as the unattainable perfection we should all want. So this means we have to remove entire bones now? I’m NOT signing up for that, guys! I also refuse to stop eating all carbs! (But I AM focusing more on whole grains – go me?)

Hips don't lie? OH YES THEY DO. Shakira was WRONG.

Hips don't lie? OH YES THEY DO. Shakira was WRONG.

How did no one miss this mistake before it went to print?

Demi Moore tweeted the ‘original’ pictured from her twitter account. Along with the picture was the message: “Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don’t let these people bullshit you!” That’s pretty much the exact same photoshopped image that they just put under the text ! Come on, you really think top fashion magazine W doesn’t retouch every photo – ESPECIALLY the ones with their famous cover girl? Maybe we should just be lucky she doesn’t have a unicorn horn on her head. “Oh no, I’ve had that all my life!”

Her thigh doesn’t match up with her hip. Even factoring in a huge side tilt…it doesn’t work. I….want, nay – DEMAND – to know what TYRA BANKS has to say about this!

Keep yourself GROUNDED with the fashion world fact that what you see everywhere is SOOOO not reality.

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