Savvy Fitness: Easy Yoga DVD (Netflix Instant Watch Suggestions)

by on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Hello everyone, it’s Rachel here. You guys know I’m the new plus size blogger. Something I haven’t talked about yet is the “F” word. Fitness. It’s something I try to make a part of my life more than I avoid it. I discovered that Netflix Watch Instantly had a yoga video, and gave it a try without any expectations. I’m by no means a yoga expert, so I stick to very easy yoga. This video, as it happens, was extremely easy and low impact, something perfect for beginners. If they remove it from Netflix Instant, I’ll might actually buy it because the price is very low.

easy yoga dvdThe video is “Crunch- Candlelight Yoga” with Sara Ivanhoe.Isn’t it nice that Netflix offers that? I have done the routine twice and even though I would classify the video as very easy, I still felt a sense of energy and warmth afterwards. There are some reviews on Amazon (linked above) which also speak of this feeling.

As a beginner, I felt attracted to how sincerely nonjudgmental the host, Sara, was. I was able to keep up with the moves, and this furthered my sense of accomplishment. And because I like it so much, I’m likely to want to work with this easy yoga dvd again.

While I can only vouch for that DVD, another has me curious. It’s two videos on one DVD: Crunch – The Perfect Yoga Workout: The Joy of Yoga & Fat-Burning Yoga. All of these DVDs are from the early 2000’s, but I believe yoga is an ancient practice so it’s not as though it will be an outdated workout. The 125 highly positive reviews seem like a good indication of the outcome people experience with this DVD.

easy yoga dvdsFor now I would say that Crunch Candlelight Yoga is one of my top Netflix Instant Watch suggestions. Give it a try while it’s still available streaming.

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