You Tell Me: Am I Ready to Become a Gamer Girl?

by on Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

wii fit

I’ve always fancied myself a gaming type o’ girl. The problem with that being that I don’t…uh…actually play any games. When I was younger I played some Zelda and Mario Kart…but nothing too much since. So I’m in the MARKET to buy a Wii if I can justify it to myself. And what better way to compare video games than with visual aids? Right? Am I right? I am SO right. So, I’m going to compare different video games (wii games, whatever you call them) with youtube video examples. I will be providing comments on some games I think I might be interested in: Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort and Karaoke Revolution. Do you have a suggestion? Lay it on me! Clearly I’m a bit uh… what’s a nicer word for dumb? 😉

Dance Dance Revolution: I’ve had the amazing chance to interview the lovely Felicia Day (Buffy,  Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, The Guild) on more than one occasion. One of my favorite videos on youtube is the one where we get to see her skills at Dance Dance Revolution. When you type in ‘People playing Dance Dance Revolution’ on YouTube, you get the prodigy and people who want to show off. But I’m not good at that like them. So I need a video of someone who is not just average, but below average! And Felicia… well, she’s more than average, but still! So here is Felicia Day playing DDR. The dancing starts 40 seconds into the vid. I love when she incredulously asks, “What human could do that?!” Probably not me, although I HAVE tried, and it is pretty fun. Wanna buy? Dance Dance Revolution Bundle for Wii

Wii Fit: Well, I kind of don’t see the point to jogging in place. I’d rather see real scenery. Also, I have a treadmill. And I don’t need to spend over $100.00 on a game where you just watch a cartoon moving and then mimic the moves of hula hooping. WASTE OF MONEY. This is the part where I start thinking people are kind of dumb. I mean, I understand that competition helps you be motivated but at we want you to be a smart shopper! Wanna buy? Wii Fit on Amazon

Wii Sports Resort: Because of who I am, I am programmed to perk up and pay attention whenever the word ‘resort’ is mentioned. I mean, do I sometimes just read over pamphlets for exotic hotels…yes. Shush! Anyway, this game also has the word ‘sport’ and I happen to hate most sports. What they have are sword play, archery (I’ve done this for real! And sucked…), table tennis, golf, bowling, canoeing, cycling,  sky diving, water scooter racing and ‘disc dog’ which is actually just frisbee with a fake dog. (Let’s call it what it IS people!) Would this be worth it if I really only wanna do the water scooter racing? Wanna buy? Wii Sports Resort

Karaoke Revolution Bundle &: Singing badly in the shower or car is one thing. But when I think of myself alone doing this? It’s sad. If I had a roommie, I’d feel less weird about getting this. Then we could solve problems by playing this game and whoever wins wins the argument! Wanna buy? Karaoke Revolution for Wii

So, in conclusion… I’m not really sold on getting a Wii. What about uh, XBox? Are the Buffy games any good? Heh. You know would I would SO buy? A Wii game where you got to learn Buffy moves, or Alias moves, or really any Tv-type of Wii game where you are almost LARPing! (Live Action Role Playing…shh. They mentioned it on Supernatural, it’s not my fault that I know what it is!) You know what else isn’t my fault? That broken dish in the sink. I was half-asleep when the breakage occured, so I don’t know how you can hold me responsible. Blame my unconcious dreamstate!

She shops smart – she’s you! Smart shopping is always stylish.

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