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Mother’s Day Plant Gift Ideas – ‘Scent with Love’ (So cute!)

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

A great Mother's Day gift!

If your Mom loves plants and is far away from you for Mother’s Day, don’t be a doof… just send her one! The process is incredibly easy with Pro Plants. And I’ll tell you about my experience.

A great Mother’s Day gift!

I received the “Scent with Love” Gardenia plant from Pro Plants. It immediately was transferred to my Mom, who is a fan of plants in a big, big way. Seriously, there’s a sunroom in her house that’s full of so much greenery you’d think it was a greenhouse. (The cats love it back there.)

The plant itself arrived packaged very nicely, with extra moss for padding. The leaves of the gardenia plant are a deep, healthy green. The plant doesn’t bloom yet, but my Mom has already remarked that she’s looking forward to the sweet scent of the gardenia flowers. See, it gives you something to look forward to! If you have kids, it’d be a nice thing to have a weekly watch of the plant (and discussion about how plants grow) with them around this gift.

I like that the container here is something unique and sweet – a little baby blue mailbox. On the side it says, “scent with love.” (Cute, right?) ... Read More

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Reviews – What does French Clary Sage smell like?

Monday, April 1st, 2013


Okay lovelies. It’s time for another review of Lisa Hoffman Beauty! And this time, it’s all about being happy. (Or, isn’t that what life is always supposed to be about?)

To refresh your memory, I’ve previously reviewed the amazing fragrance necklace with the fresh Japanese Agarwood scent, and delightfully mellow Tuscan Fig perfume.

The fragrance: French Clary Sage (The tagline? You’re gonna love this. “Optimism in Bloom.”)

What does French Clary Sage smell like? “The clean and refreshing notes of French Clary Sage evoke bright summer days in the Provençal countryside. Sparkling watery notes harmonize with French Clary Sage, Yellow Freesia, and Cotton Accords to create a crisp, modern green fragrance.”

Cool trivia: “For centuries, the French have used Clary Sage oil to help balance energy and combat feelings of discord. King Louis XIV used clary sage as part of his daily ritual for its euphoric and renewing benefits. Today, French Cla ... Read More

School of Wash Reviews: Natural Bath Products with a List of Scents of 100+!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

SOW™ Handmade Shampoo & Conditioner

Pick your desired scent and pick your product type. It’s as easy as that. Of course, the hardest part is trying to limit your fragrance choices, when the brand School of Wash has over a hundred of them. In fact, they’ll even let you create a custom scent if you so choose. I was sent a variety of bath and beauty product types in a variety of scents, and I’m going to let you know my thoughts.

“Handmade, all natural bath products delivered fresh to your door for a creative bath experience. Over 175 scents to choose from to create unique bath products.”

Overall, I completely recommend this brand of natural bath products. The amount of scents you can pick from is unbelievable and truly mind-boggling. It’s like I’m a kid in a candy store, but there’s no calories! What’s more, this is natural stuff…you aren’t going to find nasty parabens or sulfates her ... Read More

Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood Reviews – Fragrance Necklace

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013


Can’t wait for the fresh, calming scent of Spring mornings? This Japanese Agarwood scent by Lisa Hoffman Beauty will take you right there. It’s serenity!  Or Zen! Or whatever your word for “blissful calming amazingness” is, really…

The fragrance: Japanese Agarwood

What does it smell like? “The rare, woody scent of Japanese Agarwood is accented with the refreshing zest of Bergamot, the zen-like ambiance of Spiced Ginger, and the comfort of Warm Amber to inspire feelings of clarity and warmth as your journey of Japanese Agarwood unfolds.”

The format: I am specifically reviewing the  Japanese Agarwood Necklace. ($65.00) This scent, as with all Lisa Hoffman scents, is available in many other formats – from lotions to perfume oils.)

Above: Lisa Hoffman Beauty Fragrance Necklace in Japanese Agarwood.

My thoughts: This ingenious filigree dome holds scent beads that last and last. The necklace i ... Read More

Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Review – Warm, Sweet and Mellow

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Tuscan Fig Necklace

You don’t have to fly to Italy to get this divinely floral and woodsy smell. This scent by Lisa Hoffman Beauty is sweet and mellow.

The fragrance: Tuscan Fig

What does it smell like? “Surrounded by vanilla bean, honeysuckle, coconut wood, and gardenia, Tuscan Fig entices you with its warm essence. Like your own secret treasure, this fragrance transports you to the most enchanting valleys, vineyards, and fruit groves of Tuscany.”

The format: I am specifically reviewing the Eau de Parfum spray bottle. $65.00. (Available in many other formats, including the ingenious jewelry styles.)

My thoughts: It is both sweet and sexy, which is a difficult scent to achieve. It’s also a very dark and warm scent at the base which must be the fig, amber, vanilla, wood and musks. These are the notes that linger. But at first, what you get are the hits of sweet french jasmine, honeysuckle, vanilla bean and gardenia. I like that there’s an ongoing scent of floral, but the woodsy scent neve ... Read More

Mia Mariu Review: Great bronzer for fair skin tones, Amazing moisturizing lip gloss and lipstick!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


I am VERY much on board with Mia Mariu Mineral Cosmetics. I received some items to review, so let’s get into it. The highlights:

1. Bronzer for fair skin!

2. Moisturizing lip gloss AND lipstick that moisturizes!

Why go for Mia Mariu? These items are made with natural ingredients like botanicals, vitamins, minerals (duh), peptides and antioxidants. I feel the quality is definitely high. Read on for my Mia Mariu Review summaries.

Hydrating Stick Gloss Review – Lipstick that moisturizes! Mia Mariu lipsticks and lipglosses are amazing for this reason: they are HYDRATING and have lip balm qualities. I opted for “Beso” which is a rosy pink. It has a sheer quality until you build it up, so you don’t need to be afraid of the candy pink color. It feels very creamy on my lips, which makes me want to apply it more often. And that makes me look better more often! Plus, I hate when normal lipsticks start to dry out around the edges of my mouth, and this doesn’t d ... Read More

Shadora Jewelry Reviews: I now understand the “fake” rumors

Friday, January 18th, 2013


It’s actually not fake, but this jewelry isn’t high-quality. This is a honest review of why these items are okay, but not amazing. offers what they call “fabulous finds at impossibly low prices.” With a pair of White Sapphire and silver studs in my hands, I’m ready to give my ruling to add to Shadora jewelry reviews. says it offers real gemstones that is not costume jewelry, and I have no reason not to believe them. But then why are people are googling for “Shadora Fake Jewelry”? Well, probably because when something seems too good to be true it often is. Here, I think they walk the line.

It’s not about whether their jewelery is fake, it’s about the quality of their real jewelry. They use real gold, silver and gemstones. But I believe these are lab-created gemstones. The way they assemble the jewelry also minimizes their use of metal to save on cost. So, it’s all technically real, but they’ve found ways to give you these low prices. It’s the quality that isn’t so great. I would purchase from there if it was for me, but this is not jewelry yo ... Read More

Why is the new Dove body wash so much better than before? I found out. (Reviews)

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


Dove has NEW and improved body washes. Their latest is the Dove Winter Care Body Wash. This is the first of their Seasonal body washes.

What makes these body washes better? They have a formula with Glycinatae, which no other mass brands use. Glycinate is an ultra-mild ingredient. You’ll usually find it in high-end beauty/facial products. I know you guys hear a lot about how lathering is bad because it strips your skin. But with Glycinate, you can have that cleaning lather you expect while still having your skin pampering by being nourished.

The Dove Winter Care Body Wash is gentle on the skin and reverses skins of that dry winter skin. What you can get from this body wash is something you’ll never get with soap. It is creamy and hydrating on dry, flaky and rough skin. Along with the Glycinate, the latest Dove body washes have the brand’s NutriumMoisture technology for their mildest and most caring formula yet.

This body wash rinses away quickly and completely, leaving no oily residue. Your skin is left fresh and nourished.

My skin always needs moisture as it likes to be dry, which is why I never compromise when it comes to a body wash. Because my skin lets me know when I’ve used a product that gave me no nourishment. This morning I washed one arm with a soap, ,and ... Read More

Votre Vu Skin Care Reviews: Milk Cleanser, Good Toner for Oily Skin, Lip Primer, Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Monday, January 7th, 2013

lip primer

I’ve already provided you guys with some Votre Vu Reviews on the color side of things, and now it’s time to discuss what Votre Vu offers in the way of skin care!


Pictured above: The Votre Vu Royal Masquerade Set

Votre Vu Skin Care Reviews

Votre Vu CHAMPAGNE KISSES Review – Volume Enhancing Lip Balm

The tube is nothing fancy, but looks can be deceiving.This moisturizing lip balm gives you a healthy dose of hydration with every application. And lips soothed with sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and shea butter will of course feel great, but there’s even more to this secret agent item. It’s a great lip primer, keeping your lip product from feathering as well as making the product last longer. And don’t you want a good lip balm under your tints, sticks and glosses? I always do. And the Champagne Kisses lip primer and balm actually feels like it stays under the next layer of colored lip product instead of getting blended away. I really love feeling like t ... Read More

Votre Vu Reviews: If it’s good enough for Adele…

Friday, January 4th, 2013

adele makeup

Inside: Votre Vu reviews from an up-close experience with several different products they make.

I was able to try some different products by Votre Vu. This post will focus on some items they do with their Votre Vu makeup and color items. I tried three different items:

ARCH DE TRIUMPHE – Brow Definer – Warm

This is a wonderful product to enhance brows because it is lightweight and water resistant. The sheen mimics natural hair, even. I find this to be a great item, and think a little touch up to the brows is something all women should do to look red carpet ready. It really just helps frame your eyes. I do recommend this product as both efficient and high quality.

BEAUTÉ EN BRONZE – Bronzer Duo – Monaco

I fear I got the wrong color! This bronzer section is matte, which is important to many women who see any shimmer as a far to youthful approach. I ... Read More