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SO FUN! Sodastream Review and Giveaway

Monday, September 20th, 2010

sodastream review and giveaway

Because I dream a LOT of Pop (yes, I call it pop) the Sodastream is a really cool idea. I drink Diet Coke a lot – but when I’m trying to be healthier I drink sparkling, flavored waters. See, I don’t like flat water! Which is why this invention feels made for moi.

Sodastream is a fast, easy, and economical solution to making and enjoying your own soda or sparkling, flavored water. I was happy to receive a starter kit from the company to review. Sometimes I don’t feel very competent, but I decided I would put it together on my own. Surprise, surprise – I was able to! You don’t need tools at all.

Next step, making the tasty stuff! I’ll admit that I glossed over the directions too quickly, and because I didn’t realize I had to screw the bottle into place, I was flooding my kitchen a tiny bit at first! But guess what, I have a friend on Twitter who responded to me and told me what I had done wrong. And she’s from Sweden – she said that the Sodastream is SUPER popular in Sweden! And I believe her because the instructions came in many languages, including Swedish!

With this small machine and cute ... Read More

Auric Blends Reviews & Giveaway: So Many Gorgeous Scents to Love Up On!

Friday, September 17th, 2010

auric blend reviews

I’m not sure if I can adequately explain to you how joyful I felt when I opened up a big package full of goodies from Auric Blends. Their packaging is so sweet, and the products are all beautiful and — it just made me smile and feel special. So, to be sure, I would recommend Auric Blends as a great gift to give (to yourself, or others!)

The company sent me samples of their perfumes to review. When asked what I most wanted to sample, I knew exactly my answer: Egyptian Goddess perfume, please! I’ve never smelled it before now, but people RAVE about it. It’s a cult favorite. And I really wanted to know why. And now that I do, I’m going to pass my information onto you.

First, just a tiny bit of history on Auric Blends, because I really think it’s cool. The company was started in 1993, they have millions of loyal fans, and the base of operations is in a tiny historic town in Northern California. I’m going to quote from their website, “We are surrounded by vineyards, redwood trees and the cool coastal air th ... Read More

Giveaway! It’s Time to Save Ferris Bueller, Again! (Save Ferris Shirt)

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Not just written on watertower's anymore! SAVE FERRIS

No, there is no re-make of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in the works – thank God! A remake would ruin that classic. I’m talking about a really fun Save Ferris T-shirt we got from NachoMamaTees. If you’re wondering where to buy funny t shirts, it’s there. They have a huge selection of different, inexpensive T-shirts, hoodies, and more. I love funny t-shirts. And really, I never wear them enough. (I end up wearing basic, solid-colored shirts, instead. Boring! God, I can hear you yawn from here.)

Not just written on watertower's anymore! SAVE FERRIS

I love the Save Ferris shirt because, who doesn’t love that movie!? (Know someone who doesn’t? WE WANT NAMES!) This ... Read More

Marshalls Deals: Cynthia Rowley Sale Bags and More!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

marshalls bags

I’ve made it no secret that one of my favorite places to shop is at Marshall‘s. And I was recently very lucky to receive a gift card from the press people for Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. What does that mean? That a shopping trip was mandatory, dude! So off I trotted into my local Marshall‘s.

(I do have plans to go to a T.J. Maxx soon because my Granny is incredibly sweet and gave me a gift card for there. Which was fitting, because growing up I used to sleep-over her place and the next day we’d always to go garage sales and T.J. Maxx because of the great deals. She is a woman with great taste, and probably is part of the reason I love interior design so much.)

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Vegan Giveaway! Healthy Pirate’s Booty Potato Flyers in Four Flavors

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Ahoy, matey’s! It’s time for one of our wonderful and loyal readers to win a tasty package of some of the best baked potato chips I’ve ever tried – Potato Flyers by Pirate Brands! This is seriously healthy food that tastes like junk food, so I’m a huge fan. Isn’t that the dream? (Like ice-cream sundae’s with no calories at all? Mmmm. Yes, I dream of that!)

Healthy food that tastes like junk food: Potato Flyers!

I really like Pirate Brand Potato Flyers, especially the original flavored ones.

THE GREAT GIVEAWAY PRIZE: One winner will receive a Pirate Brands package of four flavors of Potato Flyers. Flavors: Original, Barbeque, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar. They are all Natural ; Baked ; Trans fat and gluten free ; Cholesterol free ; 120 Calories per serving ; Vegan friendly; 50% Less fat than regular potato chips; Kosher.  Vegan – friendly. Gluten free. Wheat free. Prize is offered by Pirate Brands.

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON: Sunday September 19, 2012

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Healthy Pirate Brands Potato Flyers Review (Even Dad Liked Them!)

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Healthy food that tastes like junk food: Potato Flyers!

Potato Flyers isn’t just a cute name (and to be sure, it’s a cute name.)  It’s a cute name for a tasty snack. Pirate Brands Potato Flyers are popped from Idaho potatos and brown rice (healthy!) They’re low in fat, and gluten-free. Which means I was all over them – I like healthy food that doesn’t taste “healthy.” Ya know? Yes, you know! Haha.

Healthy food that tastes like junk food: Potato Flyers!

Potato Flyers Review:

Pirate Brands sent me the cutest little package that had four flavors of the Potato Flyers. I was nervous, because I’m certainly not going to ever say something is great on this blog if I think it isn’t. And with food – you never know. Well, now I know that I do indeed like them. (Whew!) I wish they’d stock Potato Flyers in places like Subway and Quizno’s. My favorite, by far, were the traditional chips because my favorite kind of potato chip is the traditional kind. My second favorite was the sour cream and onion, then barbeque. Since I’m not the biggest lover of chip flavors, I had my Mom try them. She really loved the Barbeque Potato Flyer ... Read More

Giveaway! The Kakadu Pet Oasis Pet Bed for your Dog OR Cat

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

dog bed giveaway

You read my review of the Oasis Pet Bed by Kakadu Pet, so now it’s time to let you win one! This is filed under both a cat giveaway and dog giveaways. Catog? Dogat?

THE GREAT GIVEAWAY PRIZE: One winner will receive an Oasis Pet Bed by Kakadu Pet in their size and color choice. (Small/Medium/Large & Midnight/Wheat/Hot/Cornflower.) Perfect for a small cat or a large dog. Worth between $32.99 and $72.99 depending on size selection.

From the site description:

A blend of softness and durability in one dog bed: pamper your pet with the Oasis Pet Bed. It has a cover made of 40% cotton and 60% polyester fabric, and is filled with 100% polyester. This bed for dogs is unique for its anti-slip and anti-friction features. Anti-slip nodules on the underside keep the bed securely in place while the anti-friction feature protects skin from irritation even if your dog uses the bed frequently. This designer dog bed comes in vibrant colors with a paw print design that brightens up any home.

Oasis Pet Bed includes an soft inside cushion which could be used separately in the summer. This washable luxury dog bed ... Read More

Kakadu Pet Review: Oasis Pet Bed for Large Dogs OR Small Cats

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

dog beds for large dogs

I’m very lucky not to be a Mother of twins, because I’d inevitably want to pull the full Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen matching gimmick on them far longer than they’d be okay with. But that’s why pets are so genius! Dogs are colorful, and cats just don’t care!

And I know sometimes being matchy-matchy is weird, but would you buy a pastel floral couch and then an electric plaid couch for opposite of it? Nu uh. And I’m very into design and everything looking nice. In this case, it means if I can get matching pet beds, I will! Considering the amount of places the animals flop, I need to have places for them all over.

We were sent the Kakadu Pet: Pet Oasis Pet Beds for Shop Cat (in small) and Shop Dog (in large.) I love that they match. Often you’ll see beds, but they’ll only make them for one species. And here’s the truth, Shop Cat is an exceptionally small cat (r ... Read More

Giveaway! The Complete First Season of Glee on DVD – The Gleek Edition!

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Ready for a Glee DVD giveaway?!?

If you know me at all, you know that I can’t sing well, and that I have an unswerving devotion to the Fox TV Show Glee! I am so excited to be able to review a copy of Glee season 1 on DVD so you guys know what special features are in store for you. But, if you can believe it, I’m even MORE excited that three of you lovely readers will be winning a copy of the Complete First Season of Glee – The “GLEEK” Edition! How Glee-tastic is that?!

With just a little of your Glee smarts, you’ll be about to answer our trivia question and be entered in the Glee giveaway! First, here’s some info:

Ready for a Glee DVD giveaway?!?

TV’s Hottest Show Arrives On Blu-ray And DVD September 14 With Never-Before-Seen Special Features

Win a Copy of the Complete First Season of Glee – The “GLEEK” Edition!

‘Gleeks’ and ‘Cheerios’ worldwide will celebrate September 14 when the groundbreakin ... Read More

Alphabet Photography is Great for the “What Gift Do I Give?” Question

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010


When I think about alphabet art, my mind immediately gallops back to being in elementary school and seeing the cardboard posters that lined the top of the ceiling with the alphabet. Sometimes they’d be cutsey, and letters would be turned into shapes or have little faces. But even at a young age, I recognized that they were not very stylish – they were cheesy.

But, fast forward a couple years (okay, maybe more than just a couple) and I’ve found a new way to appreciate alphabet art. And this time it’s not cheesy at all. It’s frame-worthy!

I came across Alphabet Photography and was very interested in what they do because it’s so beautifully artistic. And if you want to bring this beauty into your home – you’re in luck. You can!  Jennifer Blakeley and her husband run the Alphabet Photography company with a few other invested individuals up in gorgeous Niagara Falls, Ontario. (I will see the falls sometime, I will!)

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