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White Quilted Pillow Shams by Peacock Alley are Classic Must-Have’s

Sunday, April 24th, 2011

quilted pillow shams

I have the perfect Spring makeup for your bedding. And let’s be honest, if you’re at all a decor nerd like me, you do love to change up your bedding for the seasons. Not everyone gets this, but some of us are very devoted to the way our rooms look and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Haters to the left!) So, this bedding idea comes to you from Peacock Alley. I know, just pause and savor that name for a second. One time I got to see a huge enclosure of peacocks and it was pretty magnificent. As you might expect, it’s all about presentation with Peacock Alley, and they know how to present what you want.

Peacock Alley Reviews: Oxford Collection Scalloped Quilted Shams

In their new Spring 2011 line, I was drawn to the Oxford Collection of quilted white (or ivory) bedding. I had a chance to see the Scalloped Quilted Shams up close, and they’re just so wonderfully touchable. I think the Oxford line is very pristine-meets-shabby-chic, because it’s all whites but it’s got a relaxed feeling about it. The Oxf ... Read More

Root Chakra and Solar Plexus Healing via Essential Relaxation

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

solar plexus chakra healing

How do you not love a company called Essential Relaxation? I love the idea that relaxing is not just a good thing, but an essential thing.

I love this Canadian-based company because it has no animal testing, no petroleum or mineral oils, and no synthetic preservatives or fake, synthetic fragrances. What does that mean? That these are all natural products!

I’m crazy-interested in Chakras these days, and really, we all need to spend more attention to our health. So, I reviewed three items from the Chakra line.I took an online test to find out which of my chakras needed the most help, and let the company know.

Crystal Chakra Soaps – Solar Plexus Chakra: This all natural hemp soap is made with rose and pepper essential oils. The affirmation you repeat to work on your solar plexus chakra is, “I release any fears or negative thoughts that keep me from knowing peace, harmony and balance.” InĀ  the soap there is a citrine crystal, which has the healing properties related to removing doubt, depression and self-destruction. I loved the smell of this and think it does help with solar plexus chakra healing. It’s good just to have this on your mind – being mindful that you have a strong body/mind connection. Using ... Read More

Handmade Floral Hair Accessories from Design by Night

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

handmade floral hair accessories

Summer means wearing my hair UP and off my face as much as possible. This reminds me that I like to wear hair accessories, and I like unique ones. I took a trip over to Etsy and found some really cute handmade floral hair accessories by Design By Night. The owner of the shop is Kolleen Kilduff from Baltimore, Maryland. She’s been featured in several Etsy Registry’s – and with good reason. I got a chance to personally review her handmade flower hair clips for myself.

I love that the hair flips feel sturdy, are silver so they match my silver jewelry, and aren’t too long. I hate when you have a super long bobby pin and you can’t get the whole thing to stick properly in your hair. A shorter clip means it’s easier to adjust in your hair – and I really did find that to be true. I also love seeing the craftmanship in the flowers, which is very clear when you study them. Each petal is handmade, and it feels very special in my hands to know that.

I had a special order of two cream-colored flowers, usually they’re paired with a smaller bobby pin. But you can always ask her for two flowers. She also offers handmade flower headbands and peacock hair clips with little jewels. It’s all about making the hair ... Read More

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Foundation Review

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

covergirl natureluxe foundation reviews

I had the opportunity to review two items from the COVERGIRL new NatureLuxe line for their word of mouth BzzCampaign. The first was their new NatureLuxe foundation.

My Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation Review:

I love the tagline for this new line, which is, “luxury touched by nature.” Of course, that means nothing to me if it doesn’t actually live up to that standard. This liquid silk foundation in flax is a light color, and it has SPF 15 which is important for summer.

As far as the performance is concerned, it’s a very lightweight foundation and it gives you just enough coverage without being heavy. I am a fan of mineral foundation for summer because I like feeling very little on my face, but for the fall and winter I can see myself using this product because it’s oil-free, and doesn’t give me a face that looks too “makeupy” – to use my scientific term! Haha.

Flax is the second lightest color, so I should have gone with Alabaster. But I find there’s not too much trouble when you’re one shade off and not using a ton of product (I don’t.)

The price is $10, and though the bottle is small I think it’s well worth the price because you don’t have to use a ton of product to ... Read More

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Gloss Balm Review: Your Lips But BETTER

Monday, April 18th, 2011

covergirl natureluxe gloss balm review

I was afforded that chance to review two items from the COVERGIRL new NatureLuxe line for their word of mouth BzzCampaign. The first was …

My Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm Review:

Without any hype at all, I can honestly say that I freaking LOVE this stuff. It has SPF 15 which is an added bonus. It feels just like using a lip balm, but it has color to it.

The color I am reviewing is #260 Clay. I have pale skin, and for me this has a slightly metallic sheen. But it’s that sheen of slight color that gives me that “your lips but better” (ylbb) look which is great when trying to be natural. Now, I love this stuff so much I want to use this up and buy others and I hope they have more colors that will be a little less natural. I’d love a pretty rose color, you know? The quality is THERE, I really love it. And I think (using intuition and guesswork) that the more moist the product is, the longer lasting it is. You can feel it on your lips, but it’s no where as sticky as clear, goopy lip gloss. Still, it gives you the right look. If you can’t tell, I’m really in love with this stuff.

From just looking at this color, I probably would not have bought it. But it applies much more sheer than you’d think, which mea ... Read More

Makeup for Oily Skin: Mattify Oil Absorbing Powder Review

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

how to keep skin not oily

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your skin from being so oily? Now you can.

Mattify Cosmetics creates makeup for oily skin. And really, let’s be honest, plenty of us have oily skin! So it’s pretty important to have a way to manage that oil.

I had a chance to review the Mattify! Cosmetics ULTRA Matte Powder for Extra Oily Skin. In the summer, my T-zone can get especially oily. I have combination skin, is the thing. Well, even if you lightly brushed this on it instantly sucks up oil due to the kaolin clay, cornstarch, rice powder, silica microspheres (which scatters light to blur fine lines and pores) and tianium dioxide. It looks white in a jar, but applies totally sheer. You can put it on before or after your foundation, or both.

Once I put on this powder and wore it for a day, realizing it worked, I had one concern – would it clog pores? But it doesn’t, the kaolin clay keeps your pores clean. The one thing you don’t want to do is brush this powerful product on dry skin, because (as with any powder) it will cling to the dry skin. ... Read More

Mattify Cosmetics: Reviews of their Loose Powder Eyeshadow

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

mattify reviews

Ready for some eyeshadow that won’t smudge or disappear? Mattify Cosmetics has solved the problem for you.

I recently had a chance to try out four different Mattify Cosmetics loose powder eyeshadows. You can use these dry, or wet. I love that you can apply these in three different styles for different looks with the same shadows. You an sweep the color over your eye for a sheer look, pat the color for an opaque look, or apply with water for a highly concentrated color look that turns the color into a liquid eyeliner.

The eyeshadows have Kaolin Clay & Corn Starch to help absorb oil. Your eyeshadows often smudge and fade because of oil, you know? Instead of having to apply primer, you only have to use the eyeshadow. Which is great, to me, for the summer when you want as little on your face as possible.

I really love the names of the colors, and there are plenty of great hues. Even after trying out four colors, I already know tons of colors I want to try next.

Fields of Gold: I love this color, applied sheer it’s a litt ... Read More

Casual Sandals Shop – The Samantha Flojos Reviews

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

flojos reviews

Flojos makes fun sandals and flip flops that are chic, casual, and easy to decide to wear during the summer. I had a chance to review the “Samantha” pair from the Shoreline Casuals collection. Flojos means “kick back” in Spanish, and I think this particular pair doesn’t exemplify their mission statement. However, I do see other flip flops on their site that I think would.

The Samantha’s are one of the more fashionable sandals on the website. That’s what I was drawn to. This would be a good sandal for someone, in appearance, that doesn’t love to dress up but sometimes has to wear something nicer than a basic flip flop. My main issue with the sandal is the bottom – and granted, that’s an important aspect. It doesn’t really have enough cushion, and it’s kind of hard. The website describes there being a slight wedge, but I don’t think there is enough to qualify as a wedge. As you might suggest, this is a very flat footed sandal that doesn’t give any cushion or arch support. I love the design, though.

This is a particular Flojos that I would not recommend to you guys. But the company on the whole is worth checking out. I appreciate the quality leather, but would rather have comfort.

Check out other c ... Read More

Shari Wacks Jewelry Giveaway

Monday, April 11th, 2011

kat graham style

Do you recall the poll I had you guys take part in about whether to base an upcoming jewelry giveaway on TV characters from The Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars? Well, The Vampire Diaries won in a landslide! And it’s time to follow through on this giveaway with Shari Wacks Jewelry! True to what I said earlier, I picked out some jewelry pieces that I felt corresponded with a few different TVD characters. This is another pick your prize contest / pick your prize sweepstakes where you’ll get the prize you ask for! Yes for blog giveaways 2011!

To kick off, here’s a picture of TVD’s very own Katerina Graham (Bonnie) wearing some Shari Wacks jewelry!

The GIVEAWAY PRIZE: One (1) winner can pick one of three offered jewelry items from Shari Wacks Jewelry. ARV: $90

Elena Gilbert Inspired Piece: $92 ... Read More

Comfortable Stylish Shoes for Women by POE Footwear

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

sheri poe shoes

I’m willing to brag here: Sheri Poe personally sent me a pair of shoes to review. And why is that bragworthy? Because POE Footwear creates amazing shoes that women love. An the reason women love Poe shoes is because they merge cute and comfortable in a way that you don’t often get out of a single pair of shoes. When it comes to POE Footwear, all I needed was one pair to become a convert.

Of course, for my story, we have to go through two. I’ll explain with my POE Footwear review.

Sheri Poe personally agreed to the review, and then had her people (yes, she has people! she’s a busy woman!) send me a pair. They were beautiful and shiny and girly and comfortable as anything. The only problem? My shoe sizes range from 9, 9.5 or 10, and I asked for a 10. Turns out that in POE Footwear, I’m not a 10. So those first shoes didn’t work for me. Sheri Poe then said she’d send me a true 9.5 in a style that is her current favorite. I was hoping I’d like them, and when they arrived I really did! I wear these with a light sock, though – so I’d suggest maybe going down a half size. They WILL accommodate a wide foot because they adhere to your foot.

My ... Read More