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The 5 best Cat Toys ever (cat-tested and cat-approved)

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

best cat toys ever, best cat toys, best cat toys 2014

Loyal readers of know I own two cats. And I’ve bought well more than my fair share of toys for them. Some of them have been great, and some of them have been so bad I’d gone and returned them the next day. (Especially stuff at Walgreens that is “as seen on TV.” Blech.) And today, I am sharing with you the 5 best cat toys I’ve ever seen any cats as never getting tired of, and always enjoying.

The 5 Best Cat Toys

Best Cat Toys #1 – The Cat Dancer

Wanna know the good news? Not only do 95% of cats love this toy, but it’s really inexpensive (coming in at under four dollars, you can’t afford not to get one.) It is basically a bouncy wire (springed steel) with a few cardboardy pieces that are rolled into small logs. My younger cat never, ever tires of this toy. She’ll play as long as I’m willing to. She will also lead me to the toy on the floor, then sit and look at me. Her eyes TELL me that it’s time to play. ( ... Read More

How to relax your Cat a natural way | Review: a cat relaxant that works for my cats | Plus, a Giveaway!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

bach for cats

I have two cats, and one of which is especially nervous all the time. Can you relate? Well, now there’s a product that I believe really can help cats (and other pets) feel more relaxed by natural means.

Get to know this yellow color: it stands for HOPE and HEALING.

Reviews Bach’s Rescue Remedy Pet: Natural Stress Relief For Pets

I was so excited to get to try Bach’s Rescue Remedy for cats, as there’d been a time I’d almost bought some for my cats and then wavered. I’d gone with another product…one which didn’t work worth squat. And then I felt discouraged about trying anything else. But I shouldn’t have given up so easily!

What is Bach’s Rescue Remedy?

A natural medicine to treat anxiety in pets.

... Read More

Dog Show Pictures 2012 (Plus: what is a dog show like?)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

meet the breeds

I had the enormous pleasure of attending a dog show in 2012 with my BFF. With no idea what to expect, I discovered that if you love dogs then you’ll love a dog show (duh.)

What is a dog show like for someone not competing:

  • If you don’t have a dog, you’ll still get to experience a lot. (And no stress.) You’ll get to be giddy as you walk around and see dogs quite literally EVERYWHERE. And while the smell isn’t always great, people are making sure there are no messes and that the smell isn’t too bad.
  • There are vendors everywhere, selling everything from jewelry, picture frames, to elite dog collars and beds. There are also dog show items for sale, such as special training accessories. While the dog-based jewelry is usually tacky, there are great deals on real gemstone jewelry going on.
  • The dogs at the dog show don’t bark. They are so well-behaved that they don’t need leashes (but they’re on them.) There are tiny, tiny dogs that you want to SMOOSH. There are also HUGE dogs that are so tall they seem like they could pass for a thin pony.
  • There ... Read More
  • Interactive Cat Toys: One to Watch

    Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

    interactive cat toys

    I like to stick to traditions, but interactive cat toys are just plain better than a simple string. And here’s one you should keep an eye on – the Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy. generously sent along this, one of their many interactive cat toys, for us to review with my two cats.  This is an automatic laser toy that moves around, without making me have to do any of the moving. I know, you’re going to accuse me of being a lazy cat mom – but not before you judge me for thinking I’m a mom to my cats… But listen, sometimes I can’t engaged with the cats! Like when I’m doing chores, or sleeping, or watching important TV! That’s when it’s nice to have something that can keep the cats busy so they don’t knock over plants out of their vengeful. (And seriously, they do it to be vengeful, I’m certain of it!)

    You put some batteries in this sucker, and can set the speed and the amount of time for the unit to be on. There are also 16 different “play combination” which is very important (but so far, still confusing to figure out.) I have the FroliBolt, but the problem is that the cats get bored of the automatic function since the one pattern seems to be pretty easy to figure out af ... Read More

    Fling Ama String Review (More Addictive than Catnip?)

    Monday, May 16th, 2011

    fling ama string review

    As part of our awesome collaboration in reviewing some items from, I got two cat toys for Shop cat and Shop kitty. The first item is the Fling-ama-String. I’ve been intimidated to write this review because I really need to emphasis how much Kitty is in love with this thing! Cat s interested, too, don’t get me wrong – but Kitty has hardly let Cat have a chance at it.

    I should have bought THIS years ago, instead of the 50 other useless cat toys that I brought home.

    Even when this toy is turned off, Kitty in love with it, trying to get at it.

    Fling Ama String Review

    The installation is simple, three batteries, and you hang it from a door while attaching a cord to the back of the door. This sentence? Will make more sense when you have the item in front of you. Anyway, you have two speeds – which don’t seem to have too much variation, but maybe the cats sense it more than I do. A string basically gets flung, repeatedly. And cats love strings so much, they’ll watch it and grab for it, over and over and over again. Now, when the cat catches the string, the machine stops moving. But that’s the thrill of the game. It’s al ... Read More

    Fawn Pictures: Cute as a Button (Er, A Large Button)

    Monday, May 9th, 2011

    fawn pictures

    Ready for the cutest woodland creature I ever saw? Augh, it’s always time for cute baby animal pictures, AMIRITE?

    Now… I am such a procrastinator that I’m not even going to tell you guys when these pictures were actually taken (uh, cough, last year!) just that they are of the cutest baby fawn. It was plopped out of its’ mama only hours earlier. Because these babies can’t walk very well at first, the Mom goes away and then comes back at dusk to feed it. Naturally, I didn’t get too close to it or touch it so there’d be no human smell. (Luckily, my camera has a zoom.) It’s crazy to think this was BORN the day these were took, and it looks so perfect and cute and omgadorableaheatsitup!

    I love how it’s nestled into the foliage.

    Even though it looked scared, and I kept being worried about if it needed water, I had to let nature take over and not intervene. The baby deer was gone later, so I think it’s Mom took it to another location. The sad part is that so many of these woods are getting torn down, the deers are running out of places to live and of things to eat.  That’s why I never ye ... Read More

    Why Adopt a Rescue Dog or Cat? One Shining, Solid Reason

    Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

    why adopt a rescue dog

    It can often feel like what you do doesn’t really matter because you’re so small and inconsequential to the greater scheme of things. But you forget how much impact you can make on just one person or pet. So why adopt a rescue dog or cat? Because: “Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but surely the world will change for that one dog (or cat).” (Quote attributed to the back of an animal shelter card.)

    What do you think of that? The reason to adopt a pet is because you can change the world of that pet. (And that pet will change your world in turn, they’re sweet like that.) Changing the world is a huge deal. It doesn’t matter how big or small that world is.

    Wouldn’t you hope that someone would adopt you and save your life? If you are able to do it, why not? The benefits of living with an animal are enormous and affect both physical health and mental health.

    I am a big believer in adopting animals from shelters and supporting the shelters. You don’t have to have a million reasons to adop ... Read More

    Funny Cat Poses: Share Yours! Here’s “Jellyfish” from Shopcat

    Thursday, November 11th, 2010

    funny cat poses

    Shopcat has been doing this funny cat pose (with several variations) a lot. I call it “The Jellyfish” because she tilts her head forward with a point at her nose, and then tucks her paws under while her back legs and paws stick out. It makes her look like, duh, a jellyfish! She can also be menacing like a jellyfish – raw! Well, I don’t know how menacing jellyfish are, but I feel like they probably are not super friendly… (Most of my knowledge on jellyfish comes from an episode of Friends where Monica gets peed on, and the movie Finding Nemo.)

    So, feel free to share your funny cat pose pictures, or what you at least call different cat poses! Cats that look like different things are always funny. They are mysterious and shifty.

    ... Read More

    Litter Robot Review (The Eco-Friendly Unit – Yay!)

    Thursday, November 4th, 2010

    automatic cat litter box reviews

    Wondering what present might make a cat liver go giddy? Have you considered an automatic cat litter box? They’re a big help. I received the Litter Robot to review with Shopcat.

    When the BIG cardboard box arrived (which Shopcat then loved playing within!), I was nervous. Getting it out of the box wasn’t that hard though, it’s in two pieces and they’re surprisingly light. I got the gray, eco-friendly litter robot. I stressed that I wouldn’t be able to put it together, but it turns out there was very little set-up other than plugging something in, putting in some litter, and putting the top part on the bottom part. Yup, it was that easy.

    The more difficult part involves getting your cat to use the Litter Robot. If you have a cat that already doesn’t mind going into small areas (like little cat beds with tops on them) then you’ll have no problem. For more skittish cats like Shopcat, it can be a bit more of a challenge. Luckily, the Litter Box manuel includes lots of helpful tips, as do Litter Robot reviews online. If you can, get the additional bubble window in the back, we had that and that helps make the space seem larger.

    ... Read More

    Dog Anxiety Treatment Review: Canine Calm Dog Aromatherapy

    Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

    dog anxiety treatment

    When it comes to dog anxiety treatment, some people go right to the dog anxiety medication. Well, Shopdog is afraid of loud noises – especially thunderstorms. She also tends to be be hyper and nervous (barking, amped up) when she sees new people. But even with all of this, I’ve always been hesitant about meds for her. In the past few years, as she’s gotten older, I’ve used benadryl on the Fourth of July to keep her from being too stressed out. Still, I’m not a fan of medicating her except when I have to. That’s why I was glad to try the Canine Calm spray by Earth Heart.

    CANINE CALMTM 2 fl.oz. / 60 ml $11.98

    Calming aromatherapy for dog can work just like aromatherapy for humans. If you’ve been a fan of for a while, you may have read that I am indeed a firm believer in the sense of smell and think that lavender aromatherapy is very helpful to ease tension and stress. Likewise, I use citrus aromatherapy in the day to be motivated.

    Canine Calm comes in in a small blue spray bottle. The smell is pleasant, and actually one that smells like a Bedtime aromatherapy scent my friend use ... Read More