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Shopping Blog for Women: More Savvy Shopping Tips for the Future

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

shopping blogs for women

We hope you love She’s Smart as one of your favorite shopping blogs for women that’s full of savvy shopping tips.

She’s Smart is taking a tiny (blink and you’ve seriously missed it!) pause in posting over Christmas and New Years. We already have a large handful of posts ready to go live for you guys starting on JANUARY 4th, 2011. And does this include giveaways? OH, DOES IT EVER.

Here’s a tease of what’s coming up in 2011:

You guys love the jewelry on, right? Someone’s going to win a very lovely and big gift card to this online store. (Our jewelry giveaway blog habits will never cease! Free jewelry giveaways are always fun!)

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Ducks at the Beach (I’m a Duck Whisperer!)

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

ducks at the beach

Several months ago I took some pictures of ducks at the beach and I wanted to share them. There were mussels all over the beach and the smell was honestly putrid. But when there is nature or animals involved, I become so much less prissy. I got right down there at the shore with the smelly mussels. Seagulls and ducks were picking at them to eat.

I ended up getting some of the ducks to get a little close to me, which made me way too excited. (It made me think I had secret animal-whisperer powers. Duck whisperer?)

With the last two duck pictures you’ll see the one female duck that came closest to me. She had a pretty blue feather, too!

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Who is YOUR Celebrity Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Go on and Admit your Ideal

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

who is your tv boyfriend

Okay guys, who is your TV boyfriend or girlfriend? I’m not looking for the truth, I know we’re not all dating celebrities (are we?!) but I’m curious about who your ideal boyfriend or girlfriend would be. (At we don’t discriminate based on whether you are straight/gay/bi/uncertain/etc.) Mine? That’s pretty easy…

Jay Leno, duh! No. I’m kidding. It’s the guy to the left of him, Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries and Lost. My love for Ian actually started when I saw him in the movie The Rules of Attraction (note: not a great movie.) You can also see Ian in the Kristen Bell horror flick Pulse (which I recommend, just for fun) and in an old series on The WB called Young Americans. (For his full IMDB list, click here.)

My other ideal celebrity boyfriend would be Joshua Jackson.

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2011 Color Trends (Pantone picks Honeysuckle!)

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

pantone 2011

Pink and Honeysuckle from Pantone 2011, but what else?

Every year, Pantone picks a color of the year. This year it’s the rosy honeysuckle – a pink (with a hint of red)! (Image from Pair this pinky color with blacks or greens. Let the honeysuckle pop against basics like navy blue and gray.

Something the Pantone site mentions is pairing honeysuckle with a “pinkish brown like Apricot Brandy PANTONE 17-1540. Think of a warm cashmere turtleneck in Apricot Brandy with a matching skirt and shoes to blend and flatter the legs.” I actually love the idea of pairing an apricot color with honeysuckle.

Meanwhile, Dulux ICI has announced their 2011 color of the year to be Citrus Yellow. They say it is a fresh, hopeful and glowing color. I say it’s kind of pale and depressing…

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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Take advantage of special deals is having for the month of December!

Get Caroline Forbes Style via her Bedroom on The Vampire Diaries

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

dried lavender

Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries has a very cool room. It’s almost a little boho…like something you’d expect Bonnie to have. Either way, I love it!

Caroline has a vase with tall calla lilly’s. Head on over to your local craft store (like Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels) and buy a simple vase and several fake calla lilly’s.

Try: ... Read More

Creative Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Has it All!

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Unique gifts for the person who has everything: A swan outdoor day bed! Ha! Madonna would like two, please!

As the holiday’s rear their colorful heads, it’s time to think about what unique gifts you can amass for the people in your life. And, it’s never a bad idea to find interesting gifts that maybe even you’d be interested in putting on your list.

Sometimes you have to go¬† into the realm of fantastic gifts you didn’t even knew existed, or the types of things that no one “needs” but sure as hell wouldn’t turn down!

Interesting gift ideas for women include: Early Bird Alarm Clock, Cinderella Coin Purse, Daily Affirmation Gum

Unusual Gift Ideas include: The Stress Eraser, Digital Memory Pad, ... Read More

What is Your Ideal Day?

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

my ideal day

I love the idea of a “you are not alone” website where people can visit and share a story. This post is all about “my ideal day.” It originated in the simplest of ways…I was writing an e-mail to my friend, Kerstin, and decided to be silly by ending it by suggesting she do no more work and that instead we should…

Well, I’ll just show you what I wrote.


No work is allooooowed. We are going to go to a spa! No! A Canadian village where we call each other Lorelai and Rory! And then we meet Conan O’Brien and win free indoor pools. Then we magically drop 10 lbs while we’re eating really fancy food with Tina Fey (who thinks we’re all soul mates.) The cast of Glee then sings us a song, and we get to have a shopping spree in Pier 1/Marshalls/World Market for home decor. Then, we decide to help out at an animal shelter where they need us to play with animals (including kittens, dogs, hedgehogs, bunnies, cats, puppies and chinchillas.) We help people make a puuurfect match and encourage an unprecedented number of people to adopt that day! To unwind we wear funky striped socks and Meryl Streep teaches us how to meditate. We get up in the middle of the night to find a message in a bottle while we’re night s ... Read More

Frugal Shopping Ideas Inspired by THE Shopaholic, Herself!

Friday, November 19th, 2010

frugal shopping ideas

If shopping tips to save money are a dime a dozen, then why aren’t we seeing our symbolic piggy banks (I have an antique silver one in a teddy bear shape, for realsies) overflow?

What frugal shopping ideas can we learn? Or is it too late? Yipes!

In this guest post, E. Evonna offers some frugal shopping ideas based on the lovable but misguided protagonist of Confessions of a Shopaholic. That’s right, Rebecca Bloomwood, it’s time to talk about…

Where Becky Went Wrong

The novel series Confessions of a Shopaholic offers an entertaining look into the life of super-fab fashionista, Rebecca Bloomwood. Becky is a colorful character whose shopping habits extend well beyond ... Read More

I Love These! Enjoy Lighting Flameless Candles Review

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

flameless candles reviews

I’m a big fan of tradition, but something I can’t always get behind are traditional candles. Flameless candles from Enjoy Lighting are awesome. It uses three LED bulbs that operate on batteries. The candles are made of real wax, and can be scented. They’re offered in several different sizes and colors.

I received the Ivory Smooth Vanilla Scented Flameless Wax Candles. As with real candles, you don’t really smell them unless you’re very close to them. They look like real candles, for sure. They flicker a little and give you that perfect golden atmosphere. They glow!

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