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What to Order: Thai Food Suggestions

Friday, May 13th, 2011

what to order thai food

Okay, it’s not embarrassing at all if you still aren’t entirely sure what kind of Thai Food to order. I was in the same boat just this past weekend.

I even utilized Twitter for suggestions! Maybe you were one of the people who gave me a great suggestion? (I’m @ThisJessicaRae – follow me and I’ll follow you back!)

Pattycfreelance (Patricia Carlson): Rama Thai. Usually broccoli and wide noodles in brown or peanut sauce. Fresh spring rolls too.

Melanoma27 (Mary Ellen): I like pineapple shrimp. You can’t go wrong with red curry or anything with Thai basil.

JimHalterman (Jim Halterman): I may be too late but my fave is Pad See Ew with chicken or shrimp! YUM

What To Order – Thai Food:

Pad Thai: It’s a staple for a reaso ... Read More

Sea and Sky Paintings that Captivate the Viewer with Luminism

Monday, May 9th, 2011

sky paintings

Cynthia Knott began painting landscapes right around the time there was really good TV on (in the mid 90’s).  I was drawn to her by seeing one of her paintings hanging above a bed in a magazine. (I think it was Home Beautiful.) The way the water and sky mixed together into this almost abstract collision of dreamy colors really made me take notice. And down in the right hand corner, listed with the type of wallpaper and brand of carpet – was her name. Her paintings are luminous.

In fact, this style of painting is called “Luminism.” It involves a horizon, glowing light, airy transparency in the atmosphere – and, specifically, the sky and the sea. She goes to the edge of the ocean to paint her plein air seascapes, using metallic pigments, encaustic and oils.

I think it’s just really very lovely. It makes me want to pick bright bulbs of berries off of bushes and get my hands stained telltalepurple, climb fearlessly up rambly trees, sled down a hill with a flushed face, and jump into the uncertain seas of this world.

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Ten of the Most Seductive Gil Elvgren Pin Up Girl Pictures of the 50′s

Friday, May 6th, 2011

pin up girl pictures

Gil Elvgren is an iconic American painter of pin up girls. Here, we’ve gotten nostalgic and posted ten vintage pin up girl pictures from the 50’s that are particularly glamorous and seductive. They’re all by Gil Elvgren.

What do these 50’s pin up girl pictures have in common?

  • Cleavage is shown amply, but never nipples.
  • Bold red lips
  • Defined eyebrows
  • A lot of “oops” moments
  • Many animals, whether real or stuffed animal sorts.
  • Girls caught unawares.
  • Women performing everyday tasks that get made sexy because a skirt is flipped up, for instance.
  • Garters.
  • The feet are always pointed.
  • There’s never another person (male or female) in these pictures.
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    Looking for Sites like Reddit and Digg but for Style and Shopping?

    Monday, May 2nd, 2011

    sites like reddit and digg

    Searching around for sites like Reddit and Digg? Here’s a great one for you:!


    Similar to Reddit and Digg, this is a website that let’s you submit links to your beauty/fashion/style/shopping/etc stories for others to view and rate. Not only does it help you build some (satisfying and tasty) traffic, but you’ll hopefully find some kindred spirits and build some more friendships and blogging connections.

    Please take a moment out of your busy day to take a look at It’s a productive move. (Like taking five minutes a day to meditate.) Not only will you likely be glad you did, but I’d appreciate it so much! (Who am I to ask for a favor? I’m just a girl, standing in front of you, asking for an ounce of consideration… and making a bad reference to that Knotting Hill movie.) If you like the site, please spread the word to you ... Read More

    Things I Know to be True

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

    things i know to be true

    Initially, I was going to title this post “Things I Know for Sure” but I hesitate to mark any sort of finality on things that I know are changeable. (This is probably it takes me so long to make decisions, including figuring out what to order at a restaurant I’ve been to many times before.)

    Image: Mary Cassat

    Instead, here are things I know to be true. They might change in the future. They might remain the same. These are in no order.

  • Love can be a catastrophic force in your life. It can also be a healing force in your life.
  • TV shows that you love fervently will still be canceled, despite passionate fans who protest alongside you.
  • The cruelest words will be saved for those you know the best. Because you know just what to say.
  • Faith can make you feel like a fool.
  • You absolutely do not have to wear makeup every day, or even every time you go out in public.
  • Starting early to keep your face, hands and body as moisturized as possible will be somet ... Read More
  • White Quilted Pillow Shams by Peacock Alley are Classic Must-Have’s

    Sunday, April 24th, 2011

    quilted pillow shams

    I have the perfect Spring makeup for your bedding. And let’s be honest, if you’re at all a decor nerd like me, you do love to change up your bedding for the seasons. Not everyone gets this, but some of us are very devoted to the way our rooms look and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Haters to the left!) So, this bedding idea comes to you from Peacock Alley. I know, just pause and savor that name for a second. One time I got to see a huge enclosure of peacocks and it was pretty magnificent. As you might expect, it’s all about presentation with Peacock Alley, and they know how to present what you want.

    Peacock Alley Reviews: Oxford Collection Scalloped Quilted Shams

    In their new Spring 2011 line, I was drawn to the Oxford Collection of quilted white (or ivory) bedding. I had a chance to see the Scalloped Quilted Shams up close, and they’re just so wonderfully touchable. I think the Oxford line is very pristine-meets-shabby-chic, because it’s all whites but it’s got a relaxed feeling about it. The Oxf ... Read More

    The Three Best Easter Books for Kids that are Timeless and Universal

    Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

    easter book for kids

    As a former child, I feel very qualified to point you in the direction of three fantastic Easter-themed books I remember most fondly.

    The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Dubose Heyward (Author), Marjorie Flack (Illustrator): Your child will be captivated. The images and the story will stay with you longer than most books. Read the bunny voices all different, my Mom did and it’s part of what made this book such a joy for her to pull off the shelf.

    The Golden Egg Book (Big Little Golden Book)  Margaret Wise Brown (Author): A timeless classic. You really can’t go wrong with Little Golden Books. Especially when it’s supersized to make the pictures larger. Unlike with fast food, supersizing is totally recommended here.

    ... Read More

    What You Don’t Know About Blog Giveaways Can Fill this Page

    Friday, April 15th, 2011

    sex and the city cupcakes

    What you don’t know about blog giveaways might not fill a book, but it can certainly fill this page.

    This is written by a blogger, meant to be read by sponsors, readers who enter giveaways, and other bloggers.

    Blog giveaways (How to run them and how to approach them):


    What we know: We know if you visited the sponsor site. And they know, too. Because of Google Analytics and other programs that let us see stats like that, people know exactly how many people clicked a link and where it went to, or where the incoming click came from.

    Why does it matter: For giveaways, sponsors want that publicity. And if you don’t visit their site (it’s a lousy click, why can’t you do it?) then they won’t do giveaways with that site again, and maybe not other sites either.

    ... Read More

    How to Enter Blog Giveaways and Contests (Insider Scoop!)

    Thursday, April 14th, 2011

    giveaway blog

    Like many, I started entering online giveaways during a low period in my life that wasn’t very busy (read: unemployed.) So, I started with big sites like giveaways for magazines. Big surprises went along with that – namely the surprise that I never won anything no matter how hard I tried. Then I realized that other websites (and gasp, blogs) had giveaways that were just as good or better than what the magazines offered. Well, within two months I’d won Gilmore Girls season 7 on DVD, and Angel the Complete Series on DVD! I was charmed. I knew there was a real possibility to win these blog giveaways. Even better, I was able to connect and learn about the lives of the people running the giveaways. Say all you want, but human connection in any form is always important. We can’t forget that the Internet is not just used for icky things (I’m not even going to name them) it’s also used for wonderful purposes.

    So. Let’s move to today. I’m a writer and I write here, duh. Something I love doing is providing reviews. Whenever I’m making a pur ... Read More

    Mindful Shopping – 5 Questions to Ask Before Spending Your Hard-earned Dollar

    Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

    This is a really gorgeous Jessica Simpson Dress. But it's worthless buying if you never actually wear white clothing! (Click image to be taken to product page.)

    Are you doing mindful shopping? I would wager that over the past few years, since the whole economic crunch and all, everyone has tried to find ways to tighten their belts and pinch pennies in whatever way possible. From clipping coupons to trying store brands, these are little ways we all have survived, right?

    However, for me, I have found that despite my efforts, I still find myself (pardon the pun) short every now and then.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you would be agreeing with me right about now, correct?

    It then occurred to me that perhaps the reason why we find ourselves in that position time and again is because we tend not to be mindful about the way we spend. Yes, we cut down on non-essentials. We go for the sales. We look for the best bargains, but still, there’s something still missing in the equation that leads us to asking ourselves once again: what else can we do to live within a shrinking budget and an inflating market.

    These fancy shorts designed by Sienna Miller are cool, but are they worth the nearly $300.00 price tag?! (Click image for product page.)

    I have found that asking myself these questions b ... Read More