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Creative Couples Costumes for Halloween or other Fabulous Parties!

Monday, October 10th, 2011


So you want some creative couples costumes so you can impress your friends? Let’s do it!

Creative Couples Costumes


Mary Poppins and Bert

Isn’t it sweet and nostalgic?

Sourced from

Stylish Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s retro a ... Read More

How to Create a Canopy Bed for Cheap! DIY

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

ikea 2011

Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars has a great canopy bed, but they’re expensive!

ikea 2011 - This displays another way to pin up a sheer sheet and create a canopy bed feeling.

Because not everyone can afford a four poster canopy bed, take a tip from me. I once recreated the look of a canopy bed using push pins, ribbon and white sheers. Make sure you get the okay from your building supervisor, dorm RA or parents before putting holes in the ceiling, though. I suggest using flat push pins that are white instead of clear, because if they fall down then you’ll see them before you stab your foot with one. You’ll want at least five white sheers, and more is better. The first step is to create the inner canopy part that droops down over the bed horizontally. You might do well to use two or three sheer panels and pin them up in a row as though they were drawers. This will create three puffs over your head from head to toe. Next, you pin the sheers up, making mock corners in the air. Tie the middle section with ribbon to create definition.

Safety tip: Don’t just stand on your bed to do this. Use a step stool, and try to have someone there to help yo ... Read More

Spencer’s Bedroom in Pretty Little Liars: How to Copy this Classy Look

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

pretty little liars bedroom design

To copy Spencer’s bedroom design on Pretty Little Liars, think about muted reds, toile patterns, and lots of glass elements!

In terms of color you’ll want to use a lot of soft whites and creams with tones of red and muted blush pink. Elements you might want to incorporate include white blossom flowers in a vase, to replicate her wallpaper. The materials on her bed include some toile, which is very, very “Spencer.” Shiny red lamps, hanging closet organizers, and a large oval mirror will help you complete the look. You can even create a canopy bed without having a canopy! See: How to Create a Canopy Bed

Spencer’s Pretty Little Liars bedding has black toile as a duvet and then red toile pillows.

For pictures of Spencer’s Bedroom check out that link.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of what to keep your eyes peeled for! You can often find similar pieces (for lower prices) at Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Spencer’s Bedroom – Pretty Little Liars

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Chicobag Lawsuit: Eco-friendly Company is being sued by Plastic Companies?!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

chicobag lawsuit

Irony? We’ve got a new one for you. This seems like a no-brainer, but apparently not everyone can agree that reusable bags are better than plastic bags. And listen, I don’t judge you if you want to use plastic bags still. It’s an imperfect world. But I give a major doubletake when you start judging people who use reusable bags and decide that they are wrong.

“ChicoBag’s mission is to reduce single-use bag waste by offering compact reusable bags that are designed to be unforgettable.”

Oh, how HORRIBLE of them?!

What am I talking about? The Chicobag Lawsuit.

You guys know that I love ChicoBag. They make an array of eco-friendly bags in super stylish colors and I keep mine hung up where I can see them for that reason. But now they’re being sued by three major plastic bag manufacturers for taking business away from them. The three companies, Hilex Poly Company, LLC, Advance PolyBag, Inc. and SuperBag Operating, LTD. They say that ChicoBag is harming their plastic bag business. But guess what? Their pl ... Read More

Pretty Little Liars Bedrooms – Hanna’s Design Style is Modern Femme

Monday, August 15th, 2011

pretty little liars bedrooms

Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) has a great bedroom on Pretty Little Liars. Of all the Pretty Little Liars bedrooms, Hanna’s as the last to ever appear. We waited a long time but it was worth that wait.

Hanna uses lots of white, glass, violet and yellows in her room. To copy her room you’ll want to use lots of picture frames, incorporate girly details like butterflies, and have pops of color in the room.

CHECK OUT: Hanna’s Bedroom on Pretty Little Liars (Pictures) and Aria’s Room on Pretty Little Liars

Here’s some of the items from the room above:

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Is 5 Hour Energy Safe? My Troubling Review of the Silent Side Effects

Monday, August 8th, 2011

5 hour energy safe

As I’m not a big fan of coffee, I thought I’d found a miracle in 5 Hour Energy. It’s a small bottle, comes in yummy berry flavors, and when I took it – it worked. Minutes after taking half the bottle, I could feel a difference. That’s the good news. Now, the bad news isn’t just that the tiny bottles go for about $2.00/pop (outrageous) but it’s the safety concerns that you should worry about. My 5 Hour Energy Review would be glowing (only 4 calories, no sugar, hours of energy!) if not for this one major flaw. The active ingredient kills brain cells. Every time you’re taking this drink, you’re agreeing to kill off more of your brain cells. Now, that is terrifying to me.

5 Hour Energy has the active ingredient of phenylketonurics aka phenylalanine.

Even when I researched this online I found a lot of stuff that said people shouldn’t worry about the phenylalanine in their diet sodas and energy drinks. But that’s not the truth. Unless you aren’t concerned about BRAIN CELL DEATH! Phenylalanine is a neurotoxin and it excites your neurons so much that they give you what feels like energy until they die. Nice, huh?

I truly wish this wasn’t just too good to be true. Especially since people say it might even help depression sin ... Read More

Pretty Pink Paint Ideas for the Bedroom

Friday, June 17th, 2011

The master bedroom in this Palm Beach, California, home received a pink-and-white makeover by designer Gary McBournie. "It started with the fabric on the lampshade — a simple, soft shell pink and white linen print," he explains.

Pink is such a wonderful color, it’s warm without being too harsh, and it’s feminine without having to be prissy. (Seriously, there are some saucy pinks out there!) I was inspired by a recent issue of House Beautiful to re-examine pink.

"The master bedroom in this Palm Beach, California, home received a pink-and-white makeover by designer Gary McBournie. 'It started with the fabric on the lampshade — a simple, soft shell pink and white linen print,' he explains." photo credit: James Merrell, House Beautiful

So romantic! A soft wash of pink is perfect with light whites for an airy atmosphere. I also think it’s great to incorporate some crystal elements, such as the lamp you see next to the pink loveseat. Notice the ceiling has a pink hue? I think that’s a great place for pink paint!

"Bubblegum pink walls hold sway in this femin ... Read More

How to Update a Bookcase – Picture Examples

Monday, June 13th, 2011

how to update a bookcase

A bookcase with just books? Boring! Let’s talk about how to update a bookcase with unusually shaped items that also have textures! There’s vases, picture frames, flowers, baskets, sculptures…

Harper’s Bazaar once featured Top Chef host, Padma Lakshmi’s home in NYC. The swing she had installed in her living room was interesting of course (and no it wasn’t a sex swing, you dirty-minded minions!), but I was most drawn to the built-in shelves she had in her living room. What I took note of was how it wasn’t just books/books/books and oh – even more books! No, instead she had things arranged very specifically. And this jogged my memory about what I’ve absorbed about arranging shelves, things I’ve started to neglect as I get more books and things that I put on my bookshelves.

Well, it’s time to refocus so that my, and your, bookshelves look pleasing to the eye. How can you style your bookcases better? First, dust it! Okay, that has nothing to do with styling but a dusty bookcase is just no good. You want to break up the shelves with unusually shaped objects, you want to arrange things so that they have a balance, and you want to always have some free, negative space on each shelf for the items to breathe.

It really isn’t that difficult. Sometimes you have everything you need, you just need to get more creative in putting it together. If all of your books are vertical in your shelf, try taking ... Read More

India Rose Bedding Pictures: The Best and Similar Pieces

Friday, May 27th, 2011

india rose bedding

The first time I saw a picture of India Rose Bedding I fell in love with it. Here, I’m going to share the best pieces. Even if you aren’t looking to buy a new comforter or duvet, I think (if you’re a decor whore, like moi) you’ll really appreciate how beautiful they are. They’re actually a little whimsical and quirky, actually. Many have polka dots, and bright color combination’s. Ruffles are another thing to look for.

Like India Rose: If you’re trying to find bedding like India Rose sells, look for polka dots, ruffles, and colors like white, black scroll designs, lime green, aqua and navy. I have four examples below these pictures.

Lucy Queen Duvet by India Rose

Ida India Rose Bedding

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Summer Camp Care Packages for Kids: an Essential Do-Gooder Gesture

Friday, May 20th, 2011

The Sports Fan Care Package contains all the snacks an armchair athlete craves for the big game! If they like watching sports, they will love this delicious care package while watching their favorite sports team dole out some pain to the opposing team. Nothing can make a sports fan happier than a sports care package filled with such a wide selection of tasty game-time snacks. Send a sports fan this care package and receive a standing ovation.

I’m someone who attended summer camp as a child. (Could ya tell?) And one of the best things about being in camp (probably even more so in this age of the Internet) is getting packages and snail mail. I swear, even a post card would light up my day when I was at camp. But why just settle for a postcard? When your child heads to camp, consider sending them a care package.

“The Sports Fan Care Package contains all the snacks an armchair athlete craves for the big game! Nothing can make a sports fan happier than a sports care package filled with such a wide selection of tasty game-time snacks. Send a sports fan this care package and receive a standing ovation.”

My suggestion for what and from where to send is: The Sports Fan Care Package from Gourmet Gift Baskets. I was sent this gift bag to review, and what I think is important is that there’s no actual gift basket included. Kids at camp or on a vacation don’t want an extra thing to lug around. The box is full of snacks and candy. And now I get to tell you my favorite items – which is not a hard job. Although I ... Read More