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Gifts for Her: Good Christmas Gifts (See also: Cheap Christmas Gifts)

Friday, November 6th, 2009

gifts for her

You may not win a shopping spree contest but we can still take a virtual shopping spree online at Urban Outfitters. Make sure to find a urban outfitters free shipping code & urban outfitters coupon code if you shop The store has a lot of great, funky things that make good Christmas gifts. So I present you here with a little list of good gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. Stay tuned for the one aimed at guys! Because yea, they deserve presents too, I guess 😛

Urban Outfitters has a ‘cheap gifts’ section and I’ve looked around to see what is worth a purchase. Stuff I don’t like? While the Cupcake on a Rope is cute, who really wants to bother with soap on a rope? I’d skip the Lace Pedestal Jewelry stand because whoever you buy that for you’re really dooming to a lifetime of dusting that thing all the time.

Thoughtful gifts! I like the ... Read More

Jenna Fisher: Shape Magazine (Plus, my Personal Fitness & Diet Tips For Smart Readers!)

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

the magic bullet

Jenna Fisher looks fantastic on the cover of Shape Magazine.

Jenna Fisher (The Office) is on the cover of Shape magazine tight now. While she has inspiring things to say to the magazine, I was more inspired (or at least, more touched) by what she posted in her official MySpace Blog. (I didn’t even know she had one!) While I’m a huge fan of The Office, I haven’t followed the actresses personal life very closely. It turns out she had fractured her back (in 4 places)  in a fall and was not allowed to do any exercise for a long time. Shortly after that she separated from her husband, so naturally she was going through a very difficult emotional time where I’m sure she craved comfort food.

While initially using a trainer, she realized she didn’t have time to take a trainer with her everywhere. So she had to do it on her own – just like a normal person (like us!) Imagine that, a celebrity taking on a normal person exercise routine! ... Read More