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Readers Suggest Easy, Inexpensive Recipes!

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Looks healthy to me - fresh pesto, grilled chicken and whole wheat pasta by on flickr

Comfort food for the winter. Photo by quinnanya on Flickr. asked entrants of our recent “Cook or Be Cooked” Wii game giveaway what food they liked to make. We’ve selected some of our favorite suggested recipes that seem easy and delish. We thank you all for your recommendations!

Potatoes! Reader Jennifer from Ohio suggested the recipe Company’s Coming Make-Ahead Potatoes to us. With all of this snow, it seems like a good time for such a indulgent and hot dish. It reminds us of twice-baked potatoes.

Looks healthy to me - fresh pesto, grilled chicken and whole wheat pasta by on flickr

Pasta! Kris ... Read More

A Gilmore Girls Inspired Winter of Snuggles

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

gilmore girls

It’s time to hunker down for winter. Something that puts us in a good mood during the cold months? Watching Gilmore Girls! Sometime’s it’s incredibly smart to think like a Gilmore: WWAGGD? (What Would a Gilmore Girl Do?) The Gilmore gals always put a positive spin on things, and they celebrated life, their bonds, and just about anything! Don’t you think it’s time to relax, induldge, and celebrate being a gal?

I’ve prepared a post with some essentials! You’ll need great pajamas, some DVDs, some goodies to munch on (Lorelai and Rory always had snacks!) slippers, and maybe even a stuffed animal if it’s super cute?

Soma Intimates makes everything with amazing “feel good fabric” which is exceptionally soft. I have a pair of their pajamas and I can vouch for this – they are amazing and when I put them on I find reasons to stay in them for as long as possible. Who says I can’t do the dishes, walk the treadmill, and organize my sockdrawer in my pjs?!

Luckily, Soma Intimates just so happens to be having ... Read More

Stunning, One-of-a-Kind Lady Gaga Dolls

Monday, December 28th, 2009

lady gaga doll

Veik11 is all we know this doll designer as, but they’ve gotten very popular with their doll designs for Lady Gaga dolls. These are strictly unofficial Lady Gaga dolls, and they seem to use Ba ... Read More

The Search for the best Stuffed Cucumber Recipe!

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

This is a happy little bowl of food! Photo by madmolecule on Flickr.

This is a happy little bowl of food! Photo by madmolecule on Flickr.

I will let you guys in on a little bit o’ backstory before we dig into the post…I am a shamefully horrible cook. I used to think I’d be like Martha Stewart, a doting baker of some sort. When I was 13-years-old I was creating my own recipe books, planning my future for when I would make all of these amazing things (and have amazing dinner parties). But I’ve grown to realize that I am really unlucky when it comes to cooking. I overcook or undercook just about everything. I leave out ingrediants (ever had cookies without sugar? I have), I set the toast over on fire (I actually did this)…I’m just horrible at the entire process. While trying to make Christmas cookies one year I spilled the entire tin of sprinkles. Every detail goes wrong!

So, aside from not being good at making things, I’m a frugal gal. This means that I like to find simple recipes that won’t cost a million bucka ... Read More

Why Shopping Online is the Better Shopping Experience

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

angry cat

ABC News is doing a story RIGHT NOW about why Best Buy is better than online retailers like Amazon and Overstock. The reasons cited is that everything is “real” and people can even smell the products and comparison shop (obviously they mean between whatever THEY offer).

Well, I’m going to have to argue that the products you buy online are also real, no one wants to smell electronics, and you can much better comparison shop online!

Another strong reason ABC News is pushing as an angle is that people want to talk to other people. Well, I often go to a couple different popular electronics stores for small things sometimes. The problem with these stores is that the people working often there don’t know anything. I went to one store and asked about the popular J Buds earphones and they had no idea what I was talking about.  How can they help me understand what to buy if they don’t know anything about the product other than what the price tag tells them? (And whatever costs most is what they steer me towards, as well as trying to get me to buy extra w ... Read More

David the Gnome & Wife Celebrate

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

shell angels

David the Gnome and his wife are always around, especially for Christmas. Even little choirs of elves! Smart gals never forget their childhood joys, or let go of the magic that Christmas used to bring.

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Our Smart Tips for a Better Restaurant Experience

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Tiramisu picture by blhphotography on Flickr

Tiramisu picture by blhphotography on Flickr

There are some secrets and tips  that can help you better enjoy your time in a restaurant.

She’s smart, because she…

…is careful when trusting the waiter’s opinion. If you ask if a certain dish is good, they are not allowed to badmouth it even if they dislike it. Notice if they’re vague in their answer. I like to ask them what the most popular dishes are, or what they themselves like to order. After all, since they work there they must know what’s actually good.

…is cautious about the of soup of the day. The daily special or the soup of the day is sometimes because a restaurant has too much of something, or the expiration date is just about to arrive.

…omits the lemon in her drink. Those lemons get touched by unwashed hands, and then are dropped into your drink!

…also omits the ice in her soda. ... Read More

My Enchanting & Artful View from Over Here

Friday, December 11th, 2009

berry tree

I decided I should share a bit more of my life with you via pictures. So here are pictures of what I see when I go on a local walk. It’s so restorative to really take time to look around instead of just walkwalkwalk. You never know what you’re missing. Take a camera on a walk with you, whether you’re alone or with kids. Kids will especially help you discover tiny wonders. It’s a great free idea to do for a memorable afternoon.

On this particular walk (where I took the pictures) the sky was vibrant blue in patches, and red berries were busy arranging themselves in rows over my head. A birds nest hung in a lonely sky view. Those birds have vacated even their designer, posh homes and I miss them already. Grand tree branches curved in a waltz, and I tread over the sidewalk with a sway below. When a a star burst of gold dye began to appear over the hills, I made my way home to Shopcat and a familar mug of Chai Tea.

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Smart Shopping at the Grocery Store

Friday, December 11th, 2009

campbells select harvest soup

In the effort to always shop smart, I’m going to share with you guys some stuff I’ve recently bought at the Grocery store. Some of the stuff I’d never had before, and am glad I bought. Other stuff? Oh man. Gag much? Ugh. And I wish I had NOT spent the money on those things. But again, most of it was good. I have good intuition, maybe? Recommendations on anything are good because we don’t want anyone to waste money on something bad (like I did, WAH). And while we usually focus on beauty, fashion, and home decor rec’s, I’m making an exception this time.

Powerade: Powerade Zero in Mixed Berry gets a MAJOR thumbs up from me. I loved the flavor, and yea – I like diet drinks. It’s a “Zero calorie sports drink”. My daily sports include uh…power shopping…but I do need energy for that! I also bought a bottle of Powerade in Fruit Punch and I did not like that one at all. I think the pretty red color lured me in. Ironically I thought I’d like the Fruit Punch one and dislike the Zero one.

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Meet the Kritures from Portugal!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

funny gifts

When I saw these, I couldn’t pass up how eat-them-up-so-smooshy-omg-ahhh cute they were. They are Kritures, and you can more at the Kriture website. The animated creatures on the site are adorable, and I think they should have their own web-series. If you’d like to buy a Kriture, or a Kriture keychain/pin/etc there is a Kriture Etsy shop to visit. What’s so great as a bonus is that all of the Kriture’s have personalities you can read about. For instance, Glanell (the blue Kriture) “is a sweet tooth kriture, he can find good pollen and a very small specie of berries.”

These would make great gifts for guys or gals. Made by a creative woman in Portugal, I think the prices for shipping to the USA are very reasonable ($6). The Kriture’s themselves are also very reasonable, and these definitley are something you would call a unique gift.  Let someone know you understand their sense of humor by getting them something that is quirky and sweet. It’s so much easier than renting a sing ... Read More