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What I Find Surprising AND Reassuring

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

cat with socks

Two dissimilar words came to my mind the other day. They were, “Reassuring and surprising.” They promptly moved into my brain as I was laying on my bedroom floor to do some stretching. I do stretching on the floor for my back, since sitting at a desk all day can make you as achey as I imagine Heidi Klum’s permanently stilettoed feet must feel. (And even heels when preggers? Really now!)

After I’d been laying on the floor like an idiot, feeling unfairly lulled into a pre-dinner nap, I moved my head just enough to catch a glimpse of my cat lying on the floor near me. She’d been out of my eyesight before, and since shopcat’s ninja-quiet, I hadn’t heard her at all. Knowing that she was there made me geek out a bit, and that’s when I decided my feeling of this was that I was surprised but also reassured. It’s not totally unexpected to see Shopcat lurking somewhere I don’t expect her to be. And the sight of her is always welcome (well…not while I’m in the shower – and yes, that has happened). The idea that she would curl up to me, especially when I’m feeling a little low, reassures me that she feels affection towards me. And yes, I’m weird and I crave approval and affection from my cat! I’ve noticed that she follows me a ... Read More

‘Making Rounds with Oscar’ Book Review & Giveaway

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

making the rounds with oscar

A therapeutic book on death, dying, and one almighty cat.

I’ve just loaded the above picture into this post, and who should appropriately appear? Shopcat. Of course, she didn’t. That’s not her way. Instead, I felt the  soft brush of fur against my leg, as she moved about in the shadows under my desk. And just like that…I was convinced cats were psychic!!!  …Kidding. Kidding. Even after reading “Making Rounds with Oscar” I am not “convinced” that cats are “psychic”. And to be fair, that is not the premise of this book. Not at all. It’s what lured me in, but it’s not what kept me turning the pages.

I was sent a copy of “Making Rounds with Oscar – The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat” authored by David Dosa M.D., and as an obvious lover of cats, I — well, quite honestly I’ve lost my train ... Read More

What Do You Wish People Knew About Your Job?

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Jess Martinez

By daviddesign on Flickr.

“I just wish more people knew…” asked, people from all over answered.

When you have knowledge, you can improve your work/shopping/life experiences! So we went and asked a dentist how to improve our dentist visit, and then we went and asked an experienced nail tech her professional secret to smoother cuticles. A librarian told us what really upsets her, and an insurance salesman gave us invaluable advice!

Sarah DeMatos

Etsy Shop Owner : Sarah DeMatos (Frasapeas Jewelry Shop)

I wis ... Read More

What Would Damon Give Elena for Valentine’s Day?

Friday, January 29th, 2010

damon elena

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? I have been from the start, and while many people love the relationship between Elena and Stefan, I’ve always preferred Elena/Damon. As episodes go by, we see more and more reasons to like them together. Which is exciting, because you gotta know it’s gonna happen SOMETIME. Anyway, I came across a gorgeous video on YouTube by KillerPandaJr, set to the Florence and the Machine song “Cosmic Love” (video below). This got me to thinking of what Damon might give to Elena for Valentine’s Day. Which got me shopping. And that’s always fun for me.

The restrictions I set for myself:

– Nothing too cheesy. – No necklaces, since Elena already has one she always wears. – I have to see a way for the writer’s to make it happen that Damon would give this to Elena, even as their relationship is now. – Steer clear of things he would only give anonymously.

So, I hope you like how I did! Let me know – but be gentle! I included some things that have an antique feel so that Damon could put them in a box and perhaps say they were Katherine’s and she should have them since she’s Elena’s great-great-great-great-great grandmother. The sleep mask is something I can see him passive aggressively giving her with a comment about how if she’s going to hang out with Stefan all n ... Read More

Reasons to Like Winter

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

winter painting

"The Quiet Time" by Kim Zarney

Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. ~Edith Sitwell

I suspect I’m not alone in having trouble enduring the winter months with a constant smile. These months of January, February, and March can seem truly bleak at times. We forget how often our surroundings affect us. The first snow we get seems magical, it’s clean and new. But then it mixes with dirt and turns to hopeless gray slush, leaving car windows and new winter boots spattered with salt and ice.

We really need a way to appreciate winter. Some sort of…mantra, to remind ourselves when we’re cleaning off cars in below 30 temperatures. Artist Kim Zarney seems beauty in these months. He told the Cleveland Botanical Garden that, “For me, the most interesting time of year is the quiet time —late fall, the dead of winter, and the very early days of spring. The time when the trees are bare, the underbrush is tangled, and the landscape finally opens up to reveal shapes and patterns hidden all summer.”

... Read More

Calling All Savvy Women! Because ‘I wish people knew…’

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Photo by dailylifeofmojo on Flickr.

Photo by dailylifeofmojo on Flickr.

As a seasoned waitress do you wish more people knew not to order water for an entire table at a restaurant? Or that they’d know the proper etiquette for tipping manicurists like yourself? Whether you have insider tips and advice for patrons from a job you previously or, or currently had – help fellow virtual friends on Please respond to if you’d like to consent to a short e-mail interview. You’ll be fully credited with a name and your picture if you’d like, or you can remain completely anonymous.

If you work at any of these places, or hold these jobs, our readers want tips from YOU! This is based around the phrase, “I just wish more people knew…”  or “I wish people would notice…” (Note: We don’t just want you to tell us complaints!)

– Hair salon (stylists, receptionists, etc. Upscale or low-cost!) – Vet Office – Doggy Day Cares ... Read More

The Luxuries We Need to Keep us Sane

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

home decor

Picture from

Most people see this above quote and think about the people they love in their lives. I see it, and think about the stuff in my place that understands me as the complicated and unique individual that I am. That’s right. It’s not that I don’t love people, I just also love and appreciate the stuff I have that it often feels like I could not do without.

1. A cute humidifier, because I don’t want dry skin but also don’t want ugly things in my room.

2. Satin pillowcases, because it helps eliminate frizz in your hair. It’s an indulgence, yes. ( ... Read More

Don’t be Surprised: Girls Can Play, Too

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

electronic dart board

Electronic 26-Game Dart Board soft tip with Backlit Display $49.99

I’ve never wanted a super-secret batcave, but if I ever had a secret lair I’d definitely want a dart board. Knowing how to do that is kind of a sexy skill and you can impress people with your talent at aiming. I think you need to go for the real deal, or the soft darts. But magnetic darts? Don’t even bother with them unless you have kids and are afraid the soft darts aren’t soft enough.

Games like these aren’t just for the boys. And buying a dart board is a great alternative to buying a pool table. While some websites might have you believe that the only dart boards worth buying are worth hundreds ... Read More

How to Incorporate More Genuine Nature into your Bedroom

Monday, January 11th, 2010

The Green Chef Moss Terrarium-Free Stocking Stuffer

Picture from

I love nature, even though I’m not particular a big fan of dirt. It’s a weird sort of conflict within myself. For instance , I’d love to kneel down and play in a garden – but as soon as I get a chance I’ll run to wash my hands and get the dirt out from under my nails. But I really did grow up alongside nature: spending weeks at nature camps where we slept in cabins or on a giant hillside under the stars (which was a great idea in theory, but it made us wake up cold and covered with dew), enjoying reading and watching stories about flower fairies and gnomes, and spending all of my time in the backyard with the trees, marigold flowers, and ginkgo trees.

For all of my nature love, I don’t spend enough time outside these days. And now with Winter…well, who wants to stand in the snow? I’d fix the problem simply by buying a plant…sure, that sounds easy…but I’m not good at keeping them, er…alive. Now, I can keep Shopcat alive jus ... Read More

Things I Bought That I Love

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

best fudge

I bought some things recently that I LOVE, so I wanted to share some info about them with you guys. After all, a store clerk will easily lie to you, but someone who spent their own hard-earned money to buy something will be straight-up honest with you about a product. No doubt! Yo. Uh, do I sound gangsta now? Moving on…

I bought: Fudge! For: My dear Dad. From: KandyKettleKitchen on Etsy. Specifically what I got: Creamy Fudge, Four Flavor Box – 1 lb in Chocolate and Peanut Butter Layer, Chocolate, Raspberry & Cream,  and Heath English Toffee (Check other fudge flavors here.) Price: $10.79 + S&H Thoughts: I knew I wanted to get my Dad fudge for Christmas. Not only am I not a fan of eating fudge, I’m a pretty laughable baker. So I decided handmade fudge would be perfect. The hardest decision was trying to decide which of the many flavors to get. I tried to secretly quiz my Dad about what his preferences for c ... Read More