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12 Handmade Bunny Dolls to squish and squeeze and smoosh

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

These qualify, for us, as some of the best dolls for girls 2010.

It’s hard not to find bunnies adorable. They’re hoppy and floppy and oh-so-cute. Here, we have our favorite picks fur handmade bunny dolls. And they’re for children OR adults.  The great thing is that some of these can be given to a child and they will still look just as darling when the child has grown up and wants to keep the bunny around.

No matter your style, there’s a bunny out there that you’ll adore.

These qualify, for us, as some of the best dolls for girls 2010.

Celebrities Go Green! Here’s How to Drink More Water like Kristen Bell

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

water bobble kristen bell

The Water Bobble website says, “Keep your wallet fat.” They should have added on: “And keep your ass skinny!” I mean, not that you have to be skinny, but drinking water definitely is good for you and keeps you full so you don’t do any “I’m bored” eating. Anyway. What is a Water Bobble? It’s a water bottle with a filter in it. We heard about it from a Kristen Bell interview.

The Waters Bobble filters water as you drink. And it’s a more sustainable way of living than continually buying plastic water bottle, after plastic water bottle. If you aren’t okay with just buying any ol’ water bottle and must have “fancy bottled water” consider this alternative – you can use this water bottle and it’s like having a Brita water filter built into it. So once again, water can be free! Imagine that, huh?

Kristen Bell And Andy Samberg – Celeb ... Read More

How to embrace the creepers that are SPIDERS

Friday, July 16th, 2010

spider merchandise

I call spiders “creepers” because that’s what they are! They’re creepy. And I am so, so very not fond of them. But recently…I don’t know. I never used to have a problem killing bugs in the house – ants, spiders, flies, whatever. I didn’t just dislike them, I feared them! But suddenly I’ve started to feel bad for just killing an animal. I don’t want them in the house, but that doesn’t mean they need a death sentence. Probably, my newfound respect for creepy animals happened when I met my friends snake and realized he wasn’t creepy at all.

Last night I saw a daddy long-legs crawling around. First instinct? Smush him! But I didn’t. I watched him, and realized that he seemed to be missing a leg. So then I wondered if killing him would put him out of his misery because he was in pain. And I worried that if I let him stay inside that Shopcat would find him, eat him, and then get sick (because they’re poisonous spiders, they just can’t get their teeth long enough to bite humans). I decided I needed to get Mr. Spidy outside. Long story shooort… I looked ridiculous as I kept luring him onto a piece of kleenex and walking ... Read More

Have you tried Eli’s Cheesecake? (Original Favorites Cheesecake Sampler review)

Monday, June 28th, 2010

elis cheesecake

Todays’ review is a delicious one. The Original Favorites Cheesecake Sampler from Eli’s Cheesecake has original cheesecake, chocolate chip cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake and candy bar (heath) cheesecake. The majority favorite in my house (and from friends who snagged a bite) was the strawberry cheesecake, without a doubt.

I loved that the box comes delivered with a cooling method of dry ice, because it arrived on a day I’d been out shopping for hours! I came home with a panic in my throat when I saw it had arrived and it was over 85 degrees outside! But it was still cool!

Also great was the fact that this honkin’ big cheesecake comes not just pre-sliced but has fancy wax paper between each slice so they come apart perfectly.

Four slices each of our all-time favorite cheesecakes: Original Plain, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, and Candy Bar made with Heath® Toffee Bars. 9″ Cheesecake 3lb., 8OZ Serves 16 (Pre-sliced)

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Shop like a celebrity in selecting Bohemiarts handblown glassware

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

buy breast cancer products

Bohemiarts makes hand-blown stemwart created by artisans in the Czech Republic. They’re completely safe for your beverages (or food, if you want to do a Shrimp Cocktail in a martini glass  type of dealie), lead-free and FDA-approved. And did I happen to mention that they’re gorgeous? Well, I don’t really have to mention anything if you just use your eyes. Lookity-look!

These blown glass items remind me a mixture of stained glass paintings and water color paints.

This richly inspiring mosaic stemware is a wonder in many motifs, embellishing the table with functional glass art. Popular with European royal families for more than 50 years, these magnificent hand-blown pieces were created by master artisans in the Czech Republic where this complex “a la vitrage” method of glass making originated and has been perfected for over a century. Each piece arrives beautifully gift boxed. Hand wash. From Bohemiarts®.

I received a Bohemiarts  Wine Goblet and ... Read More

Exclusive Interview with Blogging Entrepreneur Heather Thompson

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Heather with her family. Used with permission from

Heather Thompson is the woman behind The Gift Closet, a blog that features tips, recipes, insights and the always appreciated giveaway posts. The world of fashion blogging isn’t new to me, nor is blogging in general – but as we at She’s Smart have tried to incorporate more personal reviews and great giveaways I’ve had to challenge myself to reach out and explore.

I’d had The Gift Closet bookmarked for a long time, and Heather is one of the bloggers I reached out to. Deciding she was far too interesting and had way too much to say to keep to myself, I asked her for an interview. Despite having computer problems and having just returned from a big trip, she agreed.

An Exclusive Interview with the savvy Heather Thompson of The Gift Closet:

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Five places a girl can find happiness in the midst of soul-drenched apathy

Monday, June 14th, 2010

deal on wii

It’s almost two thirty when I sign on the ancient AIM service, and unlike my teenage years, there’s only one name I hope appears tonight. And he’s there. We’ve been friends on and off for foreverish. It is, as you might say, no big thing. But he’s great, and I respect him more than I’d tell him (for fear of his ego inflating to the size of one of those inflated Thanksgiving day parade balloons.) In my wish-I-was-sleepy haze of non-thought, I try to think of a question to ask him. Something good. Something that will catch him off guard and remind him that I’m not all jokes. I have a heart and soul, man!

But it’s late and the only thing I can think of off the top of my head is “What do you want from life?” But I realize he’s the kind of guy who would answer it way too simply, and probably end up making the focus on the question I asked and not on his answer. (And he’d be right, the reason that question comes to my mind is interesting, my therapist would have one of those so-called field days if she didn’t already know that I’m an unhappy soul.) So, in the simplest context, what does anyone want from life? They want to be happy.

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Vampires can now infiltrate Mimobots!

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Be introduced to Mimobots! They're adorable.

Attention artistic souls! There’s a new challenge between Mimoco and Infectious. Mimoco creates designer USB Flash Drives called MIMOBOT’s, and you might recall we had a review and giveaway for the GiddyUp designed Mimobot (verdict: cute and girly!)

Be introduced to Mimobots! They're adorable.

This new contest is using the theme “Unmasked.”

The challenge was inspired by Mimoco’s co-branded Star Wars™ MIMOBOT Series that includes such characters as Darth Vader Unmasked and Stormtrooper Unmasked that employ removable helmet caps exposing not only the USB plug beneath, but one of two variant face designs. Mimoco is providing the MIMOBOT Helmet template at with mask feature for artists to use in the design process. After public ... Read More

How to celebrate life everyday with positive affirmations for women

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

celebrate life every day

Far too often we forget to give ourself pep talks. Do you know who you should look to for inspiration? This little girl, named Jessica.  In this video from Youtube, “Jessica has a day where she’s feeling … really good about her life.” She is even positive that she can be a shark (assert?). Don’t you miss the freedom of believing you can be anything you want to be?

Celebrate life everyday! Everyday is a holiday.

Blowing bubbles photo from here, by D Sharon Pruitt.

Today we’re celebrating inspirational mantras to give ourselves positive outlooks on the day ah ... Read More