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Cute Outfit Ideas for Spring 2012 – Emily Fields, Cece, Aria Montgomery Fashion

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

cute outfit ideas for spring 2012

Here are two fool-proof outfit ideas for spring 2012. Just try not to go overboard on buying great Butter nail polishes (because it can happen, and it’s…well, no, it’s not tragic at all, actually. They are AMAZING.)

This first outfit utilizes a long printed maxi dress that you probably already own from last summer. Then you take a cropped jacket, and pile on a large gold statement necklace for the entire downtown-city-boho-chic look! And I included a Butter nail polish in this fabulous dark turquoise because I love Butter nail polish colors. TV characters that might wear this include: Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars when dressing up for a date (see: How to dress like Emily Fields), Alex from Happy Endings (see: How to dress like Alex Happy Endings Fashion) or Cece from New Girl (Cece New Girl fashion.)

Outfit Idea #1

  • Parker Long Cami Dress
  • Kenneth Cole New York Mixed Media Moto Jacket
  • BCBGeneration Beach Bum Gold Fringe Necklace
  • Butter London 3 Free Lacquer Nail Polish in Thames
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    PRETTY LITTLE LIARS prom dresses – Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer

    Monday, April 9th, 2012

    pretty little liars prom dresses

    You know your Pretty Little Liars always love to dress up for a great dance. Let’s look at what we’d put them in, using selections from

    The reason why we’re focusing on prom dresses from that site is because we now know how great they are. We had a chance to review this cocktail dress by Clarisse. It comes in white, light pink (coral), or blue. We choose the pink, as it’s perfect for a short, Spring dress. It’s a sale dress, and they have a price match guarantee – which is so nice. It’s such a nice dress because there’s a bit of texture without there being any print. Which means you can pair this with bold accessories. Silhouette wise, this is short and body-conscious. Luckily, there’s a nice lining for the pretty pink dress. The rhinestone pin is removable, so you can use it or not. The dress arrived right on time (fast!), and packaged in plastic and on a hanger. All in all, we are very pleased with our interaction with and would order a dress there again. Their swiftness of service really can’t be beat. And, as we’ve pro ... Read More

    Kate Middleton Style Guide for 2012

    Sunday, March 25th, 2012

    kate middleton style

    Kate Middleton aka Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge recently visited schools in Cambridge for her role as Patron of The Art Room. Here she’s leaving The Art Room’s classroom at Oxford Spires Academy School on February 21, 2012 in Oxford, England.

    The brown dress she wore was by Orla Kiely. This label has plenty of items perfectly suited for her style, that she either has worn or may wear in the future. If you want to get Kate Middleton style, then shopping here will help you achieve her look even without copying the exact dresses. (Which is great, because then people won’t have seen the dress on Kate, and think you’re a true style genuis!)

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    PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Fashion and Clothes Updates for Aria

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

    pretty little liars fashion

    Looking for exact matches for some of the Pretty Little Liars clothes on Aria Montgomery? Then keep reading.


    Aria’s spike earrings.

    Aria’s dress on Pretty Little Liars season 2.

    Aria’s entire outfit laid-out: skirt, sweater, jewelry.

    I made these for another site, so head over to to get the info on where to buy the clothes.

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    Evil Queen Dress Inspiration from Cherie Sposa

    Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

    evil queen fancy dress costume

    Fairytales are everywhere, so it’s no longer I saw so much major inspiration from the Cherie Sposa 2012 Evening Collection. I saw the perfect innocent princess dress, and also the perfect evil queen dress. Check it out and tell me I’m wrong!

    The black. The ruffles. The tulle layering. The plunging v neck. The sculpting. The sheerness. THE EVERYTHING OF IT! If you wore that you’d strut around and feel powerful and maybe a little bit wicked. Can’t you see just about any evil queen in a fairytale wearing this dress? Like Lana Parrilla on Once Upon a Time, for instance?

    Cherie Sposa Website: Here

    And do you want princess dresses for women? Well, I think this particular one is beyond perfect. I could see it in a fabulous movie. These would obviously make for really stylish dresses or stylish ... Read More

    Best 2012 Wedding Dresses

    Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

    best wedding dresses of 2012

    If you’ve wandered into this post (take a seat, have some chocolate mint tea!) then you’re interested in the best wedding dresses of 2012. And even if a wedding isn’t on your horizon, looking at pretty wedding dresses is a lovely way to appreciate the art of fashion. 😉

    Allure Bridals 2012 Spring Bridal Collection Website: Refined and Sophisticated, this particular Bridal Dress keeps a bit of that full skirted flounce that I think so many brides do love. (Not all, I know not all.) It’s the perfect marriage (excuse the pun) of modern and romantic.

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    Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Costumes – Copy Emily’s Fields Style

    Monday, October 24th, 2011

    pretty little liars halloween episode costumes

    While it’s hard to get around buying a cheesy costume, the accessories you use can be things that you have or buy that can be stylish and worn on days other than Halloween. Native American Jewelry is (almost) always really pretty. And you know we always love to focus on stylish halloween costumes! Why? Because generic, ugly costumes make everyone sad.

    The necklace and bracelets I’m showing here are things you can easily wear sans costume.

    Emily Fields Style in the Halloween Episode of Pretty Little Liars

    Dress Like Pretty Little Liars Spencer Hastings for Halloween: Mary Queen of Scots Costume

    Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

    pretty little liars halloween costumes

    For Halloween, Spencer Hastings donned a Mary Queen of Scots Costume. To dress like Spencer, look for Elizabethan Costumes. The only Mary Queen of Scots costume examples I see are pretty ugly or have to be custom made and are thusly tres expensive.

    Now, about a Mary Queen of Scots Costume wig… This will be hard.  I have to be honest! You’ll want to get a short red wig that has curly hair. And that could be a problem. Plus, to be Mary Queen of Scots, it really needs to be red and curly. And since that’s pretty impossible to find… I have a suggestion! Look for a red, curly wig that you like. Now, you could cut it, yes. Maybe Youtube has haircut tutorials… I don’t know. But what I’d suggest is using clips and bobby pins to clip the hair up to make it appear short. If it’s a very long wig, you can even try to do a hairstyle of the time period. Start by parting in the middle (if possible.)

    Pretty Little Liars Halloween Costumes Spencer Hastings Mary Queen of Scots Costume

    Sequined Dresses Under $100 – The Top 5 Picks!

    Monday, October 17th, 2011

    sequined dresses under 100

    Sooner than you realize, it’s going to be holiday party time. And that means you’ll want at least one stand-out, drop dead gorgeous dress that makes people go “oh, hey, look how good SHE looks.” So, this holiday season you should make a pact with yourself to shine. Shine in sequins! Sequin dresses under 100 dollars are out there. And I’m going to guide you to some of the fashionable (as opposed to grossly tacky) options out there for you.

    Sequined Dresses Under 100

    Top row L-R

    Calvin Klein Sequin Front Mesh Dress from Zappos, here. This sequin dress is why I love Calvin Klein. It’s so effortless and easy and sexy without looking fussy or overworked. It oozes sex appeal, and yet it’s a semi-long dress! It has a flapper dress kind of feel to it, even though there’s no fringe. But it’s the right shape, cut, and length. This dress is definitely made for a party. The back is plain black, as to not overkill the sequined dress look.

    Sequin Embellished Shoulder Dress from Rare Clothing, here. ... Read More

    Hart of Dixie Fashion – Zoe’s Black Lace Dress with Sleeves

    Friday, October 14th, 2011

    hart of dixie fashion

    Dr. Zoe Hart likes her NYC inspired fashion, and we think it’s (mostly) nice. In a recent episode of Hart of Dixie, Hart wore a Timo Weiland dress with a black lace feel to it. Your LBD (little black dress) can be more creative if you let yourself embrace all the lace options.

    Hart of Dixie Fashion

    Black Lace Dresses with Sleeves

    Sequin Hearts Dress, Cap Sleeves Lace Belted Mini – Macys – Here Doesn’t the model look like a blonde Michelle Trachtenberg? I know the sleeves are kind of flimsy, but they count. And the price is nice for this dress. It’s very hippie and/or boho chic.

    Juicy Couture Three Quarter Sleeve Lace Dress – Bloomingdales – Here It’s expensive, but can we just love on it for a second? It reminds me of what a doll would wear. Or what Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars would wear.

    Lace Skater Dress with long Fitted sleeves – ASOS – ... Read More