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Glee Fashion: Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘The Substitute’

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

glee fashion

Inspired by the Glee fashion that Gwyneth Paltrow rocked? Us too!

In Glee “The Substitute” Gwyneth Paltrow played Holly Holiday. I really loved the outfit she wore during her Cee Loo performance. There are no clear pictures of it, so I’m showing another picture from that episode. It’s actually a very similar outfit. In that outfit, she wears a sleeves black blouse with a cowl neck and a houndstooth skirt with zipper accents.

But we’re focusing on another outfit! One that’s more appropriate for the weather! Pair a black turtleneck with a tweet skirt and a pair of knee high black boots. You can tailor this to be what you like the most – long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves. Do you like black and white tweed, or do you want colored tweed? And the variables for black boots are endless. Another suggestion is to put on black tights to keep your legs warm.

What’s great is that this Glee style outfit is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Even if you make it funky with accessories, you can wear this to a formal Thanksgiving or Christ ... Read More

The Vampire Diaries Style: Caroline’s Bag

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

caroline forbes

There are fans of The Vampire Diaries all over the world! Including TVD fans who like the fashion! We got a very sweet e-mail from Norway that said:


I really like your blog, and it seems you know all about the fashion behind the vampire diaries. In the last episode “Rose” Caroline had a brown bag at school. I have seen that she has worn it in another ep. Do you know where I can get one of those?

Thank you

from Hilde in Norway:)

Ah, well Caroline Forbes went a little boho in the “Rose” episode. We don’t know the exact bag (and you’re not the only one who’s asked – it’s a popular bag!), but we can come close by giving suggestions and ideas as to why this bag might appeal to you. Caroline’s purse is an earthy brown leather. The style of it is a crossbody bag, and what’s unique is that it has a foldover flap with an extra set of double handles. We all know how organized Caroline likes to be, so this is an ideal bag for her. Especially if she’s ... Read More

Serena’s van der Woodsen Dress Season 4 (Saintly Dress)

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

serena's carolina herrera dress

It’s always a good time for Gossip Girl fashion. In Gossip Girl “The Witches of Bushwick” Serena van der Woodsen wore a Carolina Herrera Fall RTW 2010 Blue Tiered Glitter Dress. Umph, that’s a mouthfull! She also wore a Carlos Falchi Pearlized Python Mini Clutch, Swarovski Hyacinth Blue Ring and a Swarovski Glamour Blue Bracelet.

So how do you get this Gossip Girl fashion for less? You must incorporate what you like about this outfit!

How to dress like Serena Van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl season 4:

... Read More

LUX Life Unexpected Style: Smart Blazer Outfit

Monday, November 15th, 2010

lux life unexpected style

Even if the shows ratings aren’t so great, people still want to know about Life Unexpected style. Especially when it comes to Lux’s clothing.

Taryn, 25 just happened to have wrote to us about Lux from Life Unexpected:

I was hoping to have a particular outfit replicated, specifically one article of clothing. Could you please tell me where Lux’s blazer is from in the November 9th episode (Plumber Cracked)? I wish it was possible to know exactly which brand of blazer she was wearing and where to get it. Include online shops or stores, it does not matter, I was really hoping to find out the exact blazer she was wearing.

Not vague, huh? Taryn wanted the exact item! Well, we try to find exact replica’s when we can, but do specialize in more of a “look for less” type of deal. In this case, I was pretty stumped at first for this Lux Life Unexpected style look. It’s the prime time for a brown blazer with elbow patches to be in stores, and yet my results did not yield much. Disgraced, I huffed and puffed for a bit. No houses blew down, but I did dismiss web pages in a flurry of “no, you aren’t the right one!” madness.

... Read More

Caroline Forbes Fashion: Masquerade Dress

Friday, November 5th, 2010

caroline forbes fashion

Candice Accola has been wowing fans in her portrayal of Caroline Forbes in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. In the episode “Masquerade” she proved to be strong and sympathetic. But she has not lost her great sense of style, either!

She wore a red dress with one shoulder, and it’s definietly a look worth copying for Homecoming, Christmas parties, or anything that requires a cute dress.

Caroline Forbes Fashion:

... Read More

Nina Dobrev Fashion: On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Nina Dobrev has AMAZING hair, that is not debatable.

Dress like Nina Dobrev for a chic look! Nina Dobrev was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. She wore her hair half up/half down, a shirt black dress with solid, structural layers (and with a very contemporary feel) and a pair of long patterned black leggings and black platform pumps.

Nina Dobrev has AMAZING hair, that is not debatable.

I cannot find any pictures of her on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance right now. But I memorized everything pretty well. Here are elements that will help you get inspiration to dress like Nina Dobrev:

(Click to enla ... Read More

Win a Classic! The Sound of Music on Blu-ray

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

sound of music blu ray

A reader of our Shopping & Giveaway blog, is going to win a Blu-ray copy of The Sound of Music!

From the press release:


The Sound of music marionettes!

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment toasts the 45th anniversary of the five-time Academy Award®-winning The Sound Of Music with its highly anticipated Blu-ray Disc debut November 2nd. Starring Oscar® winner Julie Andrews in one of her most memorable roles, the film adaptation of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical follows Maria, a spirited young woman who leaves a co ... Read More

Win a Classic! Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Blu-ray

Friday, October 29th, 2010

chitty chitty bang bang blu ray

A reader of our Shopping & Giveaway blog, is going to win a Blu-ray copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

Via the press release:



On November 2nd families everywhere can experience “fantasmagorical” adventures, legendary sing-alongs and magical moments like never before as MGM Home Entertainment releases an all-new re-mastered version of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Blu-ray. Enjoy the fun of this family classic for the first time on Blu-ray disc with upgraded 7.1 DTS-HD master audio and new interactive games. An original version of the film on DVD will accompany the all-new re-mastered Blu-ray.

... Read More

Amanda Seyfried Shoes (Spotlight on Sanuk!)

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

amanda seyfried shoes

Amanda Seyfried loves Sanuk sandals – that much is clear. She’s been spotted out and about walking her dog, Finn, wearing a pair.

I mentioned this earlier, but I bet you didn’t think I’d come back with a wacky graphic to show you guys that I had proof!

(Psst. No, THAT’S not the wacky graphic!)

I spotted these pictures during one of my lazy “look at pictures of celebrities” times of the day (which is far more often then I’ll admit *whistles*) and have confirmed with the press people for Sanuk, that these are, indeed, Sanuk’s! And “Sanuk” is really as fun to say as it is to type. Don’t believe me? Try it! Sanuk, sanuk, sanuk!

... Read More

Reinspired! Claire Danes Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings for Halloween

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

claire danes romeo and juliet dress

When Romeo + Juliet came out in theaters I was obsessed with it. Since the internet was SO SLOW back then, and printers sucked, I was cutting out pictures from magazines and newspapers the old-fashioned way. Did I try to copy Claire Danes hair from the dance scene? Hell yes I did. I even distinctly remember a Romeo + Juliet giveaway in Seventeen Magazine where you had to mail in a postcard saying who designed the Juliet angel dress. (But, again we didn’t really have a quick Internet to help us!)

Every time I think of the Romeo + Juliet costumes I feel excited all over again. As I recently had a chance to review the newly released Romeo + Juliet on Blu Ray, I felt that excitement all over again. I have half a mind to dress up using inspiration from Claire Danes’ Romeo and Juliet Dress and Angel Wings. I even found examples of how I’d put it together. Because don’t forget, the costume Juliet has is of an angel. Which is doable. What you want is to copy the elegance of Juliet’s costume, and make note of items like the hairstyle, simple cross pendant, and the way the angel wings go upwards instead of down.

The makeup is easy to copy! I’d use a mineral foundation to give per ... Read More