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Which Pic Makes You Wanna Buy Demi Moore’s Perfume?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

demi moore perfume

So, this ad came out with Demi Moore for the perfume “Wanted”. And I guess there’s a before picture that was tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and people are quick to compare. I think there’s a problem with trying to compare these photos since the poses are different, and the ad of course uses photoshop effects, not to mention that we do expect a bit of photoshopping. The effect for the ad was to be radiant, etc. I understand that. But at what point do they start making a person look unreal? Is Moore even very recognizable in the first picture? They pay big bucks to get her, and then they alter everything about her! The only difference I see? A Kabballah bracelet was removed for the ad.

NY Mag noted these differences (also where the picture is from)

• Her cleavage appears sculpted and inflated. • Her armpit is missing a prominent wrinkle. • Her sternum has disappeared. • Her hair is smoother and more voluminous. • Her neck ... Read More

Major, Major DVD Sale Worth Checking Out

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

DVD and HD Collection by williamhook on Flickr.

DVD and HD Collection by williamhook on Flickr.

Amazon is having a sale worth mentioning where some HOT (read: good) DVDs are on sale for up to 53% off. The sale ends January 24th, so if you see something you’ve been eyeing, buy it now. Lots of major things are on sale from Weeds, Friday Night Lights, Bones, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Castle, Mad Men, ... Read More

The Top Ten Chick Flicks

Monday, January 18th, 2010

chick flicks

Is there anything better than getting cozy with a bowl of popcorn and a really great, fun movie? We’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite chick flicks, and then added about a zillion runner’s-up (it’s hard to pick, man)! Consider checking out these movies if you haven’t seen them. And if you have movie suggestions? Let us know! Plus, look for our ‘Top Ten WORST Chick Flicks’ coming up later on. Lord knows we don’t love every movie that’s out there for us to enjoy. Some have been painful. But for now, let’s focus on the good. Look how positive we’re being – woo!

Down with Love: The most perfect love story, set in the 1960’s. It stars Renee Zellweger and Ewan Mcgregor. “The bright, glossy world of Doris Day and Rock Hudson sex comedies gets a self-aware brush-up.” It has wit, singing, ... Read More

The Worst Chick Flicks We’re Expected to Like

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Even they were bored by their own movie!

Even they were bored by their own movie!

Recently we put together a post of our top chick flicks that we find worth watching and even re-watching. But we’re not SO easily pleased – we don’t love every movie that is put out for us to gobble up. People who make movies have to promote them – even if they hate what they did. So it’s very easily to be misled into thinking a movie will be great. But do they really want you to see the movie to enjoy yourself, or to help make money for the movie? Just sayin’…

And you know, sometimes we hate a movie that just about everyone else loves. Which is fine. No pressure required. Like what you like. But if you want advice, we have a list of movies that are marketed as chick flicks to be loved that we absolutely didn’t.

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it on movies that suck. Give yourself permission to stop watching a movie halfway through if you’re not enjoying it. It’ ... Read More

You Tell Me: Am I Ready to Become a Gamer Girl?

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

wii fit

I’ve always fancied myself a gaming type o’ girl. The problem with that being that I don’t…uh…actually play any games. When I was younger I played some Zelda and Mario Kart…but nothing too much since. So I’m in the MARKET to buy a Wii if I can justify it to myself. And what better way to compare video games than with visual aids? Right? Am I right? I am SO right. So, I’m going to compare different video games (wii games, whatever you call them) with youtube video examples. I will be providing comments on some games I think I might be interested in: Dance Dance Revolution, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort and Karaoke Revolution. Do you have a suggestion? Lay it on me! Clearly I’m a bit uh… what’s a nicer word for dumb? 😉

Dance Dance Revolution: I’ve had the amazing chance to interview the lovely Felicia Day (Buffy,  Dr. Horrible’ ... Read More

To Roku or Not to Roku? That is the Question!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010


Roku, you sly little box. I’m intrigued by you, I’ll admit it. Like everyone on the planet, I have a Netflix subscription. And I love the ‘Netflix Instant Watch’ feature. So then I hear about this Roku thing. And at first I’m like ‘Uh, Roku you, jerk!’ because I had no idea what it was and wanted to seem tough. But I did a little googling and found that Roku is simply a little black box you use to stream movies to your TV via Netflix. Well, that sounds nice enough.

As we love to do on, I went to see what the reviews for Roku were. As of the date I’m writing this, there are 254 five star reviews out of 374 reviews total. That’s a lot of people being pleased with this product.

Roku boasts these features:

Veronica Mars Bags

Friday, January 8th, 2010

veronica mars bag

Veronica Mars had two iconic bags. In the first two seasons she wore a tan messenger bag, and in the third season she wore a black studded bag. People loved her bags so much that now some people recreate and sell them. But if you don’t have the money for one of those, there are great options out there in terms of similar bags.

To be honest I never loved the beige bag, but I’ve included a couple bags that have a similar feeling. Think of it as an updated version of a bag that Veronica might carry now. I’ve also included lots of black studded bags, and I actually have a black studded bag myself! Veronica Mars season 3 bag was very popular, and with good reason! (But it was sold at Nordstrom and no longer available.)

The bags range in prices from $20.00 and up.

LIBERTY BAG $19.99 axcess Jolie Cross-Body Shoulder Bag original $42.00 ON SALE $25.20 in Sunflower ... Read More

Recreate the Look: Emma Pillsbury in Glee ‘Sectionals’

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

glee sectionals kiss

The anatomy of a style scene: Will & Emma Kiss in the Glee episode “Sectionals”

We cheered when Will & Emma kissed. ( Well, I know that I certainly did!) We can’t guarantee you a perfect kiss with the guy of your dreams, but we can tell you how to achieve a similar style look to what Emma Pillsbury wore in that scene. She had a green winter coat which popped nicely against the color of her hair. It’s important to have a statement-making coat (even if the statement is ‘I’m traditional’) because it’s the first thing people often see of you in the winter months. This was paired with a white beret hat. And we suspect her lips were moisturized with a hint of peachy-pink lip balm. Emma looked classic, classy, and ready for love.

DollHouse Single Breast Winter Coat ON SALE $59.93 Juicy Couture Wavy Stripe Ruffle Beret $65.00 ... Read More

Steal Katerina Graham’s Style (of ‘The Vampire Diaries’)

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


Actress Katerina Graham is best known for playing Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries. She has great style, and she recently tweeted this: “Everyone follow @gasolineglamour all the funky amazing jewelry I wear is from them. Love love love”. So now we know exactly how to capture her style. But the big question here is, will any of it be affordable? Surprisingly, yes!I found several pieces under $100.00, starting at $25.00. Go ahead and treat yourself to this glamorous style.


$60.00 @ Gasoline Glamour

... Read More

Can You Guess our 40 Year Old Style Icon?

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

gwen stefani

Let’s take a moment to appreciate Gwen Stefani. She’s a style icon, totally (multi) talented, and she’s probably an amazing mother. At 40 years old Gwen looks fabulous. Most of us could never pull off this look even in our 20’s, but she makes it work. Every element (hair, makeup, shoes) is as close to perfection as it gets. The one element of Gwen’s outfit that we can really embrace at any age is adding a slight bit of snakeskin.

Fitzwell Eclipse Snakeskin shoes

... Read More