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Makeup Giveaway: Eve Organics Prize Package

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Remember how excited I was about Eve Organics eyeshadows and eyeshadow brushes? Well, now a reader is going to win my favorite eyeshadow brush of theirs, plus two of my favorite, universally flattering eyeshadows! Eve Organics has some of the best mineral eyeshadow and best mineral makeup. They have eyeshadow comparable to MAC eyeshadow.

The LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY winner will get three items:

The Angle Blender Brush $7.95 (I think this is the best mineral brush I own, now!)

Champagne Eyeshadow $8.95

Silky Cocoa Eyeshadow $8.95

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Eve Organic Reviews: Some of the Best Mineral Eyeshadow and Best Mineral Brushes

Friday, September 24th, 2010

best mineral eyeshadow

I am incredibly excited to have a chance to talk about Eve Organics with you guys. They have a large range of Organic Skin Care (Face and Body) and Chemical Free Mineral Makeup. Of all the makeup eyeshadows I’ve tried before, this was really makeup comparable to MAC. And BELIEVE ME, when I went to review this brand I had no idea I’d be able to give it such a high honor. That basically means that this is at the top tier of makeup I’ve used – especially when it comes to the eyeshadows and brushes.

I was sent some of their Makeup brushes and Mineral Makeup to review and talk about. Or type about, rather. Anyway. I love playing with makeup, and mineral makeup is still new-ish to me, making it even more fun. Even so, I’ve seen a lot of things. But I was really impressed by everything, and their brushes and sparkly eyeshadows especially wowed me. They have some of the best mineral eyeshadow selections.

Eve Organics Makeup Brush Review:

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How to Make Your Face Glow with Makeup like Christina Aguilera

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

christina aguilera royal desire

So, Javier Cámara posted two pictures of Christina Aguilera in what I think might be a promo for her new perfume (Royal Desire – ack!) They’re very pretty, and the thing that strikes me the most is how luminescent the photos are shot. Her skin looks like it’s glowing from under the surface. Obviously, you can’t really achieve that look without the help of Photoshop and professional lighting…


There are a couple beauty products that I think work to help make your skin look more vibrant and … not shiny as in oily, but as if lit by the moon.

How to make your face glow with makeup:

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Giveaway! Rice Flower Body Lotions for Achy, Dry Skin

Friday, August 27th, 2010

rice flower lotion

You’ve heard me rave about how great the lotions and products are from Belly Buttons and Babies in my natural skin care product reviews, and now they’re graciously letting us offer two bottles of Rice Flower Body Lotion to our readers. The description of this scent sounds lovely, refreshing and nurturing:

A light, luscious, all-over body lotion that promotes firmness and smoothness of body skin.  Citrus fruit and sugar acids gently remove dull, dry skin. Enhances skin condition from neck to toes. Gentle enough for everyday use and powerful enough to use on even the driest skin conditions. It’s vibrant, clean, natural fragrance is addictive & its skin mending properties are undeniable. Gentle enough for use on a child.

These are fabulous products for babies and people who want to nurture their skin like it was as precious as a newborn’s delicate, vulnerable skin. I think they make some of the best lotions for dry skin. And natural skin care products for babies – and you – are important to make no ... Read More

Review Spotlight: Belly Buttons and Babies (Best Lotions for Dry Skin)

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

best baby lotion

Are you ready to read about some of the best lotions for dry skin? Uh, YEA YOU ARE. Dry skin is awful! Yuck.

I have a new favorite daily routine. And it involves a piece of wisdom that can be used by anyone, anytime (unless you’re camping and have no access to a shower, or you’re trapped on an island like on Lost – then you’ll have to find other ways to bliss.) After you shower, your skin’s pores open up (warm water opens things, cold water closes the pores) and your skin is just so much more susceptible to soaking up nutrients. This is why you should always apply lotion right after a shower or washing your face. I always cover my target areas with lotion after a shower. Those areas are my face, hands, elbows/arms and feet/ankles. Those are the areas I care about the most and tend to get dry without daily TLC. (My skin is pre-disposed to be dry, I think! Which is why I think natural skin care product reviews are important to share. Especially when they give you positive results. Natural is always better!)

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Three Ways to Make Your Face Look Thinner in a New York Minute

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

how to make face look thinner with makeup

It really only takes a minute to make your face look thinner. Or slimmer, or longer – whatever you want to call it. Whether you have a round face shape simply from biology and want a longer face look, or you have weight insecurities  – there are plenty of reasons to want to utilize ways to make your face look slimmer.

I’m going to focus on one way, which is the easiest way as far as I’m concerned. But let’s make note of the variety of easily attainable ways.

  • Modify your hair.
  • Modify your makeup.
  • Modify your jewelry.
How to make a face look thinner with your hair cut/color/style:

With the right hair cut, you can take weight from your face. And I know you must be curious about how to make your face look slimmer! Who isn’t? (You’d be surprised – plenty of girls think their faces are too skinny, gaunt, or long!) The idea for slimming  is to let your hair accent and cover the edges of your face. This is why the ideal hair cut here has layers that you slightly curl under towards the face. For hair style ideas, pulling the shortest loose pieces down to frame your face works wonders (or at least helps ... Read More

Dress like Aria on Pretty Little Liars in The Perfect Storm

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

pretty little liars outfits

Aria Montgomery has a very cute little outfit from the pictures we see of her in  the Pretty Little Liars episode “The Perfect Storm.” Pretty Little Liars outfits are easy to find if you know what clothes and accessories you’re looking for. But we also wanted to find things that were affordable!

Girly PINK jackets from MontanaCo

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

pink and brown coat

MontanaCo just came up on our radar, and we really like their coats. They have great collections in general, but we especially love their four pink coats made to help raise money for the National Breast Cancer Association.

These jackets are similar to the Legally Blonde 2 coat that Reese Witherspoon wore.

These jackets are created by the Crowley family of Butte, Montana. The retail prices go from $75-$400. To make them worth the price as an investment piece, the items are made from top-quality fabrics and trim materials.

Don’t you think Elle Woods of Legally Blonde would love these jackets? They reminds me of the pink jacket Reese Witherspoon wore as Elle in Legally Blonde 2.

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How to Dress like Annie on Covert Affairs with her Khaki Dress (Southbound Suarez)

Saturday, July 31st, 2010


Want to dress like Annie Walker in the Covert Affairs episode “Southbound Suarez”? Read on! Covert Affairs fashion is on the agenda for today.

Kristen Bell Hairstyles 2010: Funky Braids

Monday, July 26th, 2010

kristen bell hairstyles 2010

We loved Kristen Bell‘s hairstyle at the recent “The Darker Side of Green” event. It’s a mixture of French braiding, regular braiding, and pigtails. But the most important thing to remember is that it’s a fun, slightly-messy look. So, it’s okay if you mess it up, or it looks different on you. What you’ll need are some bobby pins, elastic hair wraps, and hair spray.

How to achieve this look: Part your hair, and grab 1/3 of this hair from the crown and begin braiding it. Stop when you get down to above the nape of your neck, and incorporate it into a larger braid, anchoring both braids to the side of your neck. Use the elastic band at the end of this braid. Bo back with bobby pins to secure both braids, and also take your loose hair and twirl it loosly around your face, securing with a pin.

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