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Dove Go Sleeveless Review and Giveaway – Plus Contest Details for a Fashion Challenge

Friday, June 10th, 2011

dove go sleeveless review

I’m taking part in the Dove go sleeveless campaign by hosting a giveaway and reviewing their new Dove go sleeveless anti-perspirant / deodorant which is supposed to reveal softer and smoother underarms in just five days.

Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl) is the face of this campaign, and she picked a great winning sleeveless shirt design, that is now being sold on Top Shop.

Dove Go Sleeveless Deodorant Review

What I can tell you is that it’s a pretty ingenious idea to combine some sort of softening lotion with deodorant/anti-perspirant because no one likes when their underarms have razor burn, and because you’re probably using deodorant daily you never have a chance to moisturize them separatley. It just makes sense to have a deodorant that can also work like a lotion. I used the product and found my underarms did appear both softer and smoother after only a couple days. It’s just a little thing, but it makes a big impact in how I feel.

How is it different? It is the only anti-per/deodorant with 1/4 moisturizers and vitamins E and F. I don’t know what the vitamins are all doing (although I know vitamin E is a healing vitamin), but the moisturizer makes a visible difference to me.  So, i ... Read More

Natural Makeup Tips and Tricks that I Personally Use

Monday, June 6th, 2011

natural makeup tips and tricks

Natural makeup tips and tricks will be with you, like a guardian angel, all of your life. Once you learn what you can do fast and easy, it’ll become a basis for all other makeup applications. This will save you when you have to run out to the grocery store with only two minutes notice, or you got up late for class/work. There are some tricks that I’ve learned and put to use often, and I want to pass those along to you guys. I hope you can learn something new and feel encouraged to put some of these to the test. (Especially since it’s summertime – I like to wear very little makeup in the summer!)

Fact of life: If you go out looking like crap, sans makeup, in fact – sans any attempt to look decent, you WILL, I repeat WILL, run into someone you know. Even better? They’ll want to chat with you, unaware of your pain to be seen like that. Or maybe they’ll even know, and they just think it’s funny to watch you squirm. This happened to me recently. I thought I would be safe to scoot outside around the block with sunglasses on, no makeup, and in unfortunate laundry day clothes. And wouldn’t you know it, someone that I always try to avoid caught me while I was looking in a store window. I had to make smalltalk. Smalltalk is really one of the worst things that can be asked of you. And if you have to make smalltalk while feeling like you look worse than crap… oy.

So what are the absolute makeup essentials that will make anyone forgive you (even your own mirror) ... Read More

Manicures and Massage: Pampering for Women

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

manicures and massage

Quick! Name two of your favorite things that start with “M”! I’ve got mine covered: it’s “manicures” and “massage”. (And maybe Macaroon’s.)  I was thinking about it recently when it was the “loser” option for Blair and Serena’s Valentine’s Day on Gossip Girl. Well, sorry B and S, but I like a massage and manicure is just about as luxe as it gets sometimes. And to promote myself to, well, pamper myself, I’m instituting Manicures and Massage on! It’s one of the easiest combination to do that will leave you feeling you’ve achieved the ultimate in pampering for women.

See, I have tons of nail polishes but I never make the time to paint my nails. So earlier I did it. Boom. (I also took the time to deal with my cuticles. Siiigh of relief.)  And I massaged myself via two instruments: by exercising on t ... Read More

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Foundation Review

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

covergirl natureluxe foundation reviews

I had the opportunity to review two items from the COVERGIRL new NatureLuxe line for their word of mouth BzzCampaign. The first was their new NatureLuxe foundation.

My Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation Review:

I love the tagline for this new line, which is, “luxury touched by nature.” Of course, that means nothing to me if it doesn’t actually live up to that standard. This liquid silk foundation in flax is a light color, and it has SPF 15 which is important for summer.

As far as the performance is concerned, it’s a very lightweight foundation and it gives you just enough coverage without being heavy. I am a fan of mineral foundation for summer because I like feeling very little on my face, but for the fall and winter I can see myself using this product because it’s oil-free, and doesn’t give me a face that looks too “makeupy” – to use my scientific term! Haha.

Flax is the second lightest color, so I should have gone with Alabaster. But I find there’s not too much trouble when you’re one shade off and not using a ton of product (I don’t.)

The price is $10, and though the bottle is small I think it’s well worth the price because you don’t have to use a ton of product to ... Read More

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Gloss Balm Review: Your Lips But BETTER

Monday, April 18th, 2011

covergirl natureluxe gloss balm review

I was afforded that chance to review two items from the COVERGIRL new NatureLuxe line for their word of mouth BzzCampaign. The first was …

My Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm Review:

Without any hype at all, I can honestly say that I freaking LOVE this stuff. It has SPF 15 which is an added bonus. It feels just like using a lip balm, but it has color to it.

The color I am reviewing is #260 Clay. I have pale skin, and for me this has a slightly metallic sheen. But it’s that sheen of slight color that gives me that “your lips but better” (ylbb) look which is great when trying to be natural. Now, I love this stuff so much I want to use this up and buy others and I hope they have more colors that will be a little less natural. I’d love a pretty rose color, you know? The quality is THERE, I really love it. And I think (using intuition and guesswork) that the more moist the product is, the longer lasting it is. You can feel it on your lips, but it’s no where as sticky as clear, goopy lip gloss. Still, it gives you the right look. If you can’t tell, I’m really in love with this stuff.

From just looking at this color, I probably would not have bought it. But it applies much more sheer than you’d think, which mea ... Read More

Makeup for Oily Skin: Mattify Oil Absorbing Powder Review

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

how to keep skin not oily

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your skin from being so oily? Now you can.

Mattify Cosmetics creates makeup for oily skin. And really, let’s be honest, plenty of us have oily skin! So it’s pretty important to have a way to manage that oil.

I had a chance to review the Mattify! Cosmetics ULTRA Matte Powder for Extra Oily Skin. In the summer, my T-zone can get especially oily. I have combination skin, is the thing. Well, even if you lightly brushed this on it instantly sucks up oil due to the kaolin clay, cornstarch, rice powder, silica microspheres (which scatters light to blur fine lines and pores) and tianium dioxide. It looks white in a jar, but applies totally sheer. You can put it on before or after your foundation, or both.

Once I put on this powder and wore it for a day, realizing it worked, I had one concern – would it clog pores? But it doesn’t, the kaolin clay keeps your pores clean. The one thing you don’t want to do is brush this powerful product on dry skin, because (as with any powder) it will cling to the dry skin. ... Read More

Mattify Cosmetics: Reviews of their Loose Powder Eyeshadow

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

mattify reviews

Ready for some eyeshadow that won’t smudge or disappear? Mattify Cosmetics has solved the problem for you.

I recently had a chance to try out four different Mattify Cosmetics loose powder eyeshadows. You can use these dry, or wet. I love that you can apply these in three different styles for different looks with the same shadows. You an sweep the color over your eye for a sheer look, pat the color for an opaque look, or apply with water for a highly concentrated color look that turns the color into a liquid eyeliner.

The eyeshadows have Kaolin Clay & Corn Starch to help absorb oil. Your eyeshadows often smudge and fade because of oil, you know? Instead of having to apply primer, you only have to use the eyeshadow. Which is great, to me, for the summer when you want as little on your face as possible.

I really love the names of the colors, and there are plenty of great hues. Even after trying out four colors, I already know tons of colors I want to try next.

Fields of Gold: I love this color, applied sheer it’s a litt ... Read More

A Trip to the Estee Lauder Counter (Pretty Perfumes all in a Row – PICS)

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

estee lauder perfumes for women

My Mother has been a loyal user of two makeup brands ever since I can remember her wearing makeup (which is all my life.) Those brands are Clinique and Estee Lauder. And so, all her extra makeup and goodies from gift bags (the extras she didn’t want or need) went to me, the eldest daughter. By default, I became a user of Clinique and Estee Lauder from Junior High through High School, and even college. It’s only now that I’ve really had a chance to experiment with different brands, especially now that I like mineral makeup. Still, it’s always nice to take a trip to the Estee Lauder counter….

All the perfumes, lined up in a row. I like “Beautiful” because it reminds me of my Mom and Grandmother. But that’s also the reason I never wear it. I’m not a fan of any of their other perfumes.

You always must be on the watch for the gift bags!

... Read More

EUFORA Pure Polish Review (Rating: 5 Smooches)

Monday, March 28th, 2011

eufora pure polish review

An item I came into casually has turned out to be a cult hit with beauty gurus, and something that makes my sister green with envy. Mwahahaha. It’s the Pure Polish Finishing Drops by a brand called Eufora. Now it’s my secret weapon, and I think it will help me in many hair battles this summer.

Fourth over from the left: Eufora Pure Polish Finishing Drops

The Eufora Pure Polish Finishing Drops make my hair photo-ready in an instant.  This rich formula applies weightlessly and tames the frizz in my hair while giving it a boost of shiny gloss. It make me feel glamorous and my hair feels and looks well looked after. It’ll make your hair look like it has luster.

There is a scent, which I love, but it does really mostly go away so there’s no lingering conflict for your daily perfume or spritz.

The cost is $$29.95 which makes it a bit pricey, but you really get what you’re paying for here. The quality is bar ... Read More

Winged Eyeliner Look: Inspirational Pictures

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

winged eyeliner look

During an episode of America’s Next Top Model cycle 16, the ladies shot a commercial in the vein of Mad Men. To achieve the 60’s look, they all wore a winged eyeliner look. The CW provided behind-the-scenes photos of the models getting their makeup on, and I think they’re worth sharing.

"Francesco Carrozzini" -- The models work in pairs to film a retro-style coffee commercial with photographer/director Francesco Carrozzini on America's Next Top Model on The CW. pictured: Mikaela Cycle 16 Photo: Jaimie Trueblood/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

... Read More