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Comfortable, Ergonomic Tweezers by SLICE – Review and Pictures

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

In a few words: Pretty. Ergonomic. High-Quality. Useful.

The only reason to change the tweezers you use is if they really give you a drastically better performance. And I found that with these Slice Tweezers.

If you want a really great ergonomic tweezer that’s easy to use, then you want a good designer behind the product. And that’s what you have with the new Slice line of tweezers, all designed by famed architect Michael Graves.

Ergonomic Tweezers: Combo-Tip Soft-Touch Tweezers

I was sent a pair of the Combo-Tip Soft Touch Tweezers, and I believe it when they say it took them two years of testing before they settled upon their final design. But why do I believe that? Because I can hold it in my hand not just easily, but near perfectly. They refer to it as being “hand-filed and perfectly aligned.” It’s got a coating that keeps it easy when you grasp it in your hand and with your fingers, which is nothing I’ve experienced with the dozens of tweezers I’ve used before. But that’s not the only thing that sets this pair of tweezers apart.

These Michael Graves tweezers by Slice are offered in this combo-tip which has both a slanted and ... Read More

MAC Supersweet Review and Pics (CHEN MAN Collection Spring 2012)

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

mac chen man collection

When I picked up my MAC Supersweet Mineralize Eye Shadow last Saturday, this color was already almost sold out. And it had only just come into stores! I’m pleased with it in general, and want to get the other two limited edition shadows from the Chen Man Spring 2012 collection. Read on to see why.

I’m a major fan of the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadows now. The impact you get, so quickly, is impressive. That’s quality! Yes, you pay a bit more, but I think it’s worth it. We all know MAC makes some wonderful products.


While I picked up Supersweet, I’ve since been wishing I had also gotten Pink Union or Love Cycle. I’m pretty addicted to how easily these apply because I don’t like spending a ton of time on makeup all the time. Often, I’ll spend the time and it’ll look like I’ve put forth almost no effort. Anyway. The reaso ... Read More

How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish Without Foil

Monday, March 5th, 2012

how to remove glitter nail polish

We’ve showed you one way, now here is a tip for removing glitter nail polish without the foil method.

Sometimes you want to be lazy, and that’s okay!

You need:

  • Nail Polish Remover with a lid
  • Felt (white, ideally) from a craft store cut into small squares
  • Hand Lotion
  • Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
How To Remove Glitter Nail Polish without Foil
  • Pour some of your polish remover into the cap. Then dip your nail in the liquid and leave it there for about 35 seconds.
  • Instead of using cotton balls or cotton rounds, use the tougher and more durable felt.
  • Repeat the first two steps as needed.
  • Rinse hands. Apply hand lotion. Because the remover can hurt your cuticles and make them feel dry, try something that I love – Burt’s Bee’s Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream works and it’s fabulous. If you have one you prefer that you know works, then use that.
  • FEATURED POLISH: (Queen of the best polishes that celebs use on the red carpet > ) Deborah Lippman Glitter Nail Polish in Do Ya Think I’m Sexy? Best Red Glitter Polish  from Zappos, ... Read More

    How to Remove Glitter Nail Polish with Foil (Or Without)

    Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

    Deborah Lippman Glitter Nail Polish in Happy Birthday

    Inside this piece: Tips for removing glitter nail polish like a pro!

    Deborah Lippman Glitter Nail Polish in Happy Birthday

    You can’t deny that glitter nail polish has a major allure for those of us who love to play with our makeup and beauty products. Not only can you use funky, sparkly colors but now people are experimenting with cool ombre effects (or painting your nails all one color except for one nail on each hand that’s a super saturated glitter – it’s totally what the one sparkled glove version of Michael Jackson would have done to his nails if he’d been a woman. Instead of that he just morphed his face a lot… uh, moving on!)

    One thing we love about glitter nail polish is that it has very long staying power. But that’s also a con when it comes to trying to get it off. I’m sure you’ve noticed, getting glitter nail polish off is a major pain. But there is a method you can use that will help you do it fast.

    You need:

    • Scissors
    • Aluminum Fol (cut into ten small squares)
    • Nail Polish Remover
    • Hand Lotion
    • Cotton rounds (cut in half)
    How To Remove Glitt ... Read More

    How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now – 7 Techniques

    Thursday, December 15th, 2011

    how to stop procrastinating right now

    Being honest with you guys, I have to admit that I procrastinated about writing this piece! Which only goes to prove that I truly do procrastinate on things all the time. It’s a habit in my life and it’s one I’d like to BREAK. So, I turned to to offer of reviewing an e-book on how to stop procrastinating by Trevor Johnson and published by Stonham House Publishing Company.


    7 techniques to help you stop procrastinating and get things done:

    * How to decide whether to procrastinate * Monitor how you currently spend your time (< be present, be accountable for your minutes!) * Does ‘Just Do It’ actually work? * Why starting with the smallest things first causes you to procrastinate * How to split up stuff into smaller chunks * Do you like rewards or punishments? (< I like both! And honestly, both work to motivate me.) * How to manage your attention span to you ... Read More

    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hair Tutorial

    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


    Below are the tutorial steps and product suggestions you need to get the official look of the Victoria’s Secret angels during their latest fashion show.


    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hair Tutorial

    HAIR that’s bouncy! Because you’re kind of like a mermaid angel…thing!

    See all the outfits! >> Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 Pictures of Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, More

    The idea for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show hair was for it to have body and be tousled and glamorous but no tight curls allowed. The hair for the 2011 show was done by Orlando Pita.

    1: Curl hair with a 1-inch or 1 1/4-inch barrel curling iron. As you do this make sure you make the curls turn outward (or alternate, having your hair closest to your face turning outward first. And don’t be afraid to muss up your hair after you ... Read More

    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeup Tutorial

    Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

    victoria's secret fashion show 2011

    Below we have an official Victoria’s Secret makeup tutorial for each: face, eyes, lips and body!

    Get the Victoria’s Secret Model Makeup and Hair look like Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adrianna Lima. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 airs tonight at 10/9 c on CBS.

    The makeup artist for the VS Fashion Show is Tom Pencheux and he gave the girls a natural, feminine, glowing, angelic look.

    Photo by CBS/Getty

    (Source: US Magazine)

    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Makeup Look

    “Enough with the false lashes. We used to do a lot of fakeness: false lashes, fake tan, blah, blah, blah. This year we kill everything. No more fakeness.” Except for the fake breasts, huh?

    Start with your face and cheeks

    MAKEUP: face time! 1: Skin was prepped with the VS PRO Airbrush FX Face Primer SPF 20 ($18, ... Read More

    Crest 3D White Strips on Sale – Black Friday 2011 Deals Online!

    Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

    black friday 2011 deals online

    It’s Black Friday Deals Week on Amazon! Take advantage where you can. And where can you? Well, this first thing is something in the health/beauty department.

    Black Friday 2011 Deals Online

    Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Enamel Safe Dental Whitening Kit, 10-count Carton – Link!

    List Price: $44.80 Price: $11.03 ($1.10 / Count) You Save: $33.77 (75%)

    I actually got to review these. My review of them summarized is that: they work, but are not as all powerful as you’d wish they’d be. I think you need to do two sessions to achieve the whiteness that you’d ideally get in one. However, for this price it’s pretty easy to imagine doing two strip sessions in two days. It’s normally $44.80 for a box, and for this Amazon Black Friday deal it’s $11.03. That’s pretty damn good, even if you pay for shipping. If I didn’t still have some strips left, I’d buy these now.

    ... Read More

    Easy Spa at Home Ideas: My Refreshing Foot Spray Review

    Monday, August 22nd, 2011

    easy spa at home ideas

    I received some  Kanshi Instantly Refreshing Foot Spray in the mail and I immediately went into my Liz Lemon mode of mocking how this was clearly the most ridiculous beauty item in the world.  I want to spray my feet to feel refreshed!? Yea, well, turns out…I kinda do. Like, a little. Let me just explain?

    Refreshing Foot Spray Review

    Kanshi is a nice line created by Lydia Sarfati (I bet people have often called her “Safari” half her life) and it’s nice because it is a natural line of paraben-free aromatherapy spa products. And, hello, I like to fake spa at my house. One of the easiest spa at home ideas I can give you is to sit down, put your feet on a towel, and have someone spray this on one foot at a time while massaging your feet. It’s nothing you get in your everyday life so it’ll feel special. And getting your foot rubbed totally causes endorphins to kick up and make you feel happier.

    The ingredients in this spray aren’t random. There ... Read More

    Perfume that Smells like The Beach: Found!

    Friday, June 24th, 2011

    perfume that smells like the beach

    The scent of summer is often the scent of the beach. And even in the dead of Winter, we often long for that smell of sand, surf, and implied warmth. Well, look no further because I have found a perfume that smells like the beach.

    This perfume is of the beach during the mid 60’s – think of if like if Betty Draper went to the beach. Of course, I’m not a huge fan of Betty Draper…I digress. While people didn’t know too much about why sunscreen was so important back then, there was still some to use. And one of the brands was Coppertone. I’m sure you know the bottle – it’s iconic! A blonde girl with pigtails has a dog pulling on her bathing suit.

    “The prime note in this scent is Coppertone 1967 blended with a new accord I created especially for this perfume – North Atlantic. The base of the scent contains a bit of Wet Sand, Seashell, Driftwood and just a hint of Boardwalk. The effect when you wear At The Beach 1966 is as if you’ve been swimming all day in the ocean.”

    At The Beach 1966 – CB I Hate Perfume – ... Read More