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dr. adam, PARIS Reviews – Best Skin Care Products 2013, Holla! Cellular Therapy Skin Cream, Anti Stress Skin Care

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

best skin care products 2013

The deal is, your skin is being assaulted by external factors all the time. This is one of the reasons the skin on your face ages and gets wrinkles. So, you want to mount a defense. Like armor, but, well, way more comfortable.

Dr. Adam created a line of items using his big ol’ science brain. The brand overwhelms me, but the items in it are so worth checking out that I’ve gone through all of my materials to bring you the information I think you most need to know.

First, who is this Dr. Adam? And is he really from Paris?

Dr. Adam is a chemical engineer graduated from of the very prestigious National Graduate School of Chemistry ā€“ Paris. He holds over 50 exclusive patents for items in human health, so great is his ability to invent such dynamic breakthrough components.

And, yes, I think he’s from Paris. He’s at least French!

What has he done with this crazy, immense talent? He’s created a large range of hypoallergenic dermatological skin care for his brand, ... Read More

IT Cosmetics Reviews – Why you should DEF try Hello Lashes Mascara, Brow Power, Bye Bye Under Eye, Foundation Brush

Friday, December 14th, 2012

hello lashes review

Trust me, you definitely want to get familiar with It Cosmetics. Let me help introduce you to this brand, and which products you should take notice of first.

Here’s the quick description on why It Cosmetics is getting rave reviews from, uh, pretty much everywhere: It Cosmetics founder Jamie Kern Lima worked with “leading plastic surgeons to develop innovative, high-performance color cosmetics infused with the latest breakthroughs in antiaging technology.” ( phrased that well.)

TLDR It Cosmetics Review – I loved everything, but special TOP love goes to the It Cosmetics makeup-brush quality (although the design of one was not great for my personal uses), Bye Bye Under Eye Review and Brow Power Pencil. The Hello Lashes mascara has a really amazing brush design. I’d give this brand a FIVE OUT OF FIVE stars from and have included links to other reviews to show you that ... Read More

MicroPedi Review by Emjoi – (THE best way to soften rough feet) – An A+ product!

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

how to soften rough feet

I just found my latest secret weapon for my beauty arsenal. And, yes, I’m going to share it with you. But if you don’t give much thought to taking your tired, dry and scaly feet and making them supple, soft and feel amazing in under a matter of minutes, then I guess you don’t need to read this. šŸ˜‰ Yes, I’m grinning… how did you know that? It’s because I am so happy that I can give this product an A+ grade. I mean, often I sniff out amazing things that will get an A, but an A+? That’s near perfection. But I found it in the MicroPedi by Emjoi. Remember that name!

The MicroPedi is basically a foot buffer. It’s like a pumice stone activated by the Energizer Bunny. It answers the age old question (I’m sure even cavewomen asked this) of how to soften rough feet. Pro’s | MicroPedi Review

This product WORKS. It’s easy to use, and it’s fast. No more pumice stones or egg shavers needed… this does all the work for you. And you know how you’d expect a product like this to accumulat ... Read More

Tatcha Reviews: Camellia Cleansing Oil, Polished Rice Enzyme Powder, Brightening Serum, Moisture Rich Silk Cream

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

tatcha reviews

Inside is my Tatcha Skin Care Review of the full geisha-inspired ritual.

(TLDR version: It’ll make you feel special and it works so well you’ll really see the results. The Rice Powder is the must-have product out of them all. I 100% recommend these amazing products.)

Imagine the face of a geisha. Now imagine what a geisha’s face would look like without the white makeup. Still flawless and growing? After all, geisha’s were trained to prize their beauty above all all. And they used natural items. Wouldn’t you like to steal their secrets?

Tatcha is a Japanese-inspired beauty regimen that uses the secrets of the Geisha’s to give you radiant and flawless skin.

I have heard of Tatcha Skin Care before because it’s sold at Sephora and Barney’s, but I had no idea how cool it would be to use.

And sure, you may shrug and not believe this is more than a schtick to sell product. But founder Victoria Tsai can really back up her claims. The Tatcha Skin Care line comes after years of research and work that included befriending people from Kyoto. T ... Read More

Lavera Organic Skin Care Reviews: a mattifying moisturizer (A+!) and gentle face wash

Monday, November 12th, 2012

mattifying moisturizer

The Lavera line makes high-end organic skincare. This review covers their Lavera Mattifying Balancing Cream and Lavera Invigorating Cleaning Gel. I liked both, but the Mattifying Balancing Cream really stood out to me as an amazing product.


Mattifying Lavera Natural Cosmetics Faces Balancing Cream with Calendula Review

With a combination skin tone, you better believe I struggle with finding a moisturizing that isn’t overly oily. For a long time, I’ve used the affordable and widely beloved Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer. And the big deal about this post is that the Lavera Balancing Cream was so good it might one day replace my daily Neutrogena fix. I love the consistency of this lotion. The lotion gets absorbed immediately into my skin, which is not something Neutrogena does. (I think perhaps the “thickening agent” Xanthan Gum helped.) And my face never felt greasy or oily while wearing this moisturizer. Plus, it has a delicious citrus smell that is like a creamsicle. I don’t currently have this scent in any other beauty products, so it’s especially refreshing. My tip would be that a little does not go a long way, and that you have to be careful not to squeeze too much o ... Read More

Dossage Fragrances Review (One perfume smells like Euphoria CK!)

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

dossage fragrances

Forget about matching a perfume and a cologne together, Dossage Fragrances has done the work for you!

I received four Dossage fragrances to review. The boxes and bottles are very French chic, with black and white swirls. There are no names for the fragrances, rather, there are numbers. And the idea is that each female perfume has a male cologne counterpart. So you can your boyfriend or husband can compliment each others scents by both wearing the same number.

I found that the one male/female number combination I sampled did compliment each other well. Of the four scents that I reviewed, only one would I not recommend. Let’s begin!

I had several people, aside from myself, also smell the scents.

No 8 Black Label for Him – Green leaves, sandalwood. “Inspired by: Santa Barbara, Marbella, and Australia. Dossage No. 8 for Him users are confident when they are on, challenged to live life to the fullest every minute. Scent notes include Citrus Accord, Crushed Green Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Sandlewood Mysore. The No. 8 man knows who he is & what he wa ... Read More

Soap and Glory Reviews – Clean Girls Body Wash and Righteous Butter Body Lotion

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

soap and glory reviews

In testing my first two Soap & Glory products ever (and isn’t it such a chic name?!), I found one product that is so wonderful that I can’t imagine living without it now.

Soap and Glory Clean Girls Review – Skin Softening Body Wash

Using the Soap & Glory Clean Girls Skin Softening Cream Body wash is a thoroughly luxurious experience. It smells really nice and the bottle is so cute. It lathers gently and leaves me feeling clean. I definitely like this product. The convenient pump dispenser makes it great for the shower. The body wash itself is this really pretty iridescent light pinky color. Divine!

Soap & Glory Clean Girlsā„¢ Skin Softening Cream Body Wash “Contains natural vanilla fruit and orchid extracts plus a built-in moisturising matrix. Scented with our Mist You Madlyā„¢ fragrance. Rub a handful of Clean, Girls onto slightly damp skin until it forms a thick, luxurious lather, and then rinse. Dry off, and follow with moisturizer if you feel you must.” Price: $14 Where to buy: Sephora &

... Read More

Best Non Greasy Hand Lotion Contender: Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion (Reviews)

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

best non greasy hand lotion

I’ve got a new lotion recommendation for you gals!

The best lotion for dry skin does two things: absorbs quickly (is non greasy) and truly moisturizing. It’s not easy (being green – or) to find both of these items in one lotion. I recently tried the NEW VaselineĀ® Total MoistureĀ® lotion and discovered for myself that it does both jobs. Which is wonderful – because I use lotion every single day, many times in the course of just one day! (Who doesn’t?)

There are three types of the Total Moisture lotion:

Ā· VaselineĀ® Total MoistureĀ® ā€“ Clean feeling lotion for healthy soft skin. Ā· VaselineĀ® Total MoistureĀ® Aloe Fresh ā€“ Light feeling lotion for healthy fresh skin. Ā· VaselineĀ® Total MoistureĀ® Cocoa Radiantā„¢ ā€“ Rich feeling lotion for healthy glowing skin.

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion Reviews:

  • The Cocoa Radiant (Brown bottle) had a faint smell of coconut (I think) but not a lot. I wish there was more becuase I am obsess ... Read More
  • Pinterest Worthy Drawings of Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

    Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

    drawn hair images

    These “Hair Portraits” by Maria Gil Ulldemolins are drawn images of hairstyles that I couldn’t wait to share with you guys. I literally had them saved on my computer for a week (which is a bit typical for me, argh) and I kept seeing them in thumbnail version.

    I used to sketch hairstyles out, but never with such elegance. I love that the focus is all on the back and it really shows you how certain hairstyles are put together. While I don’t think these were meant to be instructive, they still are.

    Now THIS is intricate… oh boy. From the back of her head I think she seems like a very nice person, maybe a British gal who knits and drinks mint chocolate tea.

    Here I immediately think of a Scandinavian woman who is a bit of a punk.

    ... Read More

    Help for Dark Underarms! DOVE Clear Tone Reviews

    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

    underarms dark home remedies

    Our favorite brand with the peaceful dove as a logo has a new product calledĀ DoveĀ® Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. It was created for women to even out skin tone and reduce any dark or red marks on their underarms. It does this with the help of Calendula, Sunflower seed extracts, and unique DoveĀ® moisturizers that help aid your body with its built-in natural skin renewal process.

    I wasn’t sure that this was an issue for a lot of people until I went a a’googling around. Apparently plenty of people search for “underarms dark,” andĀ “underarms dark home remedies.” But you don’t need a home remedy when you have something that will work. And don’t be embarrassed to admit you have any discoloration under your arms, because it can happen from wearing a tight top or a sleeveless shirt where your skin touches itself and has friction.

    The clincher: And really, much as we want it smooth, we want it to look good if we’re gonna wear a tank top!

    Dove Clear Tone Review

    My underarms aren’t too dark, but I do deal with this issue in a spot on my face and it drives me CRAZY. Seriously, crazy! And I also crazy moisturize that area all the time. I thi ... Read More