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Spotlight on Julie Hewett Makeup for RED Lips

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


I took to the task of looking at all of the products on the Julie Hewett website because I’d bookmarked it a while ago. I’ve seen Julie’s products mentioned by celebs and other bloggers – so I know it’s got some merit. When I discover a new makeup line (especially if it’s got cute packaging – and this line DOES) my first impulse is that I want to buy one of each product. Of course, reality comes crashing in and I realize that’s just not something I can do unless I want to to debtors prison. Which may not even be a thing they have anymore, but in older books they always make it sound scary! Still, treating yourself to ONE new item that’s expensive is okay once in a while. And there’s nothing wrong with LOOKING.

What’s unique to Hewett’s line is this cameilla oil stuff, but also – Hewett is renoun for her use of RED lip products. So if you want to go for Julie Hewett, my suggestion is to try one of her lip products with a red hue. (After all, you don’t go to an Italian restaurant and then order an oriental salad. You go for what they’re known for doing well!)

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Amanda Seyfried’s Hair in ‘Chloe’ is Wavy and (Duh) Gorgeous!

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

amanda seyfried hair

Amanda Seyfried has a new movie with Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson called “Chloe”. It’s a dark drama/thriller and also supposedly pretty provocative. While I don’t know if it’s a movie worth seeing yet, I do know that Seyfried’s hair is really gorgeous in it! Yes, maybe I’m a little obsessed with hair. There was one year I put hot rollers in my hair pretty much EVERY  day, to have the “perfect” hair I wanted. People thought I was nuts to get up so early just to do my hair. But it gave me confidence, so I guess it was worth it.

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Of course, the flaw in my plan was that I hate hairspray (so sticky, and if it lands on my face I feel so gross, gross, gross!) so  my curled hair would fa ... Read More

Get Runway Ready Hair with Inside Tips from the AVON/MACKAGE NYFW Show

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

tippi avon hair

Avon’s Global Stylist Advisor Tippi Shorter created the hair looks for the AVON/Mackage fall 2010 runway show at New York Fashion Week. (That’s a mouthful!) Tippi explains the hair for fans, “This look was really inspired by the woman who had her hair perfectly done the night before, wakes up and tries to recreate the look. It’s a look that I refer to as ‘second day chic.’ It’s a sexy and mysterious look that works perfectly with the designs.”

I think the idea of a severe side part and using some bobby pins to make some of your hair drape in a curve like long bangs is a great idea and new way to change up your hair.

Tippi Shorter has created dashing ‘dos for stars like Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Mary J. Blige. So, she KNOWS what she’s doing. These are the products she used:

AVON Advance Techniques Volumizing Mousse ($4): This lightweight mousse adds volume without feeling sticky or greasy!

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I SO Want: Wireless Speakers for the Bathroom

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

wireless speaker bathroom

I have friends who literally take their laptops into the bathroom as they prepare to, and then shower. Now, I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer but I think that is a rat-tastic horrible idea. Won’t the steam from the shower affect your laptop? When it breaks, aren’t you liable to have some sort of meltdown because you forgot to back somesuch thing up on a flashdrive? I don’t think you should put your most precious of objects in such peril.

So, I think that they should invest in something I’m looking for – wireless speakers for the bathroom. I’d say “wireless speakers for the shower” but I don’t mean for them to be actually “in” the shower. But they’re for the shower, or prepping makeup in the bathroom – that sort of thing. And if for some reason the speakers do get ruined, at least you haven’t lost all of those short stories you ... Read More

What I Find Surprising AND Reassuring

Saturday, February 6th, 2010

cat with socks

Two dissimilar words came to my mind the other day. They were, “Reassuring and surprising.” They promptly moved into my brain as I was laying on my bedroom floor to do some stretching. I do stretching on the floor for my back, since sitting at a desk all day can make you as achey as I imagine Heidi Klum’s permanently stilettoed feet must feel. (And even heels when preggers? Really now!)

After I’d been laying on the floor like an idiot, feeling unfairly lulled into a pre-dinner nap, I moved my head just enough to catch a glimpse of my cat lying on the floor near me. She’d been out of my eyesight before, and since shopcat’s ninja-quiet, I hadn’t heard her at all. Knowing that she was there made me geek out a bit, and that’s when I decided my feeling of this was that I was surprised but also reassured. It’s not totally unexpected to see Shopcat lurking somewhere I don’t expect her to be. And the sight of her is always welcome (well…not while I’m in the shower – and yes, that has happened). The idea that she would curl up to me, especially when I’m feeling a little low, reassures me that she feels affection towards me. And yes, I’m weird and I crave approval and affection from my cat! I’ve noticed that she follows me a ... Read More

Tiny Toons Spring into Fashion

Monday, February 1st, 2010

babs bunny

My twitter friend Ilana, who obsesses over TV as much as I do, was talking about Tiny Toons recently. SURELY you must remember Tiny Toons as an after-school staple, do you not? Well, I guess it depends on your age…blah, blah. Well, she posted a link to a video that got me inspired to think the very rational question, how would you dress Babs the bunny today, in actual clothing? It’s more sensible than you think – it’s almost Spring (well, let me believe it is!) so the colors of yellow and purple are spot-on for the season.

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Which Pic Makes You Wanna Buy Demi Moore’s Perfume?

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

demi moore perfume

So, this ad came out with Demi Moore for the perfume “Wanted”. And I guess there’s a before picture that was tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and people are quick to compare. I think there’s a problem with trying to compare these photos since the poses are different, and the ad of course uses photoshop effects, not to mention that we do expect a bit of photoshopping. The effect for the ad was to be radiant, etc. I understand that. But at what point do they start making a person look unreal? Is Moore even very recognizable in the first picture? They pay big bucks to get her, and then they alter everything about her! The only difference I see? A Kabballah bracelet was removed for the ad.

NY Mag noted these differences (also where the picture is from)

• Her cleavage appears sculpted and inflated. • Her armpit is missing a prominent wrinkle. • Her sternum has disappeared. • Her hair is smoother and more voluminous. • Her neck ... Read More

Shea Terra Organics Review & Giveaway!

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

melon body spray

Your skin can feel like a baby again, without resorting to those Heidi Pratt tactics of plastic surgery and other weird stuff! Picture: paulandaline on Flickr.

I am typing this after soaking in a bath, and luxuriously pampering myself with Shea Terra Organics products as though I were in a spa. I have a fluffy robe, and ambient music – I can fake the spa feeling! Especially when I have such amazing products at my hands. (Hands which are already feeling softer – but more on that later!)

We’ve mentioned the Shea Terra Organics line before, because it’s a brand we’ve used and absolutely trust and believe in. Also, almost more than makeup, at we care about healing and nourishing our skin (we would like to avoid all botox injections). We want to treat our skin from H-T (head to toe) as Tyra Banks would say when she tells her models to go ab ... Read More

The Vampire Diaries Girls Get Lippy

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

vampire diaries makeup

The January issue of InStyle has dark red lips for you, as modeled by the female cast members of The Vampire Diaries. Of course, there’s one person in the mix who is long since gone from the show!

I have my own personal lippy recommendations!:

For Fair Skin: Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in in Plump Out #410 (Like a raspberry stain on your lips. I own this.) For Medium Skin: Estee Lauder All Day Lipstick in Cinnamon Stick (Not as dark as the ones they choose for Kayla Ewell, but very wearable and easily layered. I own this. It is especially great when layered with ... Read More

Things I Bought That I Love

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

best fudge

I bought some things recently that I LOVE, so I wanted to share some info about them with you guys. After all, a store clerk will easily lie to you, but someone who spent their own hard-earned money to buy something will be straight-up honest with you about a product. No doubt! Yo. Uh, do I sound gangsta now? Moving on…

I bought: Fudge! For: My dear Dad. From: KandyKettleKitchen on Etsy. Specifically what I got: Creamy Fudge, Four Flavor Box – 1 lb in Chocolate and Peanut Butter Layer, Chocolate, Raspberry & Cream,  and Heath English Toffee (Check other fudge flavors here.) Price: $10.79 + S&H Thoughts: I knew I wanted to get my Dad fudge for Christmas. Not only am I not a fan of eating fudge, I’m a pretty laughable baker. So I decided handmade fudge would be perfect. The hardest decision was trying to decide which of the many flavors to get. I tried to secretly quiz my Dad about what his preferences for c ... Read More