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Shop the look for Less: Emmy Rossums’s Ballerina-Inspired Makeup

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

emmy rossum makeup guide

Emmy Rossum attended The American Museum of Natural History Museum Dance sponsored by Lilly-Pulitzer with a really fresh-but-elegant face. Below are some suggestions for recreating the look.

How to achieve Emmy Rossum’s Makeup Look: Whatever foundation you use, make sure it is as close to your skin tone as possible. Do not use any powder unless you’re using a powder foundation. Skip blush, or use only a very pale pink. Ditto for your lips, clear gloss is the best way to go when the focus is on the eyes. And the focus is very, very much on the eyes. Use a black pencil eyeliner to line to top of your lids as close to possible to the lashline as possible. Then use a pale gray shadow to give your entire eyelid a pale wash of color. Extend it only a little further than your crease. Go in with a highlighter (a stick or just a highlighter shad ... Read More

How to achieve nearly fool proof Winged Eyeliner

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

winged eyeliner

Far be it from me to ever say something nice about Paris Hilton…but at a recent US party she had terrific winged eyeliner. She very often wears cute things, which is bizarre because other times she looks very er, trashy. I’m not super wild about her dress here, but like I said – the makeup is good!

People get so afraid of doing winged eyeliner (myself included), which is why I want to show you pictures that will help you visualize how it should look next time you think about trying it.

The reason why winged eyeliner is so cool is that it really defines your upper lashes. The idea is to take the eyeliner (generally liquid) and run it over the top of your eyelid, and wing it out for bolder eyes that look larger than they are.

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Shop this look: Idina Menzel on Glee

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

BOOBS. Seriously! Serious boobs.  GLEE: Idina Menzel guest-stars as Shelby Corcoran in "Hell-O," the spring premiere episode of GLEE airing at a special time Tuesday, April 13 (9:28-10:30 PM ET/PT) following AMERICAN IDOL on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Carin Baer/FOX Read more: GLEE Spring Premiere New Photos Glee Hello

BOOBS. Seriously! Serious boobs. GLEE: Idina Menzel guest-stars as Shelby Corcoran ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Carin Baer/FOX

Idina Menzel is Shelby Corcoran on Glee – the coach for Vocal Adrenaline! I fell in love with the berry colored blouse she wore in the Glee episode “Hell-O”.

Wardrobe shopping list for smart shopping 2010: Berry hues give a polished look, whether you’re wearing the color as your lipgloss, your handbag, or even for your sunglasses (tinted shades in this unexpected color are tres cool).

Stea ... Read More

Only My Personal Favorites for Spring Perfume 2010

Monday, April 12th, 2010

spring perfume 2010

My nose is super picky about perfumes and there are only a few that I genuinely enjoy. And trust me, I’ve wandered plenty of make-up counters and Sephora’s to know what I like. I’ve owned several of these, or had access via a friend to wearing it often enough to know that I like it more than just for one day. I think it’s important for you to go smell a perfume for yourself, if possible. But sometimes you aren’t able to, or you’re buying a gift for someone else. Or maybe you just have no clue what to look for when you’re at the store. Well, here are my smart suggestions:

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely $31.13 3.4 oz & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. More.

Marc Jacobs Daisy For Women Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 Oz. $38.32. More.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Parfum ... Read More

Making Use of Driftwood for Unique Ways to Decorate Your Room

Friday, April 9th, 2010

decorative driftwood

These fishies want driftwood, don't try to stop them.

Call me a freakle, but I love driftwood. Nature is cool, OKAY? “What is driftwood” you ask? Well, this may stun you but it is wood that has been in the water and then drifted (probably had amazing adventures like Nemo in Finding Nemo) back onto shore.

Some people use driftwood for inside of their aquariums when they have lizards and stuff…but that’s not what I’m going to cover. Because lizards scare me. If I wanted to wake up to a pet crocodile every day then I’d go move to the Amazon or something.  (And then my life would turn into a scene from that Jennifer Lopez movie Anaconda.) So what am I interested in? Decorative driftwood! Which is just what it sounds like. Finding ways to incorporate driftwood into your apartment, house, porch or garden is cool. (If ... Read More

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment Review (It’s A-Maaaa-Zing!)

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Dr Hess Udder Ointmentb

There is very little more appealing to me than taking time out of a day to sit down and pamper myself. I wish I had a full working spa in my house, but aside from not being financially feasible for me, then I’d never leave my house. I sat down to try a bunch of items from the Dr. Hess Udder Ointment line. While I don’t have an udder (I swear!) this stuff was perfect for my skin to make it feel soft and smooth.

The formula for Udder Ointment is completely natural save for a small amount of petroleum, which acts as a way to seal the moisture into the skin and form a barrier. The entire product works so well because one of the ingredients works solely to open up your skins pores. Then, the 13 different skin softeners get to work on your skin,  giving it a full massage from the inside-out.

People are always looking for moisturizers that will actually work and not just “kinda work” (I certainly wouldn’t buy a car that only kinda worked!), so you should check this out if you have trouble finding something to satisfy your skin.

My personal experience with Dr Hess Udder Ointment

Whatever your skin is crying out for, I bet you that Dr. Hess Udder Ointment can meet those needs. You have no idea how spastic I get about my skin – especially my han ... Read More

Alice in Wonderland Nail Polish Set

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

alice in wonderland nail polish

With the Alice in Wonderland madness, is there any surprise that OPI has made a collection based upon it? There are just four colors, but all look really great. By far, the most popular is Mad as a Hatter. However my favorite is Absolutely Alice. As always, I checked the reviews on Amazon and these all have several positive reviews. I think buying the set is the best way to get these colors. You’ll understand why when you see the price of Mad as a Hatter on its own. And don’t forget, this a limited time collection, so buy it fast if you want it.

The Best Swimsuit for the Self Conscious Sort

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

plus size swimsuit

Are you freaking out about the beach? We know how it goes - suddenly you don't like your thighs, or your belly, or your hips, or even your earlobes... Stop with that nonsense. Do you want to enjoy your life or don't you?

If you are plus-sized, you may already have decided that you won’t be wearing a swimsuit this summer no matter what. Hell, if you even just think you’re overweight (no matter what your actual size is) you might have ruled it out. It’s all about having a confident mentality and choosing a swimsuit that is good for your bodytype. If you’re self-conscious, there is one kind of swimwear that I think is perfect. And it’s actually a TWO PIECE. That’s right. THE TANKINI! Sometimes they don’t call them tankini’s, they’ll list them as swim tops  that you can pair with swim shorts/ swim bottoms or swim skirts. Sometimes they even call them skirtini’s.

Why do I suggest a tankini? Because it hides your tummy without stretching against your stomach. It has a flattering A-line shape, and it typically can also show off some cleavage in a flattering v-neckline.

Shopping tip: These sell out super ... Read More

How AND Why to Try Some Youthful Yellow Nail Polish Today

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

yellow nail polish

Yellow Flowers by Mr.Thomas

I am not a fan of neon colors, they’re way too glaring for me. And I’m not a SUPER fan of all pastels, because I don’t want to live or look like a giant Easter Egg. But somewhere inbetween those extremes lie some great colors. And I’m searching like a scuba diver in those depths for yellow nail polishes that are flattering without looking ridiculous. It’s VERA VERA tricky, because depending on your skin tone the yellow could fade right into your skin and not look like anything.

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