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How to Wear a Headband with Long Hair: Two Style Worthy Options

Friday, March 18th, 2011

how to wear a headband with long hair

Wearing a headband in the most traditional way doesn’t make sense, since there are so many new and creative sorts of headbands (fabric, being a popular kind.) But even with the most standard of headbands (we’re talking plastic from a $2 bin) just pushing all of your hair back is not exactly a stylish way to go about things. To give you a quick example, I pulled two pictures to show you two different ways to wear a headband, especially with long hair.

Here, the trick is using a side part, then pulling the front section back, while leaving some loose hair under.

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Shoes like Anthropologie Sells but for LESS

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

anthropologie shoes for less

While most shoes (whether wedges or espadrilles) at Anthropologie are well over the $100 mark, you can actually find similar shoes in surprising brands that look similar. Two brands to check out are Steve Madden (I know, it’s weird) and Big Buddha.

Anthropologie Shoes for Less:

  • Steve Madden Bespoke Oxford in Tan $79: Here
  • Steve Madden Trouser Oxford  in Natural Leather $69: Here
  • Big Buddha Women’s Baily Flats Graphite $39: Here
  • Steve Madden Marryy Wedges in Natural$89: Here
  • Chie Mihara Tomei T Strap Sandals: ... Read More
  • How to Dress Like Anne Hathaway with her Style for Less

    Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

    how to dress like anne hathaway

    Anne Hathaway is likable, relatable, and damn stylish. After the Oscars Anne went casual as she moved around LAX, deflecting the paparazzi with her killer sunglasses. I bet she just wanted to soak in a tub and sleep for three days. Mmm…I wish I could do that right now. Anywaaaay, you can steal her style with items from (I know, right?), voila:

    How to Dress like Anne Hathaway at LAX:

    GLEE Fashion: Mercedes

    Saturday, March 12th, 2011

    mercedes glee

    So, you wanna dress like Mercedes from Glee? Hello, it’s Rachel, everyone. This is a plus sized post about Glee fashion. Specifically it will cover Mercedes fashion look. You may want to dress like Rachel Berry (or Quinn Fabray), and are plus size, so I’ll think about doing a post like that in the future. (Please leave a comment to let me know if that’s of interest.)

    Mercedes is girly, powerful, talent and also insecure sometimes. She dresses in bright colors, and the pieces are sporty with a feminine, fun sense about them. Least that is how I see it.

  • Alight Mocha Hooded Open Cardigan by One Step Up Plus $32.00: Here
  • Alight Pink Studded Neck Top by One Step Up Plus sale: $16.99: Here
  • SWAK Cropped Leggings $17: Here
  • Monif C Samanta Shoes Viv Pump – Black, Sale $148.75 : ... Read More
  • Pretty Little Liars Emily Fields Style: These Eco Friendly Messenger Bags are Really Cool

    Friday, March 11th, 2011

    emily fields style

    I am seriously obsessed with Chico Bags. Whatever! I don’t care if I have an ADDICTION! At least this isn’t a bad one. In fact, it’s a seriously good addiction. What could be better than wanting to be more eco-friendly? Well, wanting to have Emily Fields style is pretty awesome. She’s the Pretty Little Liars character played by Shay Mitchell, who I got to speak with once in an interview and absolutely adored. I think that of all the PLL characters, Emily Fields is the most likely to genuinely want to use eco-friendly bags.  (Aria would be my next guess. Not that I think Spencer or Hannah wouldn’t, but it might be parentaly-enforced.)

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    What Would Rachel Berry Wear? St. Patrick’s Day Edition

    Thursday, March 10th, 2011

    glee fashion rachel

    What would Rachel Berry wear? Well, it’s fun to think about that, isn’t it?

    Here’s my idea of what she’d wear for St. Patrick’s Day. I gave her a really cute denim purse, and used purple as a color to accent the green. I mean, how do you pass up purple kitten heels? Especially if you plan to wear them with sheer white polka-dotted socks!

  • Basil, Cilantro, Mint Green Dress from Mod Cloth for $52.99: Here
  • Gabriella Rocha Ginger Mary Jane’s from Zappos for $65.00: Here
  • Kate Spade Purse in Denim with a Bow (“New York Emily” bag ) from Zappos for $236.00: Here
  • Sheer White Dot “Dottie” Socks from Fred Flaire for $9.99: Here
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  • Aroma Home Body Warmer Review (Natural Sleep Aids)

    Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

    aroma home body warmer review

    This is a review of the Aroma Home Body Warmer. I received it in blue, which has the scent of  Rosemary, Lime and Lavender. And I really can smell it, especially when I heat this up. Mmmm. GIVE IT TO ME! Aaah. Yes, I’m dramatic. 😛 But I also know when there’s a product that I love. This is a great item.

    I literally want a robe or blanket made entirely out of this! (Or at least a pillow case and pillow insert!) It’s so delicious on your skin. You warm it in the microwave and you can snuggle and sleep with it. I love to put it under my back when I lie in bed to read. There’s a 100% cotton cover and inside there’s natural grain (and pure essential oils) that heats up. Warmth helps make you become drowsy, so this is a great sleeping aid.

    I love that you can take off the outer cotton cover to clean it.

    When putting it in the microwave, I help keep it clean by putting it on a plate. And since it’s luckily a little large, you’ll want to fold it by making it into a tepee shape so that it doesn’t hit the edges of the microwave as it turns and heats.

    You can also pick from: Warm Lavender, Hot Pink, or Carefree Cow. They all make for wonderful natural sleep aids. It’ ... Read More

    Geek Jewelry for Women and Men: Cool USB Flash Drive Bracelets

    Sunday, March 6th, 2011

    flash drive jewelry

    Would you like your memory on hand? Well, MOH (memory on hand) has created cool (and colorful, can I add) USB flash drive brackets that are the ultimate in geek chic jewelry.

    Flash drive jewelry: The MOH bracelet features a flash drive.

    I was sent the MoH Band™ to give a look over. Who knew that flash drive jewelry would be the next wave of the future. I still recall being in high school and having to use – gasp – a disc! They were smallish, but not small enough to wear unless you wanted to cover the entire thing in ... Read More

    What Would Quinn Fabray Wear? GLEE Fashion

    Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

    what would quinn fabray wear

    What Would Quinn Fabray wear? Well, here’s an idea…

    This spring-inspired look focuses on on Quinn doesn’t like to show a lot of skin, and always looks polished, likes dresses, florals, and flats. Purple looks great with yellow, so take this look from “standard” to fun with some shimmery organic  purple polish. I could see Quinn wearing this to church on Easter Sunday. Glee fashion with Quinn is always girly and pulled-together.

  • Brighton Sunny Days Large Coin Purse $82: Here
  • Belted Halter Jessica Simpson Dress $98: Here
  • The Cool People Oguinn Black Flats $35: Here
  • Crystal headband $24: ... Read More
  • What would Rachel Berry Wear? GLEE Fashion

    Saturday, February 26th, 2011

    what would rachel berry wear

    What would Rachel Berry wear? We are pretty sure we know, since we’re such major Gleeks. If you think you also know, please feel free to link to your own ideas from your blogs, Polyvore, or uploaded images to or (etc.) Glee love is for everyone!

    In the meantime, let me know what you think about my outfit. I know I forgot to show some sort of little white cardigan that she’d need, but otherwise I’m pretty proud! I love the bright colors and the saddle shoes that have a slight heel. Singer Jenny Lewis wore a pair similar to these once!

    The silver bracelet is especially cool because it’s from Foxy Originals (whom I loooove) and the words say “Dreams come true.” That seems very Berry, dontcha think? She’s always positive!

  • Textured Holly Sea Foam Jacket | Fred Flare $88.00: Her ... Read More