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Purple Sunglasses for Women Under $100

Friday, July 1st, 2011

purple sunglasses for women

So you want some purple sunglasses and you want them to be fairly cheap? Uh, that’s a smart way to go. No matter how much you love purple right now, you’ll invariably have a new favorite color by the next summer when you need sunglasses. Purple isn’t necessarily just a trend (despite what you might think because of Justin Bieber wearing them), but people are cyclical about favorite colors.

I’ve put together four different purple sunglasses for women that are all under $100.00 and therefore you should find one that you like in a price range that doesn’t make your wallet howl like a banshee. I have four kinds of styles, edgy, girly, glamorous and boho chic.

The Edgy Choice: Von Zipper Spazz Sunglasses $85.00 From Endless, HERE

The Girly Choice: Purple Sunglasses $5.80 From Forever 21, ... Read More

Silver Metallic Clutch Handbags Under $100

Monday, June 27th, 2011

silver metallic clutch handbags

You can easily add a dose of shine to any outfit with a silver metallic clutch handbag. I know that lots of women are still all about having ginormous bags to tote around half of their lives in, but I’ve started to become a loyal fan of the clutch. When it comes to going out at night, it never hurts to add something shiny or sparkly into the mix. Clutches are much easier to bring along, and the most appropriate sort of bag for evening wear. (Although I welcome the sight of a woman trying to pull off a slinky black cocktail dress and quilted shoulder bag full of “necessities*” at the same time.)

I’ve rounded up five silver metallic clutches that are all under $100.00. I have a silver clutch that’s girly, exotic, modern, sexy and romantic. Whatever your style, there’s sure to be one you love.

The Girly Choice

J. Furmani Metallic Bow Wristlet $24.00 From EBags, HERE

The Exotic Cho ... Read More

Celebrity Jewelry Designers: Shari Wacks Review

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

celebrity jewelry designers

Of the many different celebrity jewelry designers you can come across, you should definetly spend some time looking at Shari Wacks Jewelry. Celebrities like Kat Graham (Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries), Jayma Mays (Emma on Glee – View Jayma Mays Jewelry Pick), Olivia Munn, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Lopez have all worn Shari Wacks Jewelry. And now, so do I. (As does our lucky winner of the Shari Wacks Giveaway!)

I received two earrings to review. They’re both long, dangly pretties. I think this type of earring looks especially great with your hair pulled up and back – even in a simple low ponytail or knotted bun. The first earrings have this pearl and gold chain look, which is something my sister immediately latched onto and said, “I’ve been looking for something exactly like these.” Ha, she can borrow, but NOT have them! (Even with “borrowing” more often than not I never see the items again!) The epitome of elegance, these will dress up any outfit and always heighten style. They’re very well made, and the gold and other strong materi ... Read More

Reese Witherspoon Purse and Shoes: Dress it for Less!

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

reese witherspoon shoes

So you want to copy this Reese Witherspoon purse and pair of shoes? Not a problem in the least!

Reese Witherspoon Purse

Chloe Marcie Small Braided Hobo: Here Instead try: Red by Marc Ecko Handbag, Dusk Till Dawn Hobo: Here

Why: We keep the color in the same warm brown family, and mimic the hobo style that is easy to carry. The studded details and fringe replace the braiding.The curved seam also is similar to the curved lines of the braids on the Chloe bag.

Reese Witherspoon Shoes

Chloe Cork Wedge with Slingback: ... Read More

Nina Dobrev Fashion and Style for Less

Friday, April 29th, 2011

nina dobrev fashion

Nina Dobrev fashion for less? You can attain it. We’ve found three key items (dress, platforms, blazer) that are similar to the pricey items that Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) recently wore to the Tribeca Film Festival.

The dress was hard to find. Here, you find the same tone and it’s affordable. You could opt for another dress in any color, but with stripes for a young and fresh look. Just keep true to your own style, and look into your closet for what you already have.

Urban Outfitters Stripe Trim Blazer $29.80: H ... Read More

Kate Middleton’s Style for Less!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

kate middleton's style for less

Kate Middleton is in the spotlight now, but she’s been dressing fabulously even before everyone knew her name (like Cheers!)

I’ve taken three of her outfits and broken them down in ways you can get Kate Middleton’s style for less – much less!

First up is a preppy, pretty look for spring. Pair a light blue and white blouse with blue jeans, and accent the look with white! She used a white shoulder bag and white sandals to complete her look.

The second Kate Middleton style look is a pink dress. Now, you probably don’t have many occasions to wear super long dresses, but I found a similar pink pop of color in a Calvin Klein dress. There’s not cleavage and it’s paired nicely with any black clutch – especially one with a little ruching and rosette, don’t you think?

Thirdly, we have an outfit that’s very grown up and mature. It’s great for “meeting the parents at brunch” or something. Pair a soft, flowy dress of chiffon under a white blazer. Then, wear some navy pumps. I used an all blue drapey dress because when I saw it, it had the same tailored look we’re going for.

Dress with Kate Middleton’s Style for Less:

Comfortable Stylish Shoes for Women by POE Footwear

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

sheri poe shoes

I’m willing to brag here: Sheri Poe personally sent me a pair of shoes to review. And why is that bragworthy? Because POE Footwear creates amazing shoes that women love. An the reason women love Poe shoes is because they merge cute and comfortable in a way that you don’t often get out of a single pair of shoes. When it comes to POE Footwear, all I needed was one pair to become a convert.

Of course, for my story, we have to go through two. I’ll explain with my POE Footwear review.

Sheri Poe personally agreed to the review, and then had her people (yes, she has people! she’s a busy woman!) send me a pair. They were beautiful and shiny and girly and comfortable as anything. The only problem? My shoe sizes range from 9, 9.5 or 10, and I asked for a 10. Turns out that in POE Footwear, I’m not a 10. So those first shoes didn’t work for me. Sheri Poe then said she’d send me a true 9.5 in a style that is her current favorite. I was hoping I’d like them, and when they arrived I really did! I wear these with a light sock, though – so I’d suggest maybe going down a half size. They WILL accommodate a wide foot because they adhere to your foot.

My ... Read More

Beautiful Photography of Shoes by Peter Lippmann

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

peter lippman

Photographer Peter Lippman takes beautiful pictures, and his work for the Christian Louboutin 2010 lookbook is magnificent. So magnificent, in fact, that I must share these photos with you! They’re like a fairy tale world.

A beautiful picnic gets ravished by a fuzzy-looking bear. That poor china! Wouldn’t you love to have a picnic near a river just like that? It looks lifted right out of a Jane Austen movie adaptation.

Taking pictures of objects in water isn’t easy, but this boot looks true to what it is as well as artistic in this ... Read More

Steal Her Style: Blake Lively Shoes (Christian Louboutin)

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

christian louboutin blake lively shoe

Here are the Christian Louboutin “Loubis Babe Patent Leather Pumps” that Blake Lively wore to Wonder Con 2011 this April. I didn’t find anything in the “for less” category this time, but I still wanted to show you these fantastic shoes. What you’d be looking for is a kitten heel pump (not a platform pump) and an ankle strap, with a nice color contrast.

Lively paired this with a white and black dress and bold, red lips.

Bold contrast draws the eye to this beguiling, patent leather Mary Jane.

* Self-covered kitten heel, 2″ (50mm) * Round toe * Snap-closure strap * Leather lining * Padded insole * Signature red leather sole * Made in Italy

Really want these Blake Lively Shoes? Find them HERE at Saks Fifth Avenue.

... Read More

We Like These Vintage Style Shoes for Women (Bonus Style and Music Inspiration)

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Jim Wright

Feeling lonesome for the days of yore? There’s something more than just classic about certain shoes, there’s something whimsical and romantic! And you can be a modern girl who has vintage style. Look below and get inspired!

Vintage Style Shoes for Women: