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How to Dress like Jessica Biel on the August Glamour UK Cover

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

jessica biel glamour cover 2010

Jessica Biel on the cover of Glamour UK

Jessica Biel graces the cover of Glamour UK’s cover for August 2010. She wears a nude tank top with ostrich skirt that is belted to divide the feathers. (It is possible this is a dress, not two pieces.)

“I’m not a perfect person who doesn’t mess up, eat bad, not work out–I do all those things,” Biel tells Glamour UK. “When I’m working and I eat healthily all week, I then give myself one day–usually Sunday–when I just eat what I want. You have to, otherwise your mind goes a little nutso.” – Jessica Biel, Glamour UK August 2010

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How to Dress like Dakota Fanning on the Marie Claire August Cover

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

dakota fanning cover of marie claire

Dakota Fanning on the cover of Marie Claire

Dakota Fanning is the Cover Girl for Marie Claire this August. She looks grown up, and her words are backing her up on that fact.

“When you start out young, people get really attached to who you are at 6 years old. I hope that The Runaways was kind of a moment to be like, ‘You know, I’m not that young little girl anymore, but I’m still not all grown up, either.” – Dakota Fanning, Marie Claire 2010

Why Don’t You Own Something by Kate Spade Yet? Under $100!

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

kate spade cheap

We love the Kate Spade brand, and so do celebrities. From looking at pictures it becomes clear that Sarah Jessica Parker loves Kate Spade totes (and the Kate Spade bicycle basket which, when in stock, was $325!), Taylor Swift loves Kate Spade coats,  Blake Lively loves Kate Spade bags, Elizabeth Hasselback loves Kate Spade shoes, Reese Witherspoon loves Kate Spade purses, Alyssa Milano loves Kate Spade dresses, both Rachel Berry and Emma Pilsburry on Glee have worn Kate Spade clothing items… there is a LOT of love for Kate Spade. And why not? Their stuff is amazing. Even when I see a little booklet (if it’s free!)  in a store, I’ll pick it up because they’re just so crammed with beauty and color.

Kate Spade  – Under $50

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How to embrace the creepers that are SPIDERS

Friday, July 16th, 2010

spider merchandise

I call spiders “creepers” because that’s what they are! They’re creepy. And I am so, so very not fond of them. But recently…I don’t know. I never used to have a problem killing bugs in the house – ants, spiders, flies, whatever. I didn’t just dislike them, I feared them! But suddenly I’ve started to feel bad for just killing an animal. I don’t want them in the house, but that doesn’t mean they need a death sentence. Probably, my newfound respect for creepy animals happened when I met my friends snake and realized he wasn’t creepy at all.

Last night I saw a daddy long-legs crawling around. First instinct? Smush him! But I didn’t. I watched him, and realized that he seemed to be missing a leg. So then I wondered if killing him would put him out of his misery because he was in pain. And I worried that if I let him stay inside that Shopcat would find him, eat him, and then get sick (because they’re poisonous spiders, they just can’t get their teeth long enough to bite humans). I decided I needed to get Mr. Spidy outside. Long story shooort… I looked ridiculous as I kept luring him onto a piece of kleenex and walking ... Read More

Add some Lucy Hale Sweetness to your Wardrobe

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

MAKE YOUR JEANS LOOK SUPER FEMININE  Distressed denim becomes date-ready with a sexy bustier and a delicate brooch. Corset top, HervŽ LŽger by Max Azria, price upon request; Jeans, GUESS, $89; Corsage brooch, Alexis Bittar, $445;

MAKE YOUR JEANS LOOK SUPER FEMININE Distressed denim becomes date-ready with a sexy bustier and a delicate brooch. Corset top, HervŽ LŽger by Max Azria, price upon request; Jeans, GUESS, $89; Corsage brooch, Alexis Bittar, $445;

Lucy Hale is the adorable new star of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars. When we saw her in OK! Magazine, there was one look that particularly seemed to speak to us. It’s elegant, but a few earthy details and some distressed jeans keep the look from being too proper or fussy.

An easy way to achieve the basic look is to use any camisole or strapless tank top that is free of too many details, and then attach any floral brooch. Taking any pin and attaching it to a shirt is a great way to update your wardrobe for free.

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Add some Aria Montgomery (Pretty Little Liars) Funk to your Wardrobe

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily from Pretty Little Liars

Aria Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars always dresses with some pizazz. Even when just hanging out, she looks spiffy! And because Aria won our Pretty Little Liars poll of who you wanted to see spotlighted, we have her featured yet again!

Hiya! If you’re new to the site, make sure to check out our review and giveaway section because we have several AMAZING giveaway’s each month!

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How to Dress like Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl season 4

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Go on and dress like Serena Van der Woodsen

Go on and dress like Serena van der Woodsen

Translating a future Gossip Girl look from Serena’s life to yours took a bit of thinking. In Gossip Girl season 4, we’ll find Serena van der Woodsen in Paris. This juxtaposition of a designer gold cage dress over a white dress, paired with a gray linen blazer and fedora are nice, but hard to make work unless you have that exact dress. (Gold dresses, in general, are pretty tacky unless done right.) So, we’ve re-envisioned this look for you. Since it’s summertime, we suggest you get this gold and white layered look with a stylish gold bikini and a sexy white cover-up. For accessories, pile on gold bracelets, gold cuffs, and gold bangles.

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Rachel Zoe fashion tips for summer-to-fall items

Sunday, July 11th, 2010

rachel zoe style 2010

The Rachel Zoe Project season 3 is premiering soon-ish, and there are some pictures on Bravo for the new season. I really fell in love with this one look that Zoe’s wearing. She’s stuck to a basic color scheme of black and white with denim, and it’s an outfit where the elements can work for now (summahtime!) or for the fall.

rachel zoe style 2010

We don’t need Rachel Zoe to speak when her clothing speaks for her! This is how to get a stylist without any hassle. All you need to do is interpret. And you don’t even have to do that because we’ve done that for you. Really, all you need to do is decide what your favorite pieces are.

Wide legged jeans: A pair of dark, wide leg jeans will make any outfit look sharp. And we all k ... Read More

We found them! The most comfortable wedding shoes for women

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

comfortable wedding shoes

I have not walked down an aisle wearing an all-white ensemble, but even a single girl knows that on one of the most memorable days of your life you want your shoes to walk the fine balance between cute and comfortable. And maybe “cute” isn’t the word. How about…stylish, chic, fancy, elegant, romantic? Well, I’ve found a brand I wanted to share with any soon-to-be brides.

Hey Lady makes comfortable wedding shoes for women (vintage inspired wedding shoes, specifically), so your feet don’t kill you after a day of walking and dancing. Please enjoy the eye candy, and visit the site Hey Lady if you want more info!

Why can’t we have it all? Looking great and feeling even better- what a truly fabulous, functional shoe should do. Heirloom quality, vintage-inspired designs that stand the test of time. Jackie O, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn with a little Gwen Stefani, Rachel Bilson, and Katy Perry mixed in. The twins believe in pro-choice, the choice to have a killer shoe that isn’t a killer shoe. And thus the perfect pair was born.

Each pair of shoes features:

• Invisible “wing” arch support • Dancer’s fit toe box • Full insole of Nasa-developed shock-absorbent Poron performance memory foam • ... Read More

Dress like Jessica in True Blood season 3: Va-Va-Voom Vamp!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Deborah Woll: jessica hamby season 3

Deborah Ann Woll: jessica hamby season 3

Are you a True Blood fan? Good. What do you think of Jessica Hamby? I love this True Blood season 3 promo picture of her, so we decided to draw inspiration from it for a little True Blood style of our own.

The one thing we didn’t tackle is Deborah Ann Woll’s hair in the picture – to achieve this hair you’ll want to use a shine spray and a hair straightener.

Jessica Hamby Profile: Jessica has a young, fun spirit. Can you relate? You probably CAN’T relate to the fact that she’s a newly turned vampire. Her best traits include that she’s adventurous and curious to try things. Her worst traits would include when she’s whiny, overly impulse or being a baby.

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