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Covert Affairs Clothes and Shoes: Annie Walker’s Dress

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Covert Affairs Clothes

So, about a million people have e-mailed us asking about a particular blue and white bandanna dress (i.e. covert affairs blue/white shirtdress or covert affairs black/white print dress) that Piper Perabo wears as Annie Walker on Covert Affairs. As stated on our style request form (and what is apparent if you read us!) we don’t look up and find exact designer matches. The episode that you just saw of Covert Affairs was probably shot at least four months ago – meaning the same designs are not often in stores anymore. And that isn’t even taking into account the fact that the items on TV shows are always much more expensive than what your average gal can spend. (Not always. But very often.)

Covert Affairs Clothes

Because there were so many requests, I decided I had to do SOMETHING, and found some similar dresses.I hope you appreciate my hard work! I have really sore thumbs because I did the unthinkable tonight and made mussels – meani ... Read More

Marshalls and TJ Maxx Definitely Have Women’s Shoe Trends for Fall 2010

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Here are some shoes at Marshall's stores right now.

When I discovered Marshall’s for the first time, several years ago, it became one of my favorite places to shop. It makes me feel like a preferred customer who’s getting special outlet deals on anything I want. Because really, they have just about everything in that store. And I feel the same way about TJ Maxx.

What makes Marshall’s and TJ Maxx so great? These stores have buyers that travel all over 40 weeks a year to meet up with 12,000 different vendors. They get amazing deals with their powers of negotiation to pick up excess product (including on-trend, of-the-moment items) for up to 60% less than the department stores. They’re then able to sell everything at discounted rates, passing these genius savings right onto you.

Here are some shoes at Marshall's stores right now. These are totally up my alley.

Something I didn’t know is that 10,000 new items arrive in the stores EACH week. That’s probably why every time I enter the store I am greeted by new, colorful displays of awesome things I can’t wait to touch and consider buying. Every time I go in, it feels like a treasure hunt because you can go in, thinking you’re looking ... Read More

Marshalls Deals: Cynthia Rowley Sale Bags and More!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

marshalls bags

I’ve made it no secret that one of my favorite places to shop is at Marshall‘s. And I was recently very lucky to receive a gift card from the press people for Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx. What does that mean? That a shopping trip was mandatory, dude! So off I trotted into my local Marshall‘s.

(I do have plans to go to a T.J. Maxx soon because my Granny is incredibly sweet and gave me a gift card for there. Which was fitting, because growing up I used to sleep-over her place and the next day we’d always to go garage sales and T.J. Maxx because of the great deals. She is a woman with great taste, and probably is part of the reason I love interior design so much.)

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Modern Spin: How to Dress Like Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

how to dress like dorothy

Here’s our post about How to dress like Dorothy, and it’s full of twists on the tradition that you expect. I was lucky to come across a dress (which inspired this entire piece – which otherwise wasn’t going to happen because I was so intent on first covering Alice in Wonderland after finally watching the recent Tim Burton movie) named after Dorothy herself. It has the perfect blue gingham pattern, but it doesn’t look dowdy.

For the shoes, I didn’t pick sparkly ones. Gasp! I instead picked a pair that was a little more flexible on theme, and wouldn’t make you look like OH HI, I AM WEARING A COSTUME TODAY. So they have just a bit of a heel, and are red maryjanes. I love them! Dorothy carries around a picnic basket, but how stylish is THAT? For the bag I picked a woven, tan-colored piece. And then there are two necklace options which feature either Toto or a bicycle (remember the beginning of the movie?)

Another suggestion to incorporate is bypassing the movieR ... Read More

Like, Duh! 90′s Fashion Trends and 90′s Jewelry Trends

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

"Add a fun touch to your look with '90s-inspired slogan bracelets."

Sup, dudes? Has your day been all that and a bag of chips? A slammin’ day? As if! Now don’t you dare bounce, I know you don’t have to dip just yet. You might find these words odd, so you’re buggin’ and think I’m all bunk, but don’t go postal. Aren’t you down with  this? My bad, I didn’t explain! Concept!

I’m speaking with 90’s slang! You know…

  • Oh snap!
  • Whatever
  • Off the heasy
  • Dope
  • Duh
  • Trippin
  • Tight
  • Wicked
  • Not! (or Psych!)
  • Fugly
  • Yo
  • Da bomb
  • Mega
  • Peace
  • Wig Out

To hear most of these 90’s slang words used, we only need to go to one source, the iconic fashion and teenage sensation movie CLUELESS! Alicia Silverstone with the enviable wardrobe, Paul Rudd before anyone liked him, and the adorable Brittany Murphy as a ... Read More

Nikita Fashion a la Maggie Q

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010


For those who fall for the clothing in The CW’s new TV show – there might be a tiny bit of a problem. There’s already a a clothing brand called Nikita. But we’re talking about the CW TV show with Maggie Q.

Nikita’s clothing is mostly comprised of everything black. She also wears silver or shades of gray. Her clothing style is a mix of sexy clothing with casual, sporty gear that lets her move around. To dress like Nikita, merge both ideas. Even her sporty clothing is kind of sexy because it’s body conscious. I’ve included a great pair of black yoga pants, for that reason. I’ve also copied Nikita fashion by using off the shoulder tops, black dresses, and lace-up black boots.

Steal some Nikita fashion with these elements:

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Giveaway! Modern Surgicial Stainless Steel Earrings by In-Sync Design from Oye Modern

Monday, September 6th, 2010

Here's your wonderful surgical stainless steel earrings on display. Pow! Beauty! Pow! Gorgeous!

I very recently reviewed the Arch Earrings by in-sync design, as offered on the cool Modern jewelry website Oye Modern. Remember? And now…. a dedicated and stylish reader will win a pair because you guys are just so fabulous and loyal and… you’re all such special women! You get the same earrings as I did, and I think that’s great because, hello, I have amazing taste! (Hehe!) But seriously, you’ll wow your friends with these amazing earrings.

These surgical stainless steel earrings are 12 x 65mm (0.4 x 2.5 inches)

Oye Modern features many modern jewelry artists worthy of your love and attention.

From the site description:

These cool ... Read More

Love them! Arch Modern Earrings feature a Long Organic Design

Monday, September 6th, 2010

victoria mason jewellery

I’m a little bit timid with modern jewelry design. I went through a phase where I was very much the iconic polished girl who also wore classic, traditional items or clean lines. I had embraced my perfectionism in a way where everything was black and sleek and ironed and “perfect.”  But I’ve been venturing into two realms: funky/fun style, boho/boho chic style. While sometimes I think of modern jewelry as “perfect” there’s actually a lot of modern jewelry artists who embrace ideas of whimsy and nature.

Check out the long earring design on these puppies! Long earrings are wonderful if they're not heavy. And these aren't heavy at all!

I found a lot I liked at Oye Modern, but one piece that really called out to me (oh yes, it called! or yodeled!) was the Arch earrings by In-Sync Design. I received a pair to review. First off, I LOVE long earring designs, but that usually equates to heavy, droopy things. Not in this case. They’re SURPRISINGLY light. I almost forgot I was wearing them. Of course, I was also very aware that I was wearing them because I was feeling cocky! It’s true. I’m guilty. ... Read More

Vintage Inspired Wedding Jewelry and Black Tulle Dresses

Monday, September 6th, 2010

wedding pearl jewelry

I was introduced to the jewelry shop SmoochyAngels and while they seem to specialize in rings (I’m a major fan of this Mother of Pearl Teardrop Ring), I was immediately drawn to The Pearly Queen collection. I’d describe it with these words: Victorian, Princess, Royal, and Mermaid. It’s vintage inspired wedding jewelry that’s got a lovely, slightly modern edge.

I think these would be especially perfect for wedding jewelry. What’s nice is that I think you could easily wear these outside of your wedding day.

... Read More

How to Dress Like Selena Gomez for Less: Party Look

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

It's time to dress like Selena Gomez!

It's time to dress like Selena Gomez!

I’ll admit it you guys – I’m not young enough to have become a major fan of Selena Gomez. In college I used to watch Lizzie Maguire with Hilary Duff, but I haven’t watched many Disney shows since then. But Selena Gomez seems like a total sweetheart, and a bunch of you have searched for her – so I decided I’d make a post about dressing like one of her recent 2010 outfits. This one is sweet and pretty. And who doesn’t like to look sweet and pretty? (Bad guys in Western movies, Lady Gaga, and my Manhattan-traipsing sister…)If you promise not to call me old, I promise to make this post super stylish.

What I picked were items that are AFFORDABLE. You can dress like Selena Gomez for less on, pretties! I found a great white skirt ... Read More