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Artful and Personalized Silver Jewelry: Joseph Allen Designs

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

hand-stamped silver jewelry

Joseph Allen Designs makes wonderful personalized silver jewelry The hand-stamped silver jewelry you can get is either made with a hammered or satin finish. There are SEVERAL designs you can pick from, and each necklace can be hand-stamped (better than just an engraving, that isn’t as deep) AND lets you add a pearl or a Swarvorski crystal or birthstone (in any corresponding color.)

I received a piece customized for me. I went with a hammered look because I think that looks more arty. I picked a somewhat simple oval design (it took me a while to decide which shape I liked best) which I can wear long, and then even layer with another tiny/shorter silver necklace.

For the hand-stamping, I wanted a phrase that would be personal to me. That means, I wasn’t looking for just a simple word. I was even looking into some Latin and French phrases. But I settled on a phrase from a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s, “drink the wild air.”

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Gossip Girl Fashion: Juliet

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

gossip girl fashion

Juliet (Katie Cassidy) from Gossip Girl is carrying a Falchi Pouf Tote with this outfit. You can get this Falchi bag at Neiman Marcus. Juliet’s dress is by Yigal, shoes by Betsey Johnson and bracelet by Diana Warner.

Hold up there! For more fun pieces like this check out our archive of: Dress like a TV Character

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Eco Friendly Jewelry: The Leakey Collection (Shop for a Good Cause)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

shop for a good cause

I love that I can shop for a good cause and really purchase something I’m crazy in love with when it comes to The Leakey Collection. Their tagline is “natural elegance” and that couldn’t be more spot-on. I really like to capture the essence of casual luxury in all aspects of my life. And jewelry from The Leakey Collection looks great, while also being unique, easy to wear (it’s very comfortable and light) and I did mention how it lets you shop for a good cause, right? That’s the perfect equation!

What I discovered about jewelry items from The Leakey Collection is that it’s all light and very wearable. Plus, it’s so easy to take these pieces from casual wear to professional looks. They’re very artsy, and make me feel earthy/arty and more connected to the world and the earth when I feel these pieces of jewelry. Eco friendly jewelry has never looked so beautiful to me.

Leakey Collection: Ways to Wear this Eco Friendly Jewellery:

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Dress like Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl season 4)

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

gossip girl fashion

It’s hard to resist Gossip Girl fashion, it’s always so perfect. Blake Lively plays Serena van der Woodsen, and in an upcoming Gossip Girl episode she’s wearing a wonderful Diane von Furstenberg dress. I found that same one, and have it linked for you here. But I found less expensive options for the boots, bracelet and bag. Her actual booties are by Pierre Hardy and her actual bag is by Nancy Gonzalez (3k!) I’ve also included a belt, as Serena does belt her dress to give her waist some definition. I kept the booties closed-toed, because it’s getting too cold for open-toed booties. Dress like Serena van der Woodsen with the following elements…

Gossip Girl Fashion:

Life Unexpected Lux Style: Season 2

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Criminal Incriminated

Do you love Lux Cassidy (Britt Robertson) on Life Unexpected? Sometimes she seriously annoys me, but she has that hip Seattle style down pat!I love her Life Unexpected clothes a lot.

Whoever is the costume designer to pick the Life Unexpected clothing items for Lux is very smart and considerate. Lux’s outfits are both covetable and look affordable, even if you don’t use exact clothing matches.

What Lux does is layer a ton of things. Harness Lux’s look with a few key style elements. She isn’t a sloppy dresser, but she dresses to look casual for the cool Portland atmosphere. Here, she’s layered a funky tank under an off the shoulder shirt, and layered a long pendant necklace over that. She’s got her ever-present knit beret on, a large messenger bag, and dark denim jeans. While we can’t see them in this picture, I’d bet she’s also wearing her large hoops. Wear some light lip gloss for the full effect.

Life Unexpected Lux Style Elements:

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Pure Pearls Review: Modern Pearl Necklace w/ Multi Colored Pearls

Monday, September 27th, 2010

modern pearl necklace 1

Pearls are something I write about a lot on as I cover rings, because there’s such a timelessness to a pearl. They’re classic. When I got a chance to work with, I was suitably impressed by the variety of pearl colors and combination’s they offered. Forget about just white, there’s black pearls, gold pearls, pink pearls, lavender pearls and combination’s that use them all. (And that struck my fancy! …Yes, I have a fancy!)

Pure Pearls has pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl rings, pearl pendants and pearl sets. Many types of pearls are offered, from the very round-shaped Akoya Pearls to large, rare South Sea Pearls. Black pearls aka ... Read More

Shop Fair Trade and Eco Friendly with five ACCESSORIES

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

Bamboo 1/2 Moon Jewel Clutch

I only just found out about a really great site called five ACCESSORIES. They were so nice, they sent us two of their items. And now they’re also offering a discount for readers.

Bamboo 1/2 Moon Jewel Clutch

five ACCESSORIES is an online store that has all-natural eco-friendly bags, eco-friendly jewelry and eco-friendly accessories from five different countries, whose profits all go back to help these countries. The five countries are: Bali, Hondouras, Cambodia, India and in-need areas of The US.

five ACCESSORIES supports grassroots efforts around the globe to aid under-privileged children by donating FIVE DOLLARS of every handbag sold and 15 percent of all other sales to each artisan’s local cause.

The company began while Christine Hutchison and her husband, Wells, were on their honeymoon in Bali. While there, they met a Balinese tour guide who told them how much difference five dollars a month can make to a family in Bali. While admiring the beautiful handbags and jewelry made by local artisans, the couple had the idea to start five, a company that embodies both their entrepreneurial and philanthro ... Read More

Dress like Blair Waldorf for Less: Polka Dot Dress in Paris

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Double Identity

Go Parisian with Blair Waldorf’s (Leighton Meester) style choice for her trip. Here, we see her wearing a white dress with large black (or are they navy?) polka dots. The dress I found (for less) has a romantic edge to it because doesn’t just cling to the body, it has ruffles and layers. You might also consider this Tahari Dress, this Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Top, or this Silk Blouse.

I’m not sure Blair would wear these heels if she knew they were by Steve Madden, but I loved the rich look they give, so I included them. TheĀ  Jessica McClintock purse I do like, although now I think that’s not the b ... Read More

Sarah Walker Clothing: Wienerlicious Outfit for Halloween

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010


Ever wanted to dress like Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski) from Chuck? It’s a great Halloween costume idea!

I greatly preferred Sarah’s first cover job at The Weinerlicious. Yogurt, Yogurt (Orange, Orange?) was just not as fun! I found a couple costumes (most of them are so tacky/hoochie that I passed them up), and then just some elements you can put together for her awesome outfit. It has a white peasant blouse, ideally with short cap sleeves and the ability to show some cleavage. Then there’s a black corset belt deal. You could just cut off the bottom of a black t-shirt to improvise. Then there’s the red skirt. You want it to be kind of fluffy, so use a tulle skirt under if you have just a red skirt. I found a ton of different red skirts that might work for you.

As for shoes, she wore black flats (the better to pummel badguys in!) with elastic straps. Her hair was always in pigtails – anchored at the middle of the back of her head, and back/out, not just from the side of her head. Oh, and I included a hotdog necklace! And you can make the nametag, and carry a water or foam dart gun!

For Sarah’s makeup, focus on her dark eyebrows and some black mascara.

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Rachel Zoe Fashion Advice on Being Chic, Easily

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

rachel zoe fashion tips

Rachel Zoe recently said on an episode of The Rachel Zoe Project, “Nothing looks more chic than when when you wear black with a pop of bright color.” I think that is the exact quote.She said this while at the 2010 Gucci fashion show in Milan, I believe.

Rachel Zoe takes her own fashion advice. She's all in black with a hot pink clutch!

Anyway, what do you think? Will you try the style out? All black and then one bright, committed color for one item? It could be your earrings, skirt, top, tights, or bag. Or even a colorful wig, I suppose! It really is a chic look.