White Eyeliner Tricks (The Surprise Item To Use!)

by on Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Bigger eyes, like you’re an anime character? You can have them! You just need to know white eyeliner tricks. You can use white eyeliner on the waterline and inner corners of your eyes to make your eyes appear brighter and wider. It’s not anything so drastic that if you haven’t slept in 24 hours you’ll look instantly refreshed, but it’s a nice makeup trick.

white eyeliner tipsThe main white eyeliner tricks and tips I’ve learned involved what KIND of white eyeliner you wear. So many are hard (becuase you buy a cheap white eyeliner, just hoping to try it out) and they won’t really give you the right effect. They’ll actually just annoy you and probably hurt your eye a little! Ouch.

So the pencil I’m advocating you try is actually an eyeshadow stick! I’m talking about the SANTE Eyeshadow Stick I wore this the other day and was surprised that the texture and consistency didn’t smudge or fade at all! (I wore it with a Sante Eyeliner and to my surprise the eyeliner also had VERY strong staying power on my top lid. And these are ALL NATURAL, organic makeup items, which is a major added bonus.)

organic eyeshadowsThe Sante Eyeshadow stick is creamy and there’s no tugging. (And seriously, who wants to tug around their precious and sensitive eyes?) I love the smooth GLIDE FACTOR. The Sante Eyeshadow Sticks do not smudge unless you make them smudge – which is terrific.

If you are afraid white eyeliner looks odd, try an offwhite, cream or ivory. You can skip the WHITE all together and opted for the more fleshy PEARL color (picture shown above.) Check out all of the colors at SANTE AMERICA. What I realized is that the effect I was getting with this smudge stick is that it wasn’t having a huge effect on my waterline (very subtle, which is nice with the white) but it was almost lining my lower lashes by picking up pigment on the lashes. I use a pinky nail to make sure it’s only rimming my eye and not flaking anywhere. The effect is subtle but it gives some nice white color to open up my eye.

The other MAIN white eyeliner tip is to set the eyeliner with pencil if you use it in places other than your waterline – so the inner corner of your eyes or under your eyebrows can both be set with white/sheer powder. And instead of blending it in, use a tapping/patting method with your brush.

I love this white eyeliner tutorial video which goes over all the different ways you can use white eyeliner (even on your cupid’s bow – which is perfect when trying to make your lips look large.)

Disclosure: I was sent these products earlier and have reviewed the two mentioned in my Sante Organic Makeup Reviews post. I had not planned to make this extra post until I realized how great the Eyeshadow Stick was a white eyeliner.

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