Which Pic Makes You Wanna Buy Demi Moore’s Perfume?

by on Sunday, January 24th, 2010

demi moore perfume

So, this ad came out with Demi Moore for the perfume “Wanted”. And I guess there’s a before picture that was tweeted by Ashton Kutcher and people are quick to compare. I think there’s a problem with trying to compare these photos since the poses are different, and the ad of course uses photoshop effects, not to mention that we do expect a bit of photoshopping. The effect for the ad was to be radiant, etc. I understand that. But at what point do they start making a person look unreal? Is Moore even very recognizable in the first picture? They pay big bucks to get her, and then they alter everything about her! The only difference I see? A Kabballah bracelet was removed for the ad.

NY Mag noted these differences (also where the picture is from)

• Her cleavage appears sculpted and inflated.
• Her armpit is missing a prominent wrinkle.
• Her sternum has disappeared.
• Her hair is smoother and more voluminous.
• Her neck has no wrinkles.
• Actually, none of her has wrinkles.

Bottom line: While Moore may appeal more ‘sexy’ in the ad, she looks happier in the untouched photo.

Stay smart: What you see isn’t usually as it IS.

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