“What Kind of Jacket Should I Wear for Fall?”

by on Wednesday, July 8th, 2009
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Photo by ldhren on Flickr

Photo by ldhren on Flickr

Fall is a wonderful time, especially (in my opinion) if you live in an area where the leaves turn gorgeous colors of red and purple, you can visit apple orchards, pick your own pumpkin from a patch if you’re so inclined, and wear some cozy cardigans. The one thing that sometimes baffles me about Fall is what kind of jacket to wear. It’s waaaay too early for heavy winter jackets.

My answer to the question is the same answer to “What kind of jacket do I wear for Spring?” and that answer is: trench coats! I especially like the longer, belted trench coats. There are a surprising amount of variations, though. Even more surprising? There are plenty trench coats under $50.00, yay.

trench coatsYou could splurge and buy a really expensive trench coat, planning to wear it year after year… But I know that I tend to want something new every year, so I don’t get splurgey about most of my coats. Of course, there was one year that I bought a really great burgundy and black pea coat from American Eagle and I wore it for years – and now my MOM wears it.

Style Tip: Trench coat’s don’t have to be beige, although it’s a very nice and neutral choice. Find the coat that suits your personality but that ALSO will match enough of the clothing you wear in the fall.

Clockwise from left: Women’s Belted Trench Coat from Old Navy $50, Twill Trench Coat from Forever 21 $20, Self EsteemĀ® Plaid Trench Coat from Kohl’s on sale $22 (Edit: Sold Out!) Try: Boucle Trench Coat $50, Loyer.mod Button-detail Trench Coat from Yesstyle.com $40, Celli Girl Plaid Trench Coat from Yesstyle.com $50

Photo by Lida_Rose on Flickr

Photo by Lida_Rose on Flickr

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